Interview with Femme Fatale from Arousr

Hi Femme Fatale, great that you want to do an interview with us. You have a lot of experience in adult. First as a kink model and now you work for a company that is active in the industry. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Where are you from and for which site do you work? I am Canadian, and based in Canada. I work for and Arousr is also a Canadian founded and based company ou [...]

Interview with Tessa1

Hi Tessa1, wonderful that you wanted to do an interview with us! You have been in the business for quite some time and we’d love to hear your experiences. We can start with some basics. Can you tell me how old you are and where are you from?   I’m 47, began camming at 26 so I’ve been around a long time.  From the U.S. What are you passionate about?   T [...]

Interview with Tati from LiveUnicorns

Hi Tati, great that you wanted to do an interview with us! We have met a couple of times at shows and conferences and I’m glad you want to tell us a bit more about yourself and the company you are working for. Let’s start with you, where are you from and for which site do you work? I'm located in Finland, Helsinki, where I work remotely in the Production and Marketing departments for [...]

Interview with AspenCavalli

Hi Aspen, great to have you here on WeCamgirls. Thanks for doing an interview with us. Let’s start with some basic details. How old are you and where are you from? A sexy vampire never reveals her age, but I am in my twenties. I am from Towson, Maryland.  Is webcam modeling your main job or do you do other things besides it? I am such a busy bee buzzing about. In addition to webcam m [...]

Interview with Dave from StormDMCA

Hi Dave, thank you for doing an interview with us. You run a very interesting company with a service that is currently high in demand. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Hey Tristan! Thank you for the interview. I’m from Italy and I am the founder of How would you explain StormDMCA to those who don't know it? StormDMCA is a copyright & privacy protection s [...]

Interview with Rob from LiveCamModelShows

Hi Rob, thank you for your time and doing an interview with us! Let’s start with some basics. Where are you from and for which site do you work? I am from and live in Canada and currently own LiveCamModelShows. I also manage the personal web sites of many online models and adult stars.*break* How would you explain LCMS to those who don't know it? LCMS is for independent models that want [...]

Building And Monetizing Personal Digital Fan Clubs. Q&A with AdultHTML

The audience for adult performers is arguably one of the most supportive and engaged of any that is  around. Knowing this, some talents decide to tap into that resource to make as much bonus money as  possible. The great thing is you don’t need to be a marketing specialist or a business expert to make an  honest living out of the fans' support. There’s a reliable techn [...]

Is Influencer Marketing Really a Good Option for Models Who Want to Make Extra Money? A Q&A with FansRevenue

One of the topics that comes back a lot on our forum is money. It pays the bills, right? In our community, we discuss openly how much you can make on which platform, considering the different realities of all our models worldwide and their level of experience. But how about making money outside of modeling? Influencer marketing has been on some of your radars lately, and we noticed. We heard th [...]

How to be a Star in the Galaxy of Pornstar Harem

Calling all webcam Queens and Goddesses,  Gaming Adult is looking for new brand ambassadors for Pornstar Harem, the latest title of their in-house gaming studio - Kinkoid, creator of popular adult games like Hentai Heroes, Gay Harem, and Comix Harem that all included represent a total of 15 million registered players (and counting).  Gaming Adult is known for creating games which bui [...]

Babestation – The Home Of British Models:

Whilst there are many webcam providers around nowadays, originating from various parts of the world, there are not many that come from Britain. Babestation is one of the few that come from the UK, and is by far the best known – becoming a household name in Britain and regularly receiving national media coverage. Babestation first began in 2002, but it was as a TV channel that the brand first [...]

What’s the Deal with Passive Investments?

All over the internet, people tout the success they’ve found with passive investing. Nine times out of ten the pitch includes words like “easy money” or “overnight success”. The idea of it is appealing – who doesn’t want to make money while they sleep – but is that the reality?  *break* So today we’re breaking down the idea of passive i [...]

How to Fail as a Cam Model

I'm writing this not as the most successful cam model in the business, but as a cam model who has seen way too many models fail. I'm also referring to female models, males have different challenges plus a different clientele.*break*  Why did I start? I have been a cam model for about ten years. My situation was that I had a full time career type job, but I needed additional funds for a boob e [...]

