So what is this studio thing?

Before I start, I just want to make clear that I won’t be trying to convince you to start at or to leave a physical studio. This will be about my experience and how some of my perspectives changed, because most of my previous perceptions were based on the simple fact that I did not had enough information. I will also explain the word studio because I’d like to clarify first what I me [...]

Alex and Priscila, NCP Talk about Camming Business

“NCP is not trying to replace any method of camming or to convince anyone of doing anything. The idea is only to present a profitable alternative for those who do not fit into the traditional stereotypical cam girl’s image. There is sunlight and moonlight, we cannot compare the brightness of the two because they are completely different.” Priscila Magossi (NCP, Author/CE [...]

Exploring your own sexual curiosity is so much more satisfying when you can maintain an element of anonymity as you delve deeper into what you enjoy without having to have any awkward moments along the way. Shemale Cam specializes in giving you free full access to the sexiest trans cam models while maintaining your privacy completely! “We recognize that many of our fans are very proud of th [...]

Studio20 Limousine

If you follow us on social media, you have undoubtedly seen at least once a beautiful, elegant car, inscribed Studio20. That is the Studio20 limousine (Studio20 Limo), one of the many benefits that Studio20 offers to its models.*break*  What does Studio20 Limousine mean? Studio20 limo represents an elegant and high-end car at the #girlsfromstudio20's request to take them and bring them fr [...]

Lots of free webcam sites today feature softcore cam girl cuties teasing their fans in front of their cams, but where do all the really dirty girls go to show off their naughtiest fantasy sessions? We finally found out! “We are cam fans first, and when we want to watch sexy girls getting nasty for us, we always found ourselves searching for the dirty girls who are willing to do more extreme [...]

Which camsite do I pick to work for?

Regardless if you want to make web cam work your primary source of income or a mere sideline, it is of the utmost importance to pick the adult web-cam website that suits your personal needs the best, and that is a challenging task. The reason for this is largely due to the fact that this line of business has grown exponentially during the last 10 years. On an everyday basis, new similar business [...]

Quarantine is helping many people to reevaluate stereotypes of what the perfect body really looks like. As people have been staying inside more and the bikini weekend has become something for many to put away in their mind until the time comes for social distancing to end, many are seeking out curvy models with a more formidable stage presence during live cam sex show performances. “At BBW [...]

One of the most frequent questions we hear from new cam girls or women considering a new career with online cams is whether or not they have the “right look” to become a successful cam girl. Fortunately, the days of fans seeking out cookie-cutter character types to fit a specific notion of what is sexy passed a long time ago. Now becoming a top cam model is all about your personality a [...]

Improved Streaming Experience on Streamate Models

Streamate Models has recently restructured our streaming tools so we can better deliver a consistent experience to both models and members. All Streamate streams are now powered by the fastest and smoothest streaming tech available. The SMConnect Streaming Experience Streamate Model's unified streaming experience, SMConnect, represents years of work and research between many different teams to [...]

Interview with Liz from Streamate

Hi Liz, thank you for doing the interview. Let's start with some basics. Where are you from and for which camsite do you work?I live in Seattle, Washington, and have worked for Streamate since day one. How did you get into the adult industry? / How long have you been a part of the industry?Before entering the adult technology industry, I ran a Marketing team at an Architecture firm in Seattle. [...]

The webcam world is unique in that it closely mirrors the trends of society and sexualizes many different otherwise overlooked areas of life for fans. Trends like gamer girls, MILFs and more have gotten a big boost from cam girls portraying those genres of erotica, but now we are seeing the open possibility to do even more than that during the global BLM movement that seems to be sweeping its own [...]

Priscila Magossi On: The right of the image in Adult 

The New Camming Perspective (NCP) tries to look at things that are usually out of sight. An important issue I would like to bring up at this moment is the right of the image of the cam girl and the pornstar. The fact they are not well regarded/ well esteemed by the public even though this is not usually noticed. The dehumanization, when it happens, is clear: if a journalist gets a shot of a [...]

