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  • groovynights
    groovynights wrote a review about ImLive (2 likes)

    Update: traffic quality sucks once you rank up your prices, which you can’t do when you’re new. I now have mine at 5.80 per minute and a lot of guys come into my chatroom whining and insulting me for it. On streamate I have my price rate at 5.99 per minute and not one guy has complained about it. Also hate that I can’t disable pms. I find it irritating asf when random guys pm me.

    Traffic on this site is great. As soon as I logged on, on my first day I was welcomed warmly and received my first tip. Had 4 private shows in under 3 hours. We’ll see how it goes for the rest of month. only pet peeve I have so far is that I don’t like that I can’t change the rate for my private shows. It’s set at 98 cents. Not sure if I’ll be able to raise it once I have gained more experience on the site.

    December 23, 2020 - 4:38
    • AdrianImLive

      Hi Groovynights, thanks for the review! The .98 is literally just a starter promo rate to help get you started. It switches off after your first 90 minutes of private chats. Enjoy!

      December 14, 2020 - 9:07
    • CammiCams

      Groovynights you just wait until you do a private show for $0 Because the site only paid you 12% for Bonus Credits and on top of that took 50% OFF for a Coupon. Oh and they will close your account if you complain about anything. No girl if I was you I would leave IML ASAP and just stick with SM, SC or sites that actually cares about their models and pays them more than 50% and not affiliates 65%. The models should make more than the Affiliates. We do all of the work and should compensated for it! Plus DON'T PUT photos or Videos on their. If they close your account they lie about deleting you off of their servers and still advertise that you are still their.

      December 17, 2020 - 17:18
    • groovynights

      Quite frankly all camsites suck in their own special way that’s why I cam on multiple sites to make as much as possible to sustain myself and there

      December 23, 2020 - 10:42
    • AdrianImLive

      @groovynights every site has tools that will work for you and some that don't it's about choosing which best fits your MO. Good Luck!

      December 31, 2020 - 9:29
    • CammiCams

      Yes every site has tools that you can use. BUT ImLive is NOT the site you can trust! You closed my account in April and I see that you are advertising that I am still on the site in searches! You lied to me and DMCAForce when you said that my photos, videos and everything else was deleted off of your servers they are clearly NOT! I pray that your models see the light! ImLive is Sneaky, Shady, Stealing from their Models and I would not doubt their Members too!

      January 10, 2021 - 14:44
  • groovynights
    groovynights wrote a review about Streamate

    Update: they allow Californian models to stream on there again, they should of kept it this way from the beginning. Now I have to start from scratch. Traffic quality is ok so far the best out of all my other sites that are deader than a graveyard, all thanks to the holidays and COVID. I also like that the guys don’t whine and complain about my prices like on the other sites. Took forever to be approved and be able to be paid. They got stricter with showing proof of your address compared to the first time I signed up with them. Kinda silly because no other site asks for proof of your residence except this one but oh well. They required that a date be displayed on the document, they should have specified that from the beginning.

    Really not cool that they fired all their Californian models without notice over some bill that was proposed regarding self employment jobs. All the other token sites didn't do this so I don't get why they felt compelled to get rid of their Californian models.
    Something that’s been really bugging me since starting on this site is the stream quality always fluctuating like crazy. That doesn’t happen when I use obs on other sites but this site doesn’t allow external broadcasters to be used to broadcast on sm.

    December 23, 2020 - 4:30
    • kellya

      It’s true Streamate is complying with AB5 and unable to accept models in California as Independent Contractors. However, there are options in most cases, so if you’d like to know more feel free to contact [email protected] - thanks!

      July 23, 2020 - 21:27
  • KittyCat23
    KittyCat23 wrote a review about Stripchat (5 likes)

    December 23, 2020 - 2:46
    • Magicalboobs

      do u have a support email for stri chat the closed my account

      December 25, 2020 - 9:04
    • xChloe

      Magicalboobs, please contact me ([email protected]), and I will try to provide you all the information you need.

