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  • Rayne_
    Graduate stars
    Rayne_ wrote a review about SecretFriends (3 likes)

    Hello everyone,

    These are my thoughts on SecretFriends.
    I have been on this site since 2013 and have seen many changes over time. The SF of 2013 and SF of 2019 is a completely different place, were all these changes for the better?
    As some of us remember, before the site didn't have a free chat, members were allowed to talk to models only in premium chat (that cost for members 1cr/min). Now site has gone to free chat mode, for many rooms not counting the 2 credit/min deutsche rooms. This change members like a lot for sure but I can't say the same about some models, yet I like this.
    Site gives a lot of opportunities for models to make some money.
    At the moment site have few regimes:
    - free chat which doesn't limit models behaviour and allow to do nudity and shows for tips, stickers, GIFs or free.
    - private chat , this type of private could be peeked by other members.
    - VIP chat, true private.
    - group chat, where model can entertain an unlimited number of members.
    - voyeur mode, is kind of fake private in case you got a private somewhere else or just want to have fun on your own and let members to spy.
    - ticket show that also can involve an unlimited number of members but has fixed price set by model.
    - targets: model have 20 minutes to reach goal and are allowed to start or cancel it any time she want.
    - events: this feature is really good for promotion, model not constrained in their ability, the only rule model should be nude within 30 minutes. Site pay a symbolic amount for first 30 minutes of show but model allowed prolong event for a hour or longer. Events also gives opportunity to models get extra bonuses. All events compete in daily and weekly contest for the best show. Event of the day gets extra 25 cr. bonus, winner of week 50 cr.
    Participation by members is not just about credits, saying hello and acknowledging models is appreciated and also banter. You know conversation which goes beyond show this do that, but there is also the opportunity for show this do that at a models discretion and not based on demands. Positive energy is not a myth and it helps a lot.

    Site recording targets and events. In future model can put them for sale or let to fans download videos to their profile free. Model also allowed to record any shows in free chat, groups, ticket shows and privates or download custom recordings on site and manage at their own discretion (sell or share).

    Site also allow to models create different wishlist items. They could be sold not only when model is online but also while she is off.
    While model offline she also could get offline tip (unlimited amount) messages from fans and also different stickers.

    Site allow to use interactive toys which are popular among of modern camgirls.

    Site also offer a good bonus program for models. There is always chance to be treated for your hard work.
    - as I mentioned before bonuses for Events.
    - bonuses for reached badges
    - bonus for biggest tip of the day/month/year
    - bonuses for stickers contests , which site have regularly once a month
    - bonuses for reached goals during contests
    - bonus for a contest Model of The Month/ Model of the Year.

    Beside "carrots" there some sticks also:

    If you break any of the site rules you might be fined. All rules are written on a model's profile.

    As you can see site is really modernized and this is an ongoing process.

    Few words about support. Support is probably one of the best these days among of all other sites. Very responsive, understanding, always ready to help with any problem.

    Now about minuses

    First of all is rating system. Is seem based on monthly efficiency and updated everyday. For models who stream from time to time there is no worries their profiles would be always higher on page. But models who is online regularly is a big challenge to keep profile in top.

    Also in my opinion referal system could be better. Site offer 70% for converted member but we all knows there some places who offer 80-100%.

    Traffic is slow too but at least site have minimum quantity of freeloaders.

    Models not separated on categories. Site don’t have non nude and fetish categories. Which is bad.

    I hope that this information will be useful.

    Kind regards,

    February 14, 2019 - 1:08
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      Many thanks for the detailed review, Rayne! Good to have you with us Smiley :)

      February 14, 2019 - 9:16
    • /images/spacer.gif

      I used to love SF back then when it was just nude chat, I was top 5 without any extra effort. Pity they switched to free chat. Not many sites without free chat nowadays Smiley :(

      February 14, 2019 - 11:24
  • Yokoo
    Learner stars
    Yokoo wrote a review about SecretFriends (2 likes)

    Hello dear cam girls and members, i want to tell you my opinion for Secret friends. I am model there more that one year and i am very happy to be in their team. I will never change the this site for other. Everybody are so nice, when you have a problem or just a question you resive all the attention. We are like family. I am so happy and thankfull to all the team.

