About WeCamgirls

WeCamgirls is a community website where all cam models can meet their colleagues from the adult webcam business without customers peeking in. There is a forum, chat and wall profiles but you'll also find a lot of useful tools, reviews and tips/tricks.

You'll have access to a wealth of information on camsites and other camsite related businesses. You'll find a platform that is designed especially for cammodels and you'll find a great and friendly atmosphere. Joining WeCamgirls also gives you the option to create a commercial profile on CamgirlCollective, which is a great way to promote yourself and to attract new customers.

About CamgirlCollective

CamgirlCollective (CGC) is a commercial profile page that we created for WeCamgirls members. Since customers are not allowed here, we wanted a new place where they are allowed, hence CamgirlCollective. You can create a free account when you get the verified model status

You can edit your camgirlcollective account only via WeCamgirls. Go to CGC in the menu bar, than click on CamgirlCollective Admin panel.

On your CGC admin panel you'll see this sentence: 'Status of your profile: not active yet (activate)'. You can activate your CGC profile by clicking on activate. A couple of things on your profile are mandatory before you can activate it. You need to add: * Avatar, *(at least) One picture, * Contact information (either camsite or IM or both), * About Me, * Information about your show, * Age. When you click activate and you need to fill in some mandatory information you'll get a message that states what you need to do.

Yes, this is available per state (US only) or per country.

Only if you have checked the checkbox that states 'Tweet this update @camgcollective'. If that is the case your status update will be on our CGC twitter account to get you more exposure.

The ones marked in red are the ones we know of that are absolutely not adult friendly. You can still put them on your profile but it is at your own risk. If you want more information on payment providers you can check the reviews about them.

When a customer creates a (free) account on CGC they become a fan. Fans can vote for specific cammodels and the 5 people with the most votes are featured on the homepage. This is reset every Wednesday, so everybody has a change to be featured.

There are some limits on what you can post or write. You are not allowed to use words on your profile like Bestiality, Rape, Paedophilia, Incest, Necrophilia and a couple more. For more information check our Acceptable Use Policy.

Account, password and settings

Go to the sign in page and fill in the email account that you registered with. Then click 'Forget password?'.

Try to log in first and then try to log out again. Nine out of ten times, this should fix the problem.

Go to the persons profile page and click '+ Friend' button. The person will get your friend request. When you're accepted by this person, you are friends. You will now be able to send Direct Messages.

Contact us as soon as possible by going to the contact page.

Go to your profile page and click the button 'Pictures' or your picture to set and or change your avatar. A new page will open where you can upload and crop the picture by dragging the cursor over the picture.

Go to your profile page and click on 'Edit'. You could also go to 'Profile' in the top menu bar and click 'edit my profile'.

Go to your profile page and click on 'settings'. You could also go to Profile in the top menu bar and click My Settings. Here you'll find the option to change your username. The username change will be logged on the forum. You can change your username once every 3 months.

Go to your profile page and click on 'settings'. You could also go to Profile in the top menu bar and click My Settings. Here you'll find the option to change your password.

Go to your profile page and click on 'settings'. You could also go to Profile in the top menu bar and click My Settings . Here you'll find the option to change your email account.

Go to your profile page and click on 'settings'. You could also go to Profile in the top menu bar and click My Settings . Here you'll find the option to delete your account.

Go to your profile page and click on 'settings'. You could also go to Profile in the top menu bar and click My Settings. Here you'll find the option 'Mail settings'.

When you enter your twitter name on your profile you need to fill in everything after the @. So if for example, my twitter would be tristan@mysite, I fill in "mysite". Everything after the @ is unique and can only be used once on twitter. If you search someone on twitter you search for the unique part of the username.

If you somehow encounter this problem, the easiest way to fix this, is to first log out and close your browser. Then open your browser again and log in. It should work now.


A mod or moderator is someone who keeps an eye on everything. They check if the forum rules are not violated, but they also help to keep the forum organized and they are available if you have questions.

Because then it's easier to distinguish different members. The gray color frame is standard when you open an account. If you become a verified member your color frame will be orange and you get the verified member stamp in your profile. The moderators have a blue color frame and they get a moderator stamp. A green border is for verified official representatives.

Verified membership

There are three ways to get your free verified membership and you'll find them all here. We monitor everything and we will upgrade your account (most of the time) within 24 hours or send you a DM asking for more information.

To make sure you're a real cammodel, we've setup a verified member system. Verified members have exclusive access to the special verified forum and the option to review camsites and other camsite related businesses.


A forum is a place to exchange ideas with other members and to give your opinion. You can open topics or react on posts from other members.

A topic is a space within the forum that's dedicated to a special subject.

Go to the forum and choose one of the categories you think is fitting for the subject you want to talk about. Then choose 'new topic'. Or you can click 'new topic' on the forum index page and pick which sub-forum you want to post.

You can send a DM to one of the moderators.

A "sticky" thread is one that is placed permanently at the top of a forum / category. Even if no one posts in it, it will still show up on the first page. This is often done for special announcements, rules / guidelines, and FAQs.

Go to the forum and click 'my topics'.

Only moderators can change the topic title. Send them a DM with your request.

You can only delete your own posts. You can do this by clicking the trashcan icon.

Posts on the forum have to be on-topic. This means that your posts always have to be in line with the opening post (the first post in the topic) even when you post to react on somebody else his post. You go off-topic when you write something like, 'this reminds me of something' or when you post something that is completely unrelated. For example, you post your experience with a website in the 'general talk' topic. When you go off-topic moderators can delete your post or move to the right topic.

You can click it if you want to report that something is not right. For example if somebody is breaking the forum rules.

You can insert a link by simply typing or copy/pasting the URL you want to share. The link will be clickable automatically.

Yes you can. Click on the button that says, "Attach an image to your post". Select the image you want to add and click on open. This image will now be added to your post.

Yes you can. Go to the video on youtube you want to insert and copy the complete URL. Then paste the URL in your post. The video will be loaded automatically.

When you click the icon you can add this specific topic to your favorite topics, so you can keep track of it easier.

The orange check mark means that a topic is only visible for verified models. Verified models have an orange frame around their avatar and you will also find a big orange check mark on their profile.

Coloring or editing your text/messages/posts

We are currently not offering this option anymore. The code that we were using before is called UBB, but we are replacing that with other options.


A DM is a direct message. Only the person you send it to can read it. You can send a DM by going to someone's profile page and click DM. To be able to send a DM to another member you need to be Friends first.

Every profile has its own Wall. You can post a message there so the person who is connected to the Wall can read it. This person will also get a message that somebody has posted on his or her Wall. For now the Walls on all profiles are public and open to everyone.

Contact us

If your question is not here, or if the answer wasn't helpful you can go to the contact page and ask your question there. You can also send one of the Moderators a DM.