      December 25, 2020 - 12:32
  • KittyCat23
    KittyCat23 wrote a review about ImLive (3 likes)

    December 23, 2020 - 2:46
    • CammiCams

      You know why don't you? It's because they are to busy with making Sports Broadcasters into Porn Broadcasters and paying them $1,000,000. Oh and ONLY Paying you 12% for Bonus Credits to make this happen for the Blind. Let me tell you this. I have done shows for the Blind and they DO NOT want to hear a Man's Voice unless that MAN is in the Video! What do you think about that?

      July 15, 2020 - 15:16
    • mms

      Yup and this is why after working for them for years I deleted my account. Bunch of pimps they are. Thanks for spreading the word on these greedy fuks

      September 3, 2020 - 20:10
    • CammiCams

      Your more than welcome mms and stay away from LiveJasmin. Apparently they are playing God with their Models to.

      September 7, 2020 - 13:27
  • KittyCat23
    KittyCat23 wrote a review about Cam4 (1 likes)

    December 23, 2020 - 2:44
    • Kim

      Hello Kitty! Thank you so much for the awesome review! Please stay safe, have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Kim

      December 23, 2020 - 2:49
    • KittyCat23

      Thank u so muchSmiley :) Happy Christmas and New Year you too Smiley :))

      December 23, 2020 - 2:50
  • LunaPetite
    LunaPetite wrote a review about Streamate (3 likes)

    I still have slow traffic on this site.
    In some days was acceptable and after almost a year all the traffic is disappear. Now almost never arrive to earn 50$ in a 6-7h online

    December 20, 2020 - 22:40
    • CatStreamate

      Hi Luna, you can create a new account for yourself and you can be again in the 30 days new model promotion. The 30 days start from the 1st streaming. Catalina

      March 2, 2020 - 18:57
    • JennaSmiles

      The support has really been lacking on the US/Canadian side of Streamate, just terrible! Nobody answers the support emails for a week! That's not a way to run a business. I have worked as a cam model for many years with breaks in between and it has just gotten worse. I am not impressed.

      March 10, 2020 - 1:39
    • CatStreamate

      Jenna, did you try to reach to Kelly or [email protected]? The can assist you with everything you need related to the website.

      March 12, 2020 - 16:31
    • JGB2009

      Its hard to log on knowing that the traffic sucks!!!!

      December 21, 2020 - 12:27
    • ElizaBlue420

      I should have started with the Positive in regards to Streamate. I started with Streamate in July I believe and very quickly became my favorite. For me personally it began to change in October a slight dip, then Erf in November & now in December Oi Vey''🤷🏼‍♀️. I'll keep trying though.7

      December 21, 2020 - 12:49
  • LaviniaJolie
    LaviniaJolie wrote a review about Stripchat (2 likes)

    This site is really annoying me and is the best site for me up until now at the same time. It’s a love-hate relationship. It has potential wich they are not fully using, has stupid staff members and I bet they’re mostly men. Read til the end, it’s not necessarily a bad site it probably just has men on their staff that think they know what they are doing like mostly in this cam business. Funny... mostly woman bring in the dough but men dominate this business...

    Things that bother me


    While paying Gold/Ultimate members, or how ever they are called now, get to have a 24/7 LIVE support that is, models have to use a shitty out of date ticket system WITH ONE TOPIC AT A TICKET! They literally told me to open up one ticket with one topic. Are you fucking kidding me?
    I have had enough experiences when it comes to pre written bullshit and unhelpful answers or answers that I didn’t ask for and questions I asked and being ignored but they certainly top all of them bad experiences I had with bad support whether it’s cam site related or in my personal life.
    I have been bashing out on them hardcore and they stay “professional” if you can call it that, after realizing what incompetent staff they have. I don’t know what is worse: The fact they stay calm, and ignoring my outbursts about what bothers me or getting “real” not pre written or “professional” answers and have a real conversation but with a reaction to my tone of writing. Either way - 90% of my contact with Stripchat has been frustrating and super annoying. And I have been writing them a lot - a waste of time.


    I hate the fact that I have a 1080 HD and very expensive WebCam and cannot use it in it’s full range since the site only goes up to 720 resolution. To stream in HD quality you have to use OBS. That’s just sad but I guess not uncommon on sites. I don’t like OBS and it’s not working on OS (Mac/MacBook). But I want to find out why because if you don’t put information right in front of men’s faces they will still ask stupid already answered questions, since they are too stupid to read your profile! Oh wait... they also ask stupid stuff even when models use OBS and have all the information put out there ON THE SCREEN!
    You can’t do anything about stupidity!

