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The largest cam franchise with physical studios in USA, Colombia, Hungary and Romania. 15 years of experience made Studio20 a top model making machine.

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First Studio te ajuta ca dorintele tale sa se implineasca. Castiguri exceptionale cu un studio de videochat de cea mai buna calitate. Te vom ajuta sa iti schimbi atitudinea si vei fi mereu castigatore. First Studio inseamna d

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The Physical Studio, a real workplace

The big pro of a Physical studio is that you can just focus on camming and camming alone. No need to get equipment, you don't have to worry about marketing and you have an office building you can go to, just as a vanilla job. For some this can be a very good solution, however, you will mainly find them in Romania or Columbia.

Studio's are not for free

Studio's are not cheap, but you pay a percentage out of your cut. There is no money needed to get started. There are good studio's, that look like 5 star hotels and there are very, very bad ones. When signing up for a studio, do you research, talk with other models and look for all the info you can get.