YNOT Announces Virtual “YNOT Summit” July 20-22

AUSTIN – YNOT Events announced today that the YNOT Summit, a 100% virtual conference presented by Chaturbate and targeted exclusively at adult industry professionals, will be a 3-day event running from July 20-22. The event will be free to attend for qualified industry participants and closed to the public. “YNOT Summit is all online and a totally separate event from our model summi [...]

Exciting news from Bucharest Summit

We've got some exciting news, because all of us could use them after the difficult last few months! Bucharest Summit 2020 will happen and take place from the 27th to the 29th of October 2020 at the exclusive Sheraton Hotel, in Bucharest, Romania. Yes, many countries are still in lockdown, and some travel bans are still active in Europe, but we believe humanity will prevail, vaccines and cures wi [...]

A Wecamgirls Exclusive Offer

Dear Wecamgirls Models, We are happy to announce that we have waived our MasterCard registration fee of €12.90 / $14.63 for all models registering from This offer is exclusive to the models registered to This offer will stay in effect for an extended time. How to qualify: * Complete your registration from this link: [url=https://model.xlovecam.c [...]

Saying Hello to New Visitors

Streamate has seen a recent boost in traffic, including a high rate of new visitors signing up. Now is the perfect time to meet new faces and pick up fans! The more your audience grows, the more your earnings can too. We've collected a few basic tips and reminders that work on a variety of cam sites to help you make a good first impression and encourage repeat visitors. Greet New Faces If you [...]

Interview with AinsleeDivine

Hi Ainslee Devine, how old are you and where are you from? I’m 46 and living in Phoenix now, but grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I loved living in Oregon. It’s very beautiful and great food! But the rain was too much. I'm a sun girl! Is webcam modeling your only job or do you do other things beside it? Altho [...]

New Camming Perspective (NCP) announces the Model Representative of the Project: Juliana Villegas

@PriscilaNCP: Founder/Author of the NCP Project @Lana520K: NCP Model Representative In the industry, it is very common to use the concept “Brand Ambassador”, in similar situations to this one: a model is the face of a project or a business. However, such definition, per se, sees the person only as a pretty thing that tells what the company has decided they want to say. [...]

Overcoming Streaming Challenges

Because of COVID-19, we know that many models are struggling to keep up with their usual streaming process. Nearly everyone will be impacted in some way, so we want to offer a few suggestions that may help you stay flexible and work through some of the challenges you may be facing. Take Care Of Your Physical and Mental Health Before anything else, we want you to stay safe! Keep up-to-date on y [...]

Quarantine May Present New Opportunities For Cam2Cam Performers

Most of all, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy during this complex time. as we move forward together we will all share in the cam community responsibility to promote best health practices, and we will also do our best to highlight opportunities that will help performers overcome financial obstacles by providing what fans really want to enjoy most. That all starts with a major shift in vie [...]

Collecting Influencer Feedback for New Subscription Site

Our industry is changing and new sites are popping up everyday to help influencers take advantage of this new landscape. Influencers and content creators are shying away from the old style of sitting in a cam room waiting for sites to send them traffic. Now they are looking for platforms that act as a vehicle for monetizing existing fans and cultivating new ones, without interference and oppress [...]

Create Content and focus on Monetization

Modetize has been focused on content production and monetization for over 15 years. We are content producers with strong technology backgrounds. This all starts with content production and making sure your process is efficient, quality content, and organized in a way so you can maximize your revenues. You must always have a plan in mind, how to take your content an [...]

Improve Any Camming Site (by Telling Us What You Think!)

At Streamate Models, we value our performers' experience and the knowledge that comes with it, and we're always eager to read your honest feedback! Whether it's positive or negative, reading your comments is a vital part of improving our site. That's why today we're sharing our top reasons you should be sending quality feedback to whichever camming site you use. We Want to Build a Site You Love [...]

Vote WeCamgirls for the LCA and win an Amazon Giftcard!

WeCamgirls has been nominated by the LiveCamAwards for the 6th time in a row as Best Live Cam Online Community and we need your Votes. Last year we won and this year we are also going for the win! VOTING WILL BE CLOSED FEBRUARY 29TH - WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED DURING THE LIVE CAM AWARDS SHOW - MARCH 1ST, 2020 We hope that you guys wi [...]

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