    I have been struggling with the fact that my stream is always freezing and I really don’t know why. I did everything there is to do when that problem comes up but I guess I’m cursed or something, wich would not be a surprise to me to be very honest. I haven’t noticed this phenomenon with other streams on the site and it’s really irritating me. I’m very fit when it comes to technical stuff but I can’t figure out why my stream keeps freezing way more than others. That it gets stuck for split seconds every once in a while is normal on the site but the way it has been freezing while I’m streaming is just not making sense. I’ve tried so much and I still have that problem more than others and I just don’t get why. Sometimes it gets better but most of the time I have to reboot everything every few minutes.

    I just saw that users were complaining about the stream of a model is not working properly and said things like:”nothing new on this site” and “stripchat has shits for brains” so I guess It does happen with other streams. But I have been watching other streams closely and it hasn’t happen the way it was happening to my stream... I have no clue to be honest.


    Stripchat definitely sets their priorities very wrong! It’s more about the paying (or not) customers rather than about their models.
    Why? I tell you why. They support cyber bullying. Yes you heard me right.
    I still haven’t figured out the „blocking/muting“ system for obnoxious customers because to be honest there is nothing to figure out because it’s plain bullshit and dangerous!
    As far as I understood (after being there for almost a year with little brakes in between)
    You have two options, if you can call it that.
    1. Mute someone for 24 hours...
    Muting for them is: the customer can’t write in open chat anymore but can still see and hear you... oh boo hoo! Like he cares that he can’t write anymore but can still stroke his useless piece of meat on my and paying members expenses? Get a fucking grip!

    2. Block someone for 30 days...
    After 30 days the user can contact you again... what comes out if it is that models get harassed. Which happened to me.

    This is what that little prick wrote
    (translated from German to English)

    looky here 30 days are over .. and the Bitch not here .. such a pitty ... you are uncultivated .. arrogant and your behavior is that of a peasant woman .. your token begging is pathetic .. poor little ghetto child .. me I never parasitized because there is nothing I wanted to see anyways ... furthermore there is no obligation to donate tokens because we can look for free ... unless you want to see something from a uneducated cow .. if you get a boner as a man because of you at all .. at least I never got one .. that's why I never gave anything .. it's that easy .. and now... have a nice life... Bitch ...

    It’s not the fact WHAT he wrote it’s the fact THAT he could write me again. And you know what? Stripchat didn’t do shit instead they told me that they keep to this system because they “want to teach” users lessons how to have manners”... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!? Oh my god, I was so furious I even broke something wich is so untypical for me!!
    I made it public on twitter but no one really cared but I guess that is due to my lack of interaction on social media but still...
    so therefore they support bullying and potential self harm. It will strike the wrong girl someday and god knows what could happen. And no one would notice... it’s downright terrifying, irresponsible and it should be illegal if it isn’t already! Fucking hypocrites! If I would not be making decent money on this pathetic site I would have banned this site and made sure it closed down! Never, ever have I seen such a dangerous blocking system on a cam site! But something did change. I can’t remember if it was when muting (24 h) or blocking (30 days) but one of them finally doesn’t allow the user to see or hear your stream anymore. But I think it was when being muted, don’t know how it is when being blocked for 30 days. The user can’t even see your profile anymore wich I thought was a bit harsh and dumb since they take away a potential passive income from a model. Yes, I have had several cases before this change, that users still bought content even though I muted or blocked them. But I’m just glad they finally used their brains to make sure that the user can’t hear or see you anymore while streaming. I mean what is the point of muting/blocking an asshole if he can still see you and keep jerking off on my and paying members expenses?!?!? Jesus, this drives up my blood pressure just writing about this. The easiest and most simple things that should work are not working and that just reminds me of all the dumb men I have had to deal with in my personal and work life in the past, present and future! It can’t be a coincidence - the staff of Stripchat must me male I swear to god...

    Though the user is right about these statements he did by harassing me:

    The “30 days are over” comment:
    He took advantage of it and practically prayed on me and just waited to write me! 30 days later that is!

