Pineapple Support: “What Advice Would I Give To My Younger Self?”

Pineapple Support would like to collaborate with all performers and models, and ask you to share your knowledge, wisdom and advice to those beginning their journey. The campaign is focusing on giving advice to performers entering the industry and will include short videos from performers giving advice on self-care, tip and tricks, finance, health and wellbeing. Questions: “What advice would I give to myself before entering to adult industry?” “What would I have done differently?” “What do I do for self-care?” “Do I have any tips & tricks to share?” “What is my favourite part of working in the adult industry?" The videos should be between 1-5 minutes in length and have positive undertones while touching on serious subjects. Each person submitting a video will be asked to include their performer name and social media handles. Videos are to be 1-5 mins in length, shot in landscape and sent in MP4 format. Please include performer’s twitter handle in video title. The videos will be cut and edited into montages as well as used individually. They will be promoted across our social media platforms and website. Pineapple Support will reach out to platforms and individuals to ask for video contributions. Videos submitted by platforms will have the company logo displayed during the video. Publicity Waiver and Release form to be completed by all persons submitting content. Kindest regards, Leya Tanit Founder and President of Pineapple Support

Win prizes with the giveaway!

We're happy to announce that we can start a new giveaway, sponsored by is a free service that you can use to create your own professional website. The software works great and has a lot of useful and cool features, while keeping the user interface clean and easy to work with. We're very glad that we can offer you guys this cool giveaway.

There will be 3 great prizes to win! The #1 prize will be 400 euro The #2 prize will be 200 euro The #3 prize will be 100 euro
The winners will be announced a few days after the giveaway ends. Everyone can participate! How can I win? To participate you have to create an account on and share your new website on your twitter. So besides creating your own free cool website, you have a chance to win one of these great prizes. Please also share your new website in this post to show other wecamgirls members what you’ve created and we will know that you participated. You can participate until the 22th of April. Good luck!

New Milestone! Wecamgirls 25K members!

By the end of 2012 we had 868 active members. 5 years later in 2017 we reached the 10k mark and today I'm happy to announce that WeCamgirls has reached 25,000 members! It's been (almost) exactly 8 years since we started the site and in these past 8 years WeCamgirls has grown into a serious force to be reckoned with! (and of course it is a lot of fun to hang out Smiley :)) Thank you for making this site possible!

Coronavirus leads to postponing Trade shows and Conferences

Yesterday 2 major event oragnizers, LAL Expo and AW summit send out press releases that the shows they were going to host (US Edition of LAL Expo in Vegas and the AWsummit in Mamaia Romania) will be postponed. New dates for LALExpo Las Vegas will be October 4-6 2020. The new AWsummit dates are not yet clear, but it is expected that it will take place at the end of August 2020. The corona virus has a very big impact on all kinds of events and we wish the organizers of these shows all our best.

WeCamgirls, Best community 2020!!

We are happy to announce that WeCamgirls has won the Award for Best Online Live Cam Community during the Live Cam Awards in Cascais Portugal. Winning this Award means that you guys get the recognition you deserve! As always, it was a great show and this time it was hosted by the amazing cam couple, Emma and Eddy Lovett. Thank you for voting and we also have a giveaway winner! The Amazon giftcard goes to HotCountryRose

WeCamgirls does Vegas

WeCamgirls will attend the AVN, InterNext and Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas next couple of days. Feel free to reach out and have a beer with us Smiley (Y) Looking forward hearing your experiences with and suggestions for WeCamgirls!

Bye xMystiquex, we wish you all the best!

xMystiquex has been moderator here on WeCamgirls for over 7 years. I'm very said to tell everybody that she decided it was time to say goodbye. We will miss her very much and we'd like to thank her for all she has done for the site. Thank you. We wish you all the the best for your future endeavors!

Kickstart 2020 and win a Kiiroo Toy!

We are happy to announce that we can give away some great toys, powered by Kiiroo! Kiiroo has provided us with 3 prizes: 1st prize: A Kiiroo Esca 2 and a Kiiroo Fuse 2nd prize: A Kiiroo Fuse 3rd prize: A Kiiroo Esca 2
What do I have to do to win? That will be easy! When you go to your profile, you will see the new option My Toys. (you can also follow this link: Add my Toy) Everybody that has added one or more of their interactive toys will automatically participate! I don't have a toy yet, how can I participate? Just post the following tweet, "I want to win a Kiiroo Toy! @Kiiroo @wecamgirls" And if you could also leave a post in this topic, that you have tweeted, that would be great! You have until the 31st of December! Are you interested in a Kiiroo toy right now? We have a special WeCamgirls 20% one time discount for you. Just send an email to [email protected] and mention WeCamgirls.

