Interview with xMystiquex

Hi xMystiquex, how old are you and where are you from? Hi Rutger, don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age haha! I'm from North East UK Most people here know you as moderator on WeCamgirls. Can you tell us a bit about the life of a moderator? It's not an easy task being a moderator, checking posts, verifying (or not) [...]

Interview with Minnie

Hi Minnie, how old are you and where are you from? I am currently 32 years old from Canada Is webcam modelling your only job or do you do other things beside it? Being a webcam Model is my primary source of income. I also make money with my membershi [...]

Interview with SophieMuse

Hi SophieMuse, how old are you and where are you from? I am 24 years old and I currently reside in Eastern Europe. I usually just tell people I am worldwide when they ask where I am from. How long have you been a model and how did you come in contact with the cambusiness? I am model since January 2014... that would be a whi [...]

Interview with Aubrey Nova

Aubrey Nova, congrats on your YNOT award for Best Emerging Live Cam Model! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How old are you and where are you from? Hey. It was so unexpected for me. I really really wanted to and I put my heart and soul into doing anything I can so that I could win. I am from Romania and Iím 22. https://ww [...]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Webcam Models Make (And How To Avoid Them)

Time and time again, cam models make the same mistakes. Then they're constantly asking 'Why is my traffic not tipping? Why don't have I have viewers? Should I be doing a show for are the freeloaders?' and on and on the question list goes.Let's get straight to it. If you find yourself questioning your cam shows, then read below for some insightful tips on how to fix your mistakes. #1 You're NOT [...]

What is the UKAP Awards?

The UKAP Awards is a UK based, producer led event that has been responsible for many performers and producers winning their first award since it's inception in 2005. Following on from the UKAP awards, many winners have had international recognition and opened up greater opportunities both UK and abroad. The aim of the UKAP [...]

Coming up: Bucharest Cams

Bucharest Cams, the most transparent and equidistant event in the streaming business After its previous success, the second edition of Bucharest CAMS itís announcing to be even greater. Starting on the 14th of May 2017, the event will take place in Bucharest, capital of Romania, in the in the exquisite and comfortable environment offered by JW Marriott Grand Hotel. Powered by Infinity [...]

Being creative: A healthy mind in a healthy body

Online entertainer. Online artist. Thatís the job description. The need to entertain, to be entertaining and be creative. We believe that people have an unlimited amount of fantasies that are all put somewhere and they just need to tap into them from time to time. But in the cam business a model needs to be creative all the time and itís easy to just say ďCome up with something newĒ w [...]

Interview with Rebecca000

Rebecca000, how old are you and where are you from? I'm 25 and I'm from a country that everyone thinks is in Africa, Romania. LOL Do you tell your friends/family you are a cam model? Yes, I have. Everyone that matters in my life knows. I don't find it necessary to tell anyone else. How long have you been a model and how did you come in contact with the cambusiness? I've just turned 7 year [...]

SnapCentro and Pornhub Partner To Bring Performers Free Tube Traffic

If you havenít heard about SnapCentro yet, maybe this news is a proper introduction. The SnapCentro platform provides models and performers a very powerful platform to monetize over 160 million potential new fans on SnapChat. Now, through an exclusive partnership with, models are getting access to an additional 64 million users per day on These revenue streams have not [...]

Interview with Sasha Red

How old are you and where are you from? Iím SashaRed 26 years old and Iím from Romania. Do you tell your friends/family you are a cam model? At first I didnít. I wasnít sure how theyíd react. But after a few months I told them and they have been supporting me since. How long have you been a model and how did you come in contact with the cambusiness? Iíve been a model for about 4 years now [...]

Interview with Devious Angel

Hi Devious Angel, how old are you and where are you from? Iím 25 and Iím from the country with the most beautiful women, Romania. Do you tell your friends/family you are a cam model? I have told them all about what I do. I think that being honest How did you come in contact with the cambusiness? A friend of mine was working and she told me about this ...I rejected first but after t [...]

Ask Me Anything: LexieFord

LexieFord is a 28 year old model from Romania who has a great personal website at She was nominated for a Live Cam Award and you can ask her anything! [...]

My nightmare

My nightmare started in May 2016, without going too much into details it was a party, a spiked drink and a guy, the rest you can imagine because honestly I don't remember much. 2 days after that a visit to the OB/GYN with an infection, tests, all negative, meds for infection for one week and that was it. Like that never happened, or that is what I thought at that moment. I became a loner after [...]

Ask Me Anything: Rutger

Ask Me Anything (AMA) is a new category of articles on WeCamgirls. You can ask anything you want as long as the AMA is open. You can ask questions on our forum or on the bottom of this page. First off is Rutger, co-founder of WeCamgirls. [...]

Live Cam Awards 2017

We're extremely proud to be nominated again(!) for Best Live Cam Online Community at the 2017 Live Cam Awards. Last year we won and this year we want to go for the repeat (nerd) To make sure everyone on WeCamgirls votes, we have a great incentive. E-mail a screenshot of your [...]

Interview: LittleRedBunny

I'm happy to introduce to you LittleRedBunny. She is one of the most famous, influential and exciting models of this era and has won several awards in all kinds of different categories. This year she is nominated for an AVN award (you can vote here until the 20th of January) and the Pre nominated for the [url=http://nominations.livecam [...]

Roolons custom porn, challenges and adult kickstarter

Looks like adult business is into a new loop. This time it comes to virtual reality and custom porn. Both of those are fully supported by new market player - On you can sell your virtual reality or regular videos by your own set prices. You can keep 90% of the reven [...]

DivaTraffic is making traffic easy for models

DivaTraffic is launching a brand new service for models and studios to get more people directly into their cam rooms with the click of a button. Buying traffic can be a complicated process for models and studios, and is most often done by professional media buyers or Cam platforms. Now DivaTraffic simplifies the procedure by providing tools that are very easy to use, and that empower models to ta [...]

Market your website from the beginning

Excellent marketing is key for any website to gain success. When your website promotion is being entirely discarded, it will not attract any visitors whatsoever, and without any visitors your website loses any sense of purpose. Site promotion has to be dealt with in an appropriate way in order to be able to successfully monetize it. This kind of promotion means that you need to maintain a regular [...]

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