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FAQ about camsites

We've added the option for Frequently Asked Questions for every cam and fan site we have in our database. All WeCamgirls members can now add questions about the camsites they are working with. Official Reps (and Admins) can answer those questions. All answers will be displayed on the review site of that particular website. You can find the button for submitting questions halfway the review pages.

We have been working on a new project, It's a community for adult content creators. Fansites have been booming and it has created a whole new section in the adult industry. Of course, there will be a bit of overlap with WeCamgirls, since a lot of cam models are content creators. However only a small part of the adult content creators are also cam models. Since the creator business is different from the cam world, we decided that they would benefit from a community too, hence WeFangirls. Are you a content creator or do you want to learn more about the creator industry? You can sign up here:

Changes and updates on WeCamgirls

We have been busy upgrading and finetuning the mobile interface of wecamgirls. Everything should be a bit more intuitive and better to read. There are still things to do (I guess there are always things to do 😆, but Rutger does not always agree, because he has to do it), but we think it has been a very good update so far. There are also a couple of other changes: We removed the "follow" option. Members here on wecamgirls don't use their wall a lot to post and the disctinction between follow and friend was just to marginal. We added a new function, called "Recommend". You can find this on the profile pages of all members. If you think a member is a true asset to WeCamgirls or you think a member is excellent in the things he/she/they/etc. does, you can recommend this member. You can also add a comment.

Plans for the future

So, in the past 10 years we have changed a lot and added a lot more features. We have a couple things on the todo list: - chatroom - optimizing wecamgirls (forum part) for mobile - launching romanian version of wecamgirls - creating an eBook for webcammers, i.e. the wecamgirls book Do you have any suggestions? Please add it in here in the comment section.

New DM system

Today we've launched a new DM system which will replace the old Private Message function. It's more chat based like Whatsapp. We've built it ourselves so all feedback is appreciated. In the meanwhile we're trying to integrate a Discord chat server to WeCamgirls. Right now we're still figuring out how we can make sure the discord chat will also work with our Verification system.

WeCamgirls 10th anniversay!

We are happy to announce that today WeCamgirls celebrates her 10th anniversary! The huge success of the site is all thanks to you. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible. Rutger and I also like to thank our moderators and especially ShanaStorm who has been with us almost from the start. We also added a new feature for you. It is called groups, and you can find it here:

Living In An Unstable World (Ukraine Workshop)

Living In An Unstable World: Join others who are managing themselves and their families through a traumatic and painful time during world history, as many suffer in Ukraine and Russia. You may feel lost, hopeless, scared, exhausted, confused, and many more emotions. During this workshop we will focus on connection with others and a healing exercise to ground ourselves during an unexpected time. Time: Thursday, March 3rd, 11am EST/6pm GMT+2 (Ukraine)/7pm GMT +3 (Moscow) Sign up via:

Site updates

We are doing some updates on the backend of the site. Everything should be up and running again. However if you run into something that is not working or not working correctly, please let us know so we can fix it.

Vote for WeCamgirls as Best Webcam Community!

WeCamgirls has been nominated for Best Webcam Community by the LiveCamAwards! We can use your votes, because we really want to bring home this trophy! The LCA will take place on feb 24th in Sitges, Spain. You can also find other WeCamgirls members that have been nominated: Little Red Bunny HiHunter Hottyteen69 KatyaTiuni SabienDeMonia EmmaLovett And probably a lot more Smiley :) So if you are nominated let me know in the comments, so I can add you.

Snowball Fight has started! Win CherryTV prizes!

We start this new year with our anual Snowball Fight here on WeCamgirls! (starting the 5th and ending on the 13nd of January, 2022 - 11:59 pm). Our sponsor this year is CherryTV and they have some great prizes to offer! Wait wut? Are we going to do snowballing? Not that kind of snowballing Smiley ;) How does it work? You can earn snowballs by posting messages on each others wall (minimum of 200 characters). To prevent spam you can only earn 1 snowball per wall. And then? You can throw your earned snowballs at each other. It will be fun they said... And theeeeen? It will be all about how many snowballs you will throw. There are 3 prizes to win, all powered by CherryTV. The one with the most snowballs thrown will be first and so on. The winner will receive 250 USD in your CherryTV account. The runner up will receive 150 USD in your CherryTV account and if you come in third, you will get 50 USD in your CherryTV account! Ain't nobody got time for that! I don't like snowballs! You can always opt out through your settings page. How do I throw snowballs There's a link on everybody's profile page Smiley (Y) To prevent spam, only messages longer than 200 characters earn you a snowball!

Special WeCamgirls discount on Ohmibod Esca 2

Together with Kiiroo we’ve created a special exclusive WeCamgirls discount for you for the Ohmibod Esca 2! The normal price of the Esca 2 would be 109 USD (or 98 EUR), but if you click the link below you can get this toy for 79 USD (or 72 EUR)! But there is more Smiley :) You will also get free shipping! This will be automatically added in the check out. If the code is not there you can use WCGSPECIAL. Click here for Esca 2 discount


We've been working on a new project, and it is open to all pornstars, talent and content creators! New project? WePornstars sounds familiar. Haven't guys done something like that already? Well the answer is yes and no. A few years ago we did launch a site with the name Wepornstars, but we never got it to work properly and decided to stop the project. So the current project is completely new and build from the ground up. You will see familiarity with WeCamgirls because we have used the same framework that we've created for WeCamgirls. WePornstars will be all about movies and videos, so there will be a bit of overlap since camgirls also create video content, but a lot of the business is a very different. Do you have any experience with for example Porn studios and Talent agencies? Or with the industry in Los Angeles or europe? We'd love to hear more! Do you want to get in to the adult movie industry? Learn more about the do's and don't's? Ask your questions on Hope to see you there

Some WeCamgirls updates

We've been working, tweaking, tuning a lot on WeCamgirls lately. Some of the changes you can see others are on the back-end. The latest big update has been the Profile pages. We've redesigned it so it looks better with the rest of the site. We've also added a background image which you can change by clicking it (or if you go to edit). Currently you can pick one of the 20 backgrounds. Latest changes: We are starting to replace the ubb code. The ubb buttons (with the vid icon, youtube icon etc. on top of the reply area) are now gone. This has been currently updated: * If you want to add a youtube vid to your post, you can just copy paste the link and the vid will be shown. * When you add a link to a post it will be clickable automatically Adding pics is on the to-do list. We create things on the fly while the site is live. Because of this you sometimes might encounter an error. If you still encouter them after a day or so, please post it in this topic.

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