Get Free Professional Headshots at #Cammunity

Celebrity and beauty photographer Jeffrey Fiterman will be at #Cammunity -- and he'll be taking *your* picture (if you want). As if you needed *another* reason to attend #Cammunity… Celebrity and beauty photographer Jeffrey Fiterman will be offering free photo sessions during #Cammunity - meaning models in attendance will have an outstanding opportunity to walk away with high-end professional headshots for their portfolio. Fiterman’s portrait studio will be set up in the IRL Networking Lounge at the #Cammunity model summit. You can reserve a time slot in advance on a first-come, first-served basis by talking with a #Cammunity representative at the show registration counter. Or, you can simply walk-up as there are openings in real time. Read more...

The winners of the Sex.Cam giveaway here on WeCamgirls!

We are pleased to announce the / WeCamGirls contest winners! Congratulations! The first prize of $600 goes to: PrettySuzFun The second prize of $400 goes to: Chrissylebla And the third prize of $100 goes to: XeniaBlue Thank you to all of you who participated. The powered by platform has been online since 2006 supporting cam models all over the world. Their award-winning platform is one of the top revenue producing platforms in the world. With no exclusivity and multiple payment methods along with our 24/7 support team, they are here for you as cam models to help you succeed in your online business. Not registered with Click this link to learn how to increase your revenue stream!

Working on frontpage feed

We've been working on the feed on the frontpage to make it easier to interact. You probably have noticed it the last 2 weeks or so. We had to redesign for better mobile use and added an infinity scroll (well not really infinite, but you can go back for 3 months Smiley :) ) This is what you currently see: News messages (posted by us, like this message) New members (not all, empty profiles are not listed for example) New pictures (yours and of the people you are following) status updates from others New articles If you receive a pm wall posts (posted on your wall) On the feed itself you can click on the X to remove the specific source from the feed. In your settings / change feed setting, you can do this also: We are also looking to integrate for example "your favorite forum topics" and maybe some other things. If you have an idea how to make it better, or if some things just don't work, please leave a comment or send me a message. We hope we can enhance the usability of the site and to make it easier to for example comment on pictures and to interact with each other in general.

2 more weeks to go to win great prizes in our Giveaway!

Our giveway sponsored by Sex.Cam has been live for a week, just two more weeks to go, to get more entries! The more entries you have, the bigger the chance that you will win! To remind you, there is a 1000 USD!! we can giveaway split into 3 prizes: 600 USD, 300 USD 100 USD Just hit the Tweet Now Button in de sidebar or follow this link: In this post you will find some more info:

New awesome giveaway here on WeCamgirls with Sex.Cam!

We're happy to announce that we can start a new giveaway, sponsored by is a great and international Camsite (powered by XloveCam) and we're very glad that we can offer you guys this cool giveaway.

There will be 3 great prizes to win! The #1 prize will be $600 The #2 prize will be $400 The #3 prize will be $100
The winners will be announced a few days after the giveaway ends. Everyone can participate, but to receive your prize, the winners need to be registered with or XloveCam, because the prize will be applied to your model account. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do it here. The rules are the same as before. To participate simply hit the "Tweet now" button on the front page (you'll find it in the side bar on the bottom) to create an entry. You can do this as much as you like to increase your chance of winning (you can only tweet once an hour though), but it has to be via this button, otherwise your entry won't be registered. Good luck!

Interviews for a book about the cam world

Hi everyone, I got a message from Tony Silvia, a professor at the University of South Florida. He is writing a book on cammodeling and looks for models to interview. If you are interested just send him an email. His contact info you will find below: --------- I’m a professor of journalism and digital communication at the University of South Florida, writing my next book on the evolution of porn from adult movie houses, sex shops, and videos to the digital landscape of interactive cam modeling. It’s tentatively titled "The People Next Door: Inside the Cottage Industry of Digital Sex." I have interviewed about a half dozen cam models to date, principally from Eastern Europe. My goal is to help remove at least some of the stigmas associated with this form of sex work by, first, dispelling stereotypes that all those involved in the field are either abused, trafficked, or otherwise “victims.” Cam modeling is a major part of the book and I’m seeking to get input and tell the stories of both models and users: women, men, couples, and trans. I’m a reputable author of six (soon to be seven) other books, as attested to by my website ( as well as my Amazon author page. Please get in touch with me via my business e-mail (another form of verification): [email protected] Tony Silvia, PhD Professor/Director of Internships Department of Journalism and Digital Communication University of South Florida St. Petersburg Phone: 727-873-4047 Fax: 727-873-4373 E-mail: [email protected] Website: Twitter: @TonySilvia2 Facebook: Tony Silvia, Author Linkedin: AJ Silvia Amazon Author Page:

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