Make More Cash, Stream On Two Markets!

Becoming a cam model or, if you’re already at it, just getting some real attention from users - can be overwhelming, especially in the US. It’s a mass market and there are tons of sites out there. A closer look at the giant roster of pages, focused on live cam entertainment, will make one thing clear though: There’s not only a crap load of sites, making it hard to select a specific provider, but even more so - there’s lotsa competition too.

With so many models (already, plus the flood of new ones daily!), too many sites and plenty business models - you’ll most likely drown in options or worst case, never really get your feet up off the ground once you’ve started.

Can you afford that?

Besides the money issue, seriously, who the hell wants to start streaming and find little to no viewers?! There might be sites that drive plenty users through your stream no prob, but eventually they’re just looking to make it a quick one and are gone right away. And who could blame them, there are just too many other sites and models to put their interest solely on you, right? They’ll most likely won’t spend too much of their money only with one specific model and this could become your day to day. Then, after 3-12 months, if the financial pressure is not becoming too big earlier on, you’ll have to cancel living your dream.

HOWEVER, there’s an easy alternative that has huge potential to provide straight cash fast and positively makes entering this giant market way easier: Europe is literally a pot of gold, especially German-speaking regions such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They’re a great starting point too, as many Germans are able to have conversations in English just fine - especially basic things when they’re horny Smiley ;)

Here are the top reasons why starting a cam model career in German speaking countries can ultimately lead to cash fast - based on feedback from cam models of all levels (influencer status with hundreds of thousands of fans in social media or niche models):

- German users have insane value
- Fans tend to spend way more than average American users
- They’re accustomed to pay high minute prices for premium streams
- Still (!!!) average cam sessions with German users are longer than in the US
- As you can see, German fans are highly dedicated to their favorite models
- Accordingly, they spend high amounts of money on their favorites
- Messages are paying off big too and you don’t have to be in front of your computer to send them
- Nudity is not a hard requirement (many cam models don’t get naked and still make insane amounts of cash)
- German regions are more compact. Less competition, still tons of potential fans
- Free stream sites are not well-known or much desired in German regions

Try it yourself - sign up now with THE sexiest network for erotica: Amateurcommunity (with chat, live cams, videos and photos), where over 9 million registered users await you - right here and right NOW.


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Comments (13)

  • stnLouis


    Interesting market it seems.

    Do you know if there is a fixed price per minute or can models put their price and then have 30% ?


    March 20, 2018 - 13:53
  • SugarBrunett

    Hi , there is no german website that can pay more than 25% -30% , and most of them still do chargebacks even after few months , wich is quite sad...Smiley (N).. german memebers are very national , they pretend that models use german in specially , they are not that comfortable with english ... , they feel better if you use german for i am a model that works on german webistes for more than 5 yearsSmiley :)... and this is my conclusion about them..good luck for everyone!Smiley (A)Smiley (flower)

    March 20, 2018 - 23:52
  • EstherH

    I agree with Sugar. Quite remarkable that on skype, of all nationalities, Germans are the cheapest and rudest. their spending is near 0. we mustn't forget that a large part of 'germans' are from Turkey; every skilled model bans Turkey asap

    March 21, 2018 - 14:46
  • LilaLeigh

    Does anyone have enough experience with this site to know how safe it is privacy wise? Seems interesting, though a couple of comments gave me pause. Smiley :8

    March 22, 2018 - 3:21
  • ACManuela

    Hi Guys Smiley :)

    I´m Manuela from the AmateurCommunity-team.

    Many thanks for your comments.

    Here the answers to your questions Smiley ;)

    Yes, you can set up the Livecam price per minutes by yourself. Yes, you will get 30%.

    And the best: we pay the provision without chargeback, lifetime. 

    Your private data are safe. We need the data only for internal use plus once your amateur functions are confirmed. You will be able to change the public zip code and country shown in your profile.

    Best Regards, Manuela Smiley (H)

    March 22, 2018 - 19:22
  • Hazel

    I agree with this totally, Germans are my best clients, they are the ones who tip the most send me gifts and all. Especially compared to Dutch clients, German dudes fucking rules

    March 27, 2018 - 13:15
  • adelineriv

    This is a really good article, very interesting, not everybody talks about this and for the models that just started is a good way to know about this business! Smiley ;) Thanks for the info Rutger!

    March 29, 2018 - 0:10
  • Cellina

    How would one be able to sign up to cam for Germans?

    March 29, 2018 - 7:28
  • Mariamilf

    I was totally intrigued by this article. It was well written and so easy to understand. I popped off to have a look at the site and it looks good, Thankyou for sharing this xx

    March 29, 2018 - 19:57
  • matt_marco

    There's no place for gay cmming on that site... Smiley :(

    March 31, 2018 - 12:10
  • SugarBrunett

    Hello Rutger , hello models.

    Rregarding your reccomandations about the german websites , I wuld like to share my expetince here about them.I webcamming for german webistes for more than 5 years ( LiveStrip ,Visitx , AmateurComunnity , MydirtyHObby, px24 777)..Down i will tell you about my exprinece with LiveStrip.Beside that nowadays most of platforms made the subscribe on platform as simple as possible , LiveStrp let you camming on the platform only after you send via post the contract , bank account , billing , id card and some extra papers.
    The platform as many others let you choose betwen 2 prices only , they got pvt chats and separee , wich its like a sort of vip , with more privacy...Since i was online there i choose wathever i wanted to perform , and i choose my price also , wich i think it was very normal , until today.

    The strange part it was to be online for hours and 0 memebers into my chatroom. The first step that i made it was to cheek myslef on platform to see where i am (i know it sounds crazy ) but i was not finding myslef online...I cheekd once again teh streamer , everything was oki , from my side it looks like i was online , but offline on platform...The admin told me to be more pattient, to upload more pictures and more videos and will be oki...After , i send again teh print screen on suport to porrve that i don t find myslef online , and also a print screen with me streeming on the same time . Down you have the e-mail that o recived it back.


    thank you for your message.

    Please note, that we blocked you for german-speaking-users, because you make show only in separee.

    I will set you online for the users, but we will check your account these days.

    Please be sure to make a good show for our users.

    If you have further questions just reply to this e-mail or call us at 0049 7131 203 74 - 10.

    Best regards

    I meantion that they let me be onlieSmiley :))) but they bloked meeSmiley :) without even inform me that , because i choose to make shows in separee Smiley :))) This is carzy , and unbeliveble that something like this can be possible , let a mdoel to strem but bloke her for entire type of memebers , and beside that , even don t bother to inform that i am not alowed to do shows only in separee...

    Anyway , good luck all with german platforms , and i hope will work much better for you!
    Smiley (A)

    April 1, 2018 - 1:33
  • SugarBrunett

    Sorry , i forget to mention that on LiveStrip , you recive 0.11/ minute , so less than 20% , it s only 10% , from what a member pay on the platform.

    April 1, 2018 - 2:20
  • thomas144

    Interesting I will Investigate more about this Smiley (Y)

    May 6, 2018 - 2:13

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