    February 11, 2019 - 11:27
    • /images/spacer.gif

      Thanks Yoko! The feeling is shared, we're glad to work with you and hope to do so for many years Smiley :)

      February 11, 2019 - 11:30
  • 00Catwalk
    Ninja stars
    00Catwalk wrote a review about SecretFriends (3 likes)

    Personally I love the site so very much. The traffic is pretty decent, they give 50% and the payout is very fast, max 2 business days after you finish a period. The support is very friendly and helpful, You can reach them through skype too and they are live almost all day.
    The site is going better and better, they update the features often. You got promotion when you are a beginner.
    They have member referal program too what is awesome.
    You can use interactive toys what members really love and they can send funny animated gifts and tips. They are crazy about them but personally I do not like the tip sound.. Smiley :D its too lound.
    There is 'Fake pvt' option too if you have pvt on another site and members can join you easily what they often do.
    The site takes chargeback if is from a Premium or VIP shows but TIPS, Gifts are not in them.
    The only thing what I would change is the software itself but its not a big deal.

    So I recommend this site if you did not try it or did it in the past and had bad experience than try it again. is changed a lot. I would never think that I will love this site this much. Hope they continue the good work and update the features and site as often as they do now. And never change the support team. Smiley :)

    February 7, 2019 - 14:16
  • Whitney0
    Skilled stars
    Whitney0 wrote a review about SecretFriends (4 likes)

    I absolutely love secretfriends!!! First site I ever worked on and can say one of the best! The support is unbelievably Awesome!!! They are so helpful and always go out of there way to help! I've been on a lot of sites but always find myself coming back to this one! The customers are always nice, I have never had a rude or mean customer ever! The site has tons of new features too! You can cam from your phone too now! The only thing i would change is the tip sound it's super loud and annoying but the guys like it so they know how long the toy is vibrating for lol but other than that I can't say enough about the site, never have late payments, you can now update and change pictures which u used to not be able to so that is. A plus,. But one be aware of is when a guy ends private you are immediately put back into free chat which sometimes sucks because there isn't a way to know when the chat ends unless your watching the screen, so be mindful.of that! But def recommend the site. Also there is an option to be working ok another site and there at the same time. You just go to private and don't have to worry guys can join your show automatically and it's that simple!!! Super great feature love it!

    February 1, 2018 - 22:47
    • /images/spacer.gif

      Thanks for the review Whitney, always a pleasure working with you!

      April 9, 2019 - 11:11
  • ellagirl88
    Graduate stars
    ellagirl88 wrote a review about SecretFriends (4 likes)

    Hmm, I guess I'll break this one down...

    Traffic: This site has an unusual way of traffic flow. You talk to 2 different kinds of members, free members that show up in red and paid members that show up in blue. You can only have one free member in your room at a time for a max of 5minutes. Then another can join. At any time a paid member can enter your chat and bump out free members. You can have infinite paid members there. Traffic can at times be quite slow, however I have never had to wait for than 5-6mins for someone to talk to. There is very little competition, theres usually only ever 2-15 other models on at a time.

    Payment: I always recieve a check every exceptions. I've never had a late payment and I love that they pay weekly. I gave only three because you do not make a lot of money on this site. One the plus side, you are paid hourly, which is good becuase you know that you will not stay online and make nothing. However you make 8-30an if you are a high earner, this is a complete waste of time. Your pay is determined by the percentage of "member minutes" to minutes online you have. You recieve one "member minute" for every minute chatting with a single member. (you can talk to multiple at a time). If a member chats with you on "reserve chat" (only he can speak with you) you get 2 member mins per minute. If you go private you get three per minute and if on reserve chat he turns on his cam you get 4/min. You need to have 40% to make $10/hr, 60% for $12, and so on. This is great for me since I just had a child and I am still losing pregnancy weight, so I know that I wont be making nothing.

    Support: The pros are that whenever I email Andrea (admin) or Claudette (payroll), I always get an answer. They were pretty understanding when I missed work b/c my son was sick. However...there are a few annoying rules and consequences. You are required to work 20hrs a week, and a minimum of 4hrs a day. You have to submit what days you are working ahead of time, and you get yelled at if you miss a day. You get yelled at if you dont make enough hours, and if your percentage is below 20%. Like I said, my emails were responded to...however I did still recieve angry emails...which I believe are copy/paste to everyone. My belief is...I'm bringing in likely they wont "fire" me unless that stops.

    September 12, 2013 - 21:59
    • /images/spacer.gif

      Hi there Ella, are you still camming with SF?

      May 15, 2014 - 3:18
    • /images/spacer.gif

      Hi Ella, would you like to update your review? Many things have changed.

      February 5, 2019 - 10:48
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      Hello what is about this hourly rate ,that can earn 10usd on hour or more that still like that?

      March 29, 2019 - 7:44
    • /images/spacer.gif

      Hi Chansu, we do not pay per hour anymore. Feel free to sign up though! We would be glad to work with you.

      April 9, 2019 - 11:12