I'm a Camgirl

My name is Dahlia Dee. I'm 19 years old, and I have a full time job that would probably shock your grandma. I'm a camgirl. For those of you who don't know, a camgirl is the digital era's prostitute. The escort of the virtual age. Men (and sometimes women) come to me for companionship, consolation, conversation - and most of all, sex. In exchange, I broaden my horizons. I get to interact on a [...]

Nikki's Make-up Tips

Broadcasting vs Pictures/Videos When you're a camgirl, it is very important to make sure that when/if you do your make-up, you do it right. The way you do your make-up on a day-to-day basis doesn't work for camming or photos. For example, do your make-up like you would for a day out shopping in your mirror. Then, take a picture of it with your digital camera, and then a photo with your [...]

In the Spotlight with Christinaxo

In the Spotlight will be a new returning topic on WeCamgirls. Today's guest is Christinaxo. Thank you for your time and enjoy the read How old are you and where are you from? I am 21 years young and I am from the east coast! Is webcam modelling your day job? Not yet! I wish! I am a full time student and have a [...]

Interview with Mark of Cammodeldirectory

1) Who are you and what site(s) do you run? My name is Mark and I operate a number of cam related sites. The one that is probably the most well known and the one that I spend the majority of my time on is I also have a few white labels including and 2) How did you get into the adult industry? How long have you been a part of the i [...]

U.S. Tax Guide for Cam Models

1 Preface What inspired me to write this guide is the sheer amount of bad information I see floating about nearly every time the subject of cam girls and taxes comes up. Deductions seem to be the source of the biggest fallacies, but I've also seen a lot of bad information about losing money doing something or filing for taxes at all in low-income circumstances. Just because somebody did it alr [...]

18 USC 2257 - Record Keeping Requirements For Websites

For anyone who has a website in the United States, the number 2257 should be familiar. If they aren't then by the end of this article- make them something you are well aware of! 18 USC 2257 - Record keeping requirements basically states that anyone who creates a sexually explicit picture of someone 'shall create and maintain individually identifiable records pertaining to every performer portraye [...]

For Camgirls: Make Your Twitter Your #1 Marketing Tool (UPDATED WITH NEW CATEGORIES)

We all create a Twitter when we create our camgirl persona. I did. But I let mine sit dormant aside from posting a picture of myself every couple times I got on MFC for almost a month and a half. I had NO idea that Twitter was a money making marketing tool that only required a couple hours of startup time. I am going to tell you how to turn your Twitter into that tool. First, I'm going to expla [...]

Camgirl Economics

I see a lot of posts from both newer and experienced girls asking things like “How much should I charge?” and “How much is normal money to make?” I also see a lot of us talking about things like weekly goals, how much we make in a week or a night, or what have you. None of this talk has any real meaning because it gives no context. Even when cam models talk about hourly rates they often talk about [...]

Skype for Cam Shows

*I am no expert on the following subject. The following is about my personal experiences only. Using Skype as a platform for cam shows can be a profitable venture and give you independence from working under a cam site. But with that freedom there are certain things you should know. Let's start with some of the technical basics. First you will need to download Skype and read the rules and how it [...]

Making Three Figures As A Camgirl

Introduction My personal experience I had a really rough time when I got kicked out of my house the week after I turned 18. My mother has always been an amazing and strong woman, but many of her views are bigoted and she has completely different logical conclusions than I. She was really the venom of my life. When I was trying to be a positive and happy person, she would destroy it ev [...]

WeCamgirls Interview: minnie

Don’t you ever wonder how the other girls got into the biz? What they like about it and what they don’t like about it? Some funny stories? In this returning topic we’ll interview different camgirls from all over the world. Our todays guest is minnie. [...]

WeCamgirls Interview: Collaredprin

Don’t you ever wonder how the other girls got into the biz? What they like about it and what they don’t like about it? Some funny stories? In this returning topic we’ll interview different camgirls from all over the world. Our todays guest is CollaredPrin. [...]

Some cool css & html stuff for your MFC Profile

I'm gonna show you how to put some cool effects on your MFC profile using css and html codes. To make your link image change when you scroll over it with your cursor: If you look at my MFC profile you'll see that I have a image that links to my amazon wishlist that looks like this, [...]

MFC Profile Check List

This is a check list I put together for new models on MFC when adding information to their profile. If you can think of anything else that would be good to put on the list, please add it in the comments section. Thanks. Links Two of the most important links you need to include in your MFC profile are to your twitter account and to leave an offline tip. Twitter is awesome a [...]

Twitter, a great way to promote yourself

Twitter is a great way to keep in contact with your customers. You can show them when you’re on or share your latest thoughts and pictures. But… if you don’t have any followers what is it all good for? This guide will give you some advice on how to start. Setting up a Twitter account To create a Twitter account all you need is a username an email address and a password. When you creat [...]

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