    The “furthermore there is no obligation to donate tokens because we can look for free” comment. And that’s the main problem at these sites thanks to Chaturbate wich started this fucking concept as far my researches made clear. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    The support is very quick I have to give them that but useless as crap, even crap can be used for something. Like throwing it at idiots such as them.

    The “begging for tokens” comment. Yes, I always have to remind these useless little jackoffs to tip me and that’s also something I can not get used to on Freemium sites. I’m not the only one that has to “beg” for tokens and it’s about time something changes in the industry.

    To be able to mute/block someone, the user has to have written something in your Chat (Live Stream). If they haven’t written anything you can’t to shit. Like what the hell? I have so many freeloaders that don’t write and have zero tokens all the time or freeloaders that have tons of tokens and also don’t write. And I can’t do anything about it. I feel helpless on this site. But then I tried something and I think it worked. I added these creeps to my friends list and once they accepted I blocked them. I think that still works, I would have to try it out again to make sure.


    I have noticed that compared to the English speaking realm that German models

    a: make way less money on Stripchat
    b: traffic is also way less on Stripchat

    I have been telling them over and over that you should be able to tag the flags that resemble the languages you speak. There is a difference between the tagged flags and the languages you speak. I speak three languages and I can’t do shit with it on Stripchat.

    I should be able to select the German, British and the American flag (Luxembourgish doesn’t make sense, I know that).

    At the beginning I had severe problems because they automatically go by your ID, wich in my case is French and therefore I mainly had French customers in my stream. It was funny but it would have been funnier if I would have made money wich I didn’t really because I DON’T SPEAK FRENCH WORTH SHIT. It took me two months to finally get their little brains to work when I came up with the idea to send them my German driving license and I finally got my German flag wich is also worth shit as explained further up. But at least I had German speaking customers in my stream. You can’t only go by ID and that’s what they are doing. I would have been stuck with the French flag if I WOULD NOT HAVE COME UP WITH THAT IDEA! Since they don’t go by the languages you speak or rather you can’t tag them in a flag, traffic and payment is way lower for German WebCamModels compared to English speaking models and languages like Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese etc. While I and other German models maybe have 50 users in their room other models have a minimum of 1000 users. Tokens are flying around that I become sick from watching. German models on this site are doing so much for free and none German models sneeze and get 100 token. Not all none German models but 80% I would say. I just don’t know what is up with that and Stripchat, like always, dodges uncomfortable questions.

    I tried by choosing every single language in the section “languages I speak” and now I can speak almost every language on this god for saken planet and I did notice that it changed the type of users I have in my streams. But not a severe change. If they don’t help me, I’ll help myself - nothing new. It’s the story of my life actually.

    They constantly work on the page but NOT WHAT WOULD BE NECESSARY! Some changes are cool yeah but the really important things like usability, blocking system, stream quality is being ignored. What was cool was that they took over an idea I had for them. I said that it would be helpful to see how much a user has already spent on a model. You hover over the users name and there you can see the total amount of tokens they have spend on a model. You are welcome.. it would also be helpful if you could see in what time frame but let’s not push it, ey?

    I’m also missing some real statics on how a model is doing on the site. Stats about your income, you know a chart or what ever. There are bits and pieces when it comes to that but nothing really that helpful.

    I have so may ideas and improvement ideas for this site because I see a lot of potential in it but to be honest.... I’m just sick and tired to run after things that should be normal and clear without a model telling a site. It’s such a common thing in this industry and I learned that when I open up my mouth I get silenced even though the things I am talking about are not things that would be impossible to improve or to add. I’m used to it I guess that I’m always the bad guy.


    You don’t get notified when someone has bought content. I see it when the total amount of token has changed. I see who bought it and how much it cost... I don’t see what they bought... these kind of things should be improved and not the unimportant bullshit they keep adding or improving. Like I said - priorities set wrong!


    Pictures are no problem wich no one buys. I learned that videos are more popular than pictures. At least that my experience.

    Uploading videos is another story. They have to keep working on it all the time. Recorded shows or uploaded content doesn’t play on both ends - customer and model. My eldest content cannot be played. At least that’s the latest stand on things.

    Little things add up to being frustrated on stripchat and if I would have not developed very fast within a few months and not be making decent money for my needs I would have wished them a good time in hell.

