camerolla published: OnlyModels.CAM - the platform offered free to independent models

camerollaEven though all you need to go online is a computer, a webcam and a tastefully decorated room, many models (and especially cam studios) around the world have discovered various tools and apps that help them in this camming journey.

Being an independent camgirl is a lot harder compared to working from a professional studio because you have to do all the research and extra-work yourself - as compared to a studio where the trainers take care of your profile, help you go online, etc.

Independent models have also learned about various tools and apps that improve their workflow, from various forums and blogs or from talking with other models that they admire or look up to. Besides learning about webcam splitters and which websites are better or which webcams are better, they also learned about which toys to use, which browser extensions, things about OBS and multi-streaming, etc.

Camerolla is all you need to go online

Be it that you're a studio, or an independent model or (since November 2022) a content creator that only works on fansites such as OnlyFans or LoyalFans, Camerolla is all you need to go online and measure your performance period by period or day by day.

If you're a model, know that Camerolla will:

  1. help you go online easily even in situations when you're supposed to use OBS (I have fully automated streaming with OBS and even more, from one OBS you can stream to multiple camsites at the same time, saving yourself huge CPU requirements)
  2. automatically collect your earnings statistics, so you know from your dashboard the total earnings you've made, on all your platforms
  3. measure your online activity and your break times. This way you can monitor yourself and your performance, analyze what you can do to better yourself
  4. have access to various communication channels, to discuss issues/problems with other models
  5. access the Wall of Fame, so you can compare yourself with the other models in your platform

If you're a studio (or a creators agency), besides the above features, you'll have more functionalities, to better your business:

  1. staff, models and sexters management
  2. payments module - so you can calculate payments of your models using various combinations of formulas
  3. targets - to monitor your models by establishing performance targets
  4. scheduler access - to always know who's coming to work
  5. secure access everywhere, all your staff can be allowed or denied access to various features/areas of the apps, and many more
  6. Yes, is all the apps you need to be able to go online in a smarter (and easier) fashion.


OnlyModels.CAM - the FREE Camerolla for all independent models worldwide

The idea of came to me as an extension of which I run for several years (but for Romanian models only) and it is successful. And I've thought to myself: why am I not offering this globally?!

If you're an independent model (or a content creator) and you want to embrace the experience of going online as a professional model, I'm offering you this opportunity, FREE.
Of course you would think: "there has to be a catch there since it's free, no?" And it is, I won't lie to you. The trick is that you will like our product, and you will spread the word about it, and that's enough for me.

Why would you use OnlyModels.CAM?

Out of the many reasons that I could give you, I'll keep the list small though:

  1. Most importantly because you can use Camerolla for going online, which enables you with OBS automation and many other powerful features.
  2. Because you will be able to compare yourself with other models that also use OnlyModels.CAM. If you wanna "feel" how this feature looks like, view the "Wall of Fame" page on our demo:
  3. Because you will be able to keep track of all your earnings for a long time, even by looking in the "past". If you wanna know how this feels like, take a look at this link:
  4. Because you will be able to talk with all other models on OnlyModels.CAM about whatever you want

If you're also a content creator on OnlyFans, via our app you will be able to very easily participate in MoneyDrops or Share4Share actions with all other content creators on OnlyModels.CAM.

What would you need to do in order to apply for OnlyModels.CAM?

Well, that's simple.

  1. Go to and in the login page that will open, click the green "Register as a model" button.
  2. Fill in the registration form. The app will not ask you for your ID card (like a camsite does) because it's out of our scope, but it will ask for your first name and last name, your nickname (beware that this nickname will be visible to all other models using the platform), birthday and Country.
  3. After submitting registration, I will verify the information that you provided, and either approve or reject your application, based on my research and 6th sense. In case I'll feel that something's fishy and you're a stalker or not an independent model (a studio for example, or whatever else), I might ask for photo verification so you prove you are who you say you are

If you want to learn more about Camerolla, either visit our website on or visit our support site ( ) where I've posted lots of videos about various features in the apps.



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I installed it and as a tech I'm checking out everything however:
1. What URL do you want if we are not a studio? It opens requesting to be the default browser where I do not want. Then is opens to a page asking for eg: of which I do not have unless I want to use my personal domain. I could use that but I don't have it built up. Due to tax laws and other such stuff I work on other platforms instead of from my own website.
2. Where do you ask us to provide information so that you can verify who we are?

I'm a tech but am lost as what to do with this application. I will keep checking it out though.
Hello @GoddessLexy,

First, you need to apply on for such an account.
Camerolla (the main product) is a little different than ImShineModel for example... ImShineModel has one product that fits one service, while my product is also one product but fits many services. The tiny difference is that thing with the URL that you noticed... because you (as independent model) would probably want to use it for but a studio in Colombia will use it for their unique URL, another studio in Romania for their URL, etc... that's how it gets "addapted" to more services.

So no, you don't need to have a website for your own. Just apply on and when I've approved your account, use the URL ( in the browser you have already installed and then login with your approved account.
I am a computer tech so my question is technical in nature. On the site where is the link/box/etc where I can apply for whatever they want in order to use the other software? I have been on cam sites for a long time now so whatever they want, except my logins, I will provide. I will never ever look like any of the marketing material that is everywhere so if they expect that then tell me now so I can skip providing my personal info to yet another place on the internet.
Are you asking models for information so that you can set them up on their own instance aka server in the cloud?
Lexy, yes, it's a cloud service where data gets stored in order to facilitate batteries functionalities, render statistics etc.

Indeed for things to work there should be some data stored regarding camsites (which is sensitive, but is kept encrypted). I believe it's not something that you could benefit from, as I see your technical already, so there are no issues for you in using OBS and other tools. Regards
I can always benefit from learning more about something that is live. You are just writing me off because I figured something out? I would like to make my own decision about whether it would be beneficial or not.
This takes to much cpu
@Andrea21 - may you please tell me how you gotten to this conclusion? I don't recognize you as applying for an account on (and if I'm wrong, maybe tell me who you are), so... how would you know this? uses Camerolla as app, which at core is a modified Chrome browser. So be it Chrome or Firefox or any other browser, it's up to how you configure your PC if it uses lots of CPU or not.
I am under other username in there , and i saw the laptop get to loud and cpu too and i am on gamming laptop i7 generation 10 i dont maybe i didnt know how to configure the site looks a bit complicated to understand
And its impossible use your site with shine browser yes? I like shine browser because i can see all the chats but then even more cpu if need to have the sites all open in urs and on shine browser
Hello Andrea21,

As I stated in a comment above, ShineModel and this one are different products. I personally love ShineModel's one-chat feature, at some point in time we will also offer that but at this moment there are other priorities.
About CPU usage. Both ShineMOdel and my product are both based on Chrome-browser. Chrome is powerfull but it can eat lots of CPU depending on how it is used.

With Camerolla we offer some means of advanced CPU usage via our customized OBS program, in means that websites could be configured to work in a "restream" fashion to use less CPU, but configuring that OBS might be tricky. About that we have a video posted here:

Now the direct answer to you. In your shoes I would still use ShineModel because of the single-chat dashboard, i'm not gonna lie to you Smiley :)
Oh ok thank you for your reply , yeah i love shine browser because i can see everything in one place but i wanted your site too software too lol
Recently started trying this out, but so far so good. Have emailed Sebi for support and got prompt replies. Looking forward to seeing how it helps me in the future
Thanks @RedRobyn. Just released an update so the app will also support CMD (cammodeldirectory).

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