Pineapple Support FAQ

What is Pineapple Support A safe caring place to open up and share our emotions without fear or judgement… isn’t that something that each and every one of us would benefit from?! You see, this is the thing, so may people look at therapy as a last resort, the place you go when you are no longer able to cope on your own, and it can be. But therapy is also an act of selfcare. A way to [...]

Interview with Zuzana Kasinski from

Hi Zuzana, thank you for your time! Let's start with where are you from and for which cam site you work Born in Czechoslovakia, grew up in Slovakia :) I'm with, the hot topic of the cam industry. A new platform that combines the power of live streaming with gaming and social media elements to provide performers with the most innovative, fun, and really engaging way to cam and make mo [...]

Streamate Models Adds Multilingual Documentation, Improved Recommendations, and More

Streamate Models has been hard at work this year to continue to improve our platform, deliver high-quality traffic, and give our models new tools and options. Below are just some of our recent updates, and many more are on the way! *break* New Multilingual Documentation Streamate's fast-growing global traffic has attracted a surge of new models from all around the globe. To help more of our mo [...]

BRAZILIAN Camming Market Analysis

The New Camming Perspective (NCP) studies claim it is possible to make the market be reasonably socially responsible and more humane while keeping it profitable as well. While there are different paths to follow in making the world of camming progress, the NCP has been playing its part in Brazil.*break* Taking into account that we are a small social movement, our results were achieved with litt [...]

How a Tech-Savvy New Platform Is Helping Creators With OnlyFans Promotion

OnlyFans. A few years ago, no one knew what it was. Now, it's one of the biggest forces in adult content creation.  The OnlyFans business model is simple but revolutionary. Let content creators create their own content; provide them with a platform in exchange for some of the money they make on your site. It worked very well; essentially, they applied the youtube effect to adult content cr [...]

Building PREMIUM Connections

The adult camming industry is made up of different market niches: Premium and Freemium camming. The goal of this article is to indicate that premium camming services can not work properly if they continue to be promoted as the same services as freemium camming because they have their own specificities. Otherwise, businesses could lose revenue from this consumer group. *break* The big players co [...]

Thank you!

  I want to thank everybody for this amazing video and especially Rutger for putting it all together. I've been going to cam world shows and conferences for almost 10 years and I've been lucky to meet with the biz finest. The cam industry is bursting with warm, genuine and beautiful people and I'm proud to be part of that and to call you guys my friends. With love, Tristan. [...]

Making extra money with Splitcamming

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the business or that you have been a webcam model for a long time, with split camming you can earn a lot of extra money with essentially the same show.  What is this split camming? Splitcamming allows you to stream your show to different webcam platforms at the same time. This means of course, that you could generate much more income than when stre [...]

What advantages does webcam work bring for cammodels?

As a webcam model you have the opportunity not only to work from home, but you can also earn good money in a relatively short time. For most this is the main reason to start with camming. And this is very doable, since many people visit the various cam sites every day. But what advantages does webcam modeling bring besides working from home and earning money? What are the other benefits? *break* [...]

New Camming Perspective (ncp) nominated “Live Cam Awards 2021”

“As long as I fight, I am moved by hope; and if I fight with hope, then I can wait.” ― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed BEST LIVE CAM TRAINING PROGRAM — Priscila Magossi, NCP Affection and erotism constitute important aspects of human subjectivity. The nomination of the independent project, New Camming Perspective’s (NCP), in the category: “BEST LI [...]

I want to be a cam girl

The “Now what?” extensive guide (interesting for starting models as well as models with more experience)   We get a lot of questions from aspiring camgirls (and camboys) who would like to start as a cammodel. This guide will address all kinds of issues or other things you need to take care of, keep in mind or consider on how to become a cam girl. But also models w [...]

So what is this studio thing?

Before I start, I just want to make clear that I won’t be trying to convince you to start at or to leave a physical studio. This will be about my experience and how some of my perspectives changed, because most of my previous perceptions were based on the simple fact that I did not had enough information. I will also explain the word studio because I’d like to clarify first what I me [...]

Alex and Priscila, NCP Talk about Camming Business

“NCP is not trying to replace any method of camming or to convince anyone of doing anything. The idea is only to present a profitable alternative for those who do not fit into the traditional stereotypical cam girl’s image. There is sunlight and moonlight, we cannot compare the brightness of the two because they are completely different.” Priscila Magossi (NCP, Author/CE [...]

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