Which fan site should I use?

Fan sites have gained significant popularity in recent years, revolutionizing the way creators interact with their fans and monetize their content. Read the reviews and information to find out which subscription-based platform is best for you!

Join thousands of creators earning up to $100,000/mo on LoyalFans, the fan platform with more money-making features than any other.

Tired of getting deleted and shadow banned over and over from your socials? Open an XFollow Account!

F2F (Friends2Follow)
F2F.com is the premium social platform, reinventing creator and fan engagement. Our ambition is to offer an exceptionally innovative social media website with superior features found nowhere else.

Get paid to spoil your fans on SoSpoilt. Sell content subscriptions, charge for DMs or live chats, and pocket tips. All on your own terms.


On Fansly you can create multiple subscription tiers and offer different benefits for each tier. Price range on this fan site can start at $5 up to $499.99.

Pinxsters has been created to allow Adult Business and Models to post without fear of being banned by Vanilla Social Media.

Not like the others! You bring the users - you earn the most. Join us and convince yourself of our unique system and connect with your fans.



MYM, the innovative social network tailored for Creators, opens up a captivating realm of exclusive content that's a cut above the rest. Catering to those who seek a more intimate connection, MYM offers a unique space where creators share their except


FanPage let you monetize your fanbase through private social media accounts.

  • You will receive 80% of revenue.
  • You have the option for private paid message and mass messages.
  • Users can follow creators for free or subscribe to get access to the pr


Playrighter is a fan site / subscription site, with also a live stream feature.

Your brand on Star Subs - Fans Site. WE'LL DO YOUR UPLOADS! YOUR PROFILE ON YOUR DOMAIN! - Enter to win $10k! Signup @ Starsubs.com!



Centerfold is a creator platform powered by Playboy.


Fanvue is a fan / subscription site. 


On Watchmyfeed you will receive 80% of the revenue after processing fees.


Frisk is a sexy social media platform that allows Content Creators to interact and share their exclusive posts with their fans. Frisk allows Creators and their customers to interact in multiple ways, including images, videos, voice notes and direct m



Ready to make real money from live streaming? TruffleLive has the best commission in the market. Stream any content anywhere. Start now!


Alua gives you the freedom to create your own exclusive fan club, connect with fans and earn from the content you create.


Monetize your content & and get benefits you've never gotten before  Talks, tips, education.


Become a content creator and CONNECT with your fans!  Joining is FREE and EASY! Create the content you want! 


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What are Fan Sites?

Fan sites provide a space for creators from various industries, such as adult entertainment, fitness, cooking, music, art, and more, to connect directly with their fans. It offers a level of intimacy and access that traditional social media platforms may not provide. Creators can share a wide range of content, including photos, videos, live streams, and even one-on-one messaging.

Why use Fan Sites?

One of the key features of fan sites is the ability for creators to earn income directly from their fanbase. By setting a monthly subscription price, creators can generate a recurring revenue stream. Additionally, fans have the option to tip or send additional payments to creators for specific content or personalized requests, further supporting their favorite creators.

Connect with your Fans

For creators, fan sites provide an opportunity to have more control over their content, engage with their audience on a more personal level, and potentially earn a sustainable income. It allows them to bypass traditional intermediaries and have a direct relationship with their fans. Moreover, it enables creators to create content tailored to their subscribers' preferences and receive immediate feedback.