I'm writing this not as the most successful cam model in the business, but as a cam model who has seen way too many models fail. I'm also referring to female models, males have different challenges plus a different clientele. 

Why did I start?

I have been a cam model for about ten years. My situation was that I had a full time career type job, but I needed additional funds for a boob enhancement. I was a very athletic B cup but wanted more, for my own self esteem. Initially I spent way too much time researching the various cam sites, trying not to get taken by the outrageous claims of income.  Eventually I settled on LJ and MFC.

Both token sites, I did make money from my beginning but I was only able to cam for about two hrs ea nite. I realized that I probably would age out before I realized my goal........ I was looking at like 9,000$ plus! 

I soon jumped into porn, was able to find a reputable agent, made a few trips to LA......and accomplished my goal, while camming as well. Doing porn shoots was an awesome learning experience, about me, the adult biz, and insights into our potential clients. TBH more than I wanted to know.  Long story short, I accomplished my goal......

I strongly believe that a woman has to be comfortable with her own sexuality to succeed in the adult biz.  If a woman is a total exibitionist, she will certainly attract guys, but no, or v little money. If guys get it for free......why pay?

Which sites will work?

Choosing the best site is also a challenge, as there is no best site, and the sites are always evolving.......so it's important to check the sites, and try to figure out where you might best fit.  I personally decided early  on that tip sites were not for me!  I have made money on them, but I seemed to attract all the broke out of work beggars. Guys who actually thought that tokens were worth way more than they were. I also got scammed by one site, as my personal information was compromised by a dishonest employee. 

Sites that offer 70% or even 90% payments look good, but if there is little or no traffic, they don't make it for me. Even 100% of zero is still 0!

Sites like this can be used as backup sites, new sites do take time to develop traffic and of course, some just never do.

How to succeed

So......how to succeed? Read the terms of service very carefully, and try to follow them. Every violation isn't acted on but models can face suspension or expulsion, with v little recourse!

It should be obvious that a woman who truly enjoys sex, and it shows will do well, overall. Might be good to never do on-cam what you haven't tried privately. I have amassed a substantial toy collection as I initially did toy reviews in return for free products. Realize some toys just don't work for all of us. If they don't do it for you, privately, don't offer them on cam. 

I offer a selection every night, toys that I might feel like using......

If it's dead on cam, I check my room via my cell phone to see if I'm broadcasting. 

Yes, I do get the occasional request to fuck myself with a beer bottle, or a stripper heel...... I ignore and ban, if persistent.

So it helps to make your time on cam count. I'm now back on cam in about 45sec, I used to take long breaks between, get something to drink, pee,get dressed,etc. I now finish getting dressed with my back to the cam.....hopefully the guys are still there, sometimes a guy will say, don't bother, I'm ready!  

I no longer cam with elaborate lingerie....too much trouble and time to get on, ..bikini, ...g string, bikini panties, bra and top, sometimes no bra, under my top.

I also discovered a use for some of my old B cup bras, they can look so alluring. 


Then the basics of communication with the potential clients. On cam I'm entirely different than in my real life. I never have asked a guy for sex but with camming I do! I tell them that I know they are aroused, and want me.......so let's go! Most times it works! 

Being on at reg times is very important......I have like reg Thursday nite dates. Realize of course, that if ur not there, no loyalty, they will find someone else. 

I can only cam late eve, plus some weekends early am. But if I have an opportunity, I try late afternoon eastern US time, and have been successful with Euro guys....I'm not really decent with language other than English, but sex is a universal language, and most Euro guys do speak some English.

Take your time

Patience is important in this biz. Also important to take care of yourself, don't scrimp on lube......protect your assets. Hopefully you have a private sex life, either alone or with a partner.....sure can help!

And again, don't give anything up in free.......not only is it a loser for you, but for the rest of us as well!

Most cam models are very helpful to each other.......reach out, if need be......good luck



Always aroused.....


laurielegs OG
November 19, 2021 - 2:40

age out? No such thing in the cam world.

Blkrose666 Virgin
November 19, 2021 - 3:06

Haha that was my first thought! No aging out,you just move into a different niche lol.

Nikkiflix Graduate
November 19, 2021 - 3:16

Awesome article! Thanks!

camladylove Superstar
November 19, 2021 - 6:38

Great article Shana. 🥇 Glad to hear your perspective.

Jpeach25 Experienced
November 19, 2021 - 16:55

Awesome article, thanks for sharing your experience!

Nelli303 Graduate
November 19, 2021 - 20:21

Lmao I'm a cam girl failure. This article speaks to me.

MVG Superstar
November 20, 2021 - 2:58

Great article! No age out though 55 here and loving every minute of it!

EvaHeaven