    But from all the sites I have tried out it’s the best site I have stumbled upon so far. Ironic and very sad at the same time...


    Models getting notifications or users getting notifications doesn’t really work. For example: I don’t get notified when someone wrote me etc.


    It is possible to record your private shows without any external software and are being saved to your videos (where you upload your videos).... or not. It’s Russian roulette. Users can also save them to their collection if Stripchat doesn’t fuck up. What sucks is, that you can’t save them as a file so therefore you have to screen record them to be able to use them on other cam sites/content selling sites. But as far as I remember there is no logo in the corner so you can save time on editing.


    Stripchat is one of the sites that offers the most payment methods that I have seen on a site. 10 to be exact.

    Paxum (50$ Minimum)
    ePayService (50€ Minimum) Nothing about dollars? I guess it’s a European payment provider?
    Cosmo Payment (50$ Minimum)
    QIWI (50$ Minimum)
    Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash
    (All 50$ Minimum)
    Euro Transfer (SEPA) (100$ Minimum)
    ACH/Direct deposit (100$ Minimum)
    Local transfer/Directa24 (50$ Minimum)
    International Transfer (500$)
    Check (100$)

    Payment is on point. I use Paxum and I always got my money on time.
    Money to e-wallets get payed out every week on Tuesdays and none electronic transfers every two weeks if I recall right.
    I’ve been with the site since mid January of 2020. I took breaks in between otherwise I would have given me a bullet but effectively I was online for 7 months but not straight 7 months I would have add the hours and do the math but I would say it’s part time and made fairly good money. For a German Cammodel on this site I guess not bad, for the given reasons to why. For me it’s better than I expected since it fired off very fast and I didn’t took advantage of the boost you get the first two weeks I believe it was on the site since I wasn’t able to cam. Within that time of effectively 7 moths I gained over 8000 fans wich I was also surprised about. If everyone of these little pricks would only give 1 cent per month I would have 800$ per month. So I guess these are just numbers after all. Just like the fact about having many users in a room and no one is tipping and having a few users in your room but a lot of them are tipping. So yeah... just numbers.

    Ouch my fingers hurt. I guess I have said the main things about Stripchat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. You can also use my social media if you like.

    All in all I am happy when the staff changes and they finally listen to their models especially when tips and feedback are free of charge. We should be paid to give a site feedback, ideas for improvement etc. since it’s the most valuable thing you can get and what happens most of the time? They treat us like crap. Sites would be nothing without us models but it’s just like with employees and employer. Employer also forget that they would be nothing without employees. It’s a marry-go-around I guess. If no one is there to provide work no one can take work and the other way around. It’s like with the egg and the hen. Wich one was there first? But I think someone figured that one out if I recall right haha no clue but you know what I mean.

    I hope I can use this community to let out some steam and find fellow models that feel the same about this cam world that just doesn’t seem to make sense in so many ways. I have been on WCG for a while but haven’t been active due to health problems and just trying to survive but I think I should have taken a look into it and maybe it would have prevented me from bad experiences. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Well then I’m Hulk...

    If I can edit this review after I have postet it I can maybe add some things I have forgotten or make a normal post on my profile wall.

    Stay strong - you are definitely not alone in this crazy rabbit hole called Cam World.

    December 19, 2020 - 2:10
    • LaviniaJolie

      Redefining LiveCam experience... my ass. And what is up with that useless video? What is that doing on WCG? How about something that might change Models minds to keep working for people that put members over their models by NOT protecting them... ban happy... well DUUUH! You need to be otherwise you’ll go nuts with these imbeciles!

      December 19, 2020 - 2:24
    • LaviniaJolie

      Urgh i meant 8000 x 0,10 cent 😅 it’s late and im Bad at math muahah

      December 19, 2020 - 2:50
    • groovynights

      Oh my gosh I love your mind so much! Best review I’ve read regarding a camsite!!

      December 23, 2020 - 4:16
    • librabae

      ok so i'm not tripping, i email them asking i thought the ''fan club'' was for people with 1,000 plus favorites, i seen a girl with 300 favorites. i ask about it , yup the generic reply,, oh it 1000. so why tf i see models with it activated? under 1000. annoying. i wrote my review on them also. like how tf u dont transfer tokens from one account to another.. cant change user names? these are important things.. smh .. struggle ... when i respond back, im guessing the BOT didnt understand me and asking for a follow up. i was clear! i ignore the email , they do have potential then any site. but dam wtf they doing? working backwards .. how we can charge media per tokens and but u can not have a fan club? huh? u got to have a min favorites? i really want to use the feature.. they blocking more money

      December 23, 2020 - 7:40
    • Ava0424

      Girl I be getting bullied so bad on there

      December 23, 2020 - 20:27
    • Magicalboobs

      You beteer becaureful with this site once a member tip you with a stolen credit card they close your account and take all the money ,so imagine if you xan make $3000 and member tip you with $100 they will take all your $2900 and tell you it fraud ,how can u control a member from not tipping you?why are they not upgrading the system why are they bullying us

      December 26, 2020 - 9:50
  • secretcampuppy
    secretcampuppy wrote a review about CameraPrive

    eles são simplesmente horríveis!!! extremamente seletivos, eu tentei cadastro a mais de 1 ano e nunca recebo uma resposta decente. independentemente do que eu faça.
    uma mal caráter que trabalha nesse site,me prometeu ajuda para ser aprovada (tenho provas) porém nunca me ajudou de fato.

    eles ficam rejeitando nossos pedidos
    mas quando estamos no câmera hot
    imediatamente começa o assédio
    deles te chamando pro site !!!!!!

    December 18, 2020 - 19:53
  • LolaMuah
    LolaMuah wrote a review about MondoCamgirls (1 likes)

    the main problem of that web is its stupid and rude support, admin is real fuck and i think most of girls delete their profiles after talking to him. dude probably do great deal to promote his boss business. my friend queen of fetish on many webs which is in webcam for years deleted her profile after he talked to her like to latest street whore. so site fucks unusual and exclusive performers which they should care of.

    traffic is bad and cheap. italian dudes wanna show for coins and after spending like 10 bucks start talking to you in dirty way blaming you they spent such a big sum on you and didn't have enough time to cum. every 2nd dude talks like that... its impossible to put their normal prices per min like on other sites or you will not have shows.

    now support has new feature: they block accounts for not being online like it was in the beginning of webcam industry so its just funny. now they having only 2 pages of performers online and i think members will go away too as many girls who have been there for years are just blocked.

    my account is blocked too and members who i have from mondo in my skype contacts just not able to get the show on the web lol. well will find other options for that Smiley :D

    so highly not recommended

    December 15, 2020 - 17:18
  • AmbraEnm
    AmbraEnm wrote a review about Flirt4free (2 likes)

    Update:Between 2018-2019 they were the best with excellent results.But still in 2020, a lot has changed, well this site have traffic, but the attitude of each member I can only say negativity and it causes more stress than you think.
    Not even 99% of members go in private shows, (im not kidding) they waiting for free stuff in free chat/party chat if one supportive supports me a lot .
    Well, it's good for new models but I don't recommend it, but you can try if you want, but after that in a few months or 1 year ago you will have negative results and you don't want to perform online anymore, as I suffered same.
    Usually people usually waste time in free chat conversation and they cant not even tips like 10-50 credits,and it is boring, not even powerboost, they do not have the principles of manners to at least support powerboost models the fact that this is very important to get up in top models.
    It's sad, because most members go to top models because models top has supporters, and freeloaders watch their shows in party full thanks to ''Vips supports" "I can't even understand that flirt4free is considered premium, the fact that the title sounds freemium?Lmfao.
    And above their percentage is too low for independent models, and it is difficult to hit payout.
    I couldn't stand to see myself cheap for 10-30 credit prices for pvt shows so I refuse that.

    December 11, 2020 - 19:56
    • AcidYellow

      I agree with you. I tried to split cam with this site but lately the customers there are rude, chat a lottttt every single day no supporting plus the prices as u said, are low because you cant set them higher due the ranking and on top of that, they ask you to active the "offers" for 10 credits(1$) per minute, is offensive. Im not going to do a show for such a low rate. I tried 40 credits per minute(4$) but they almost never spent. I quite that site, maybe others have success here but not me.

      April 29, 2020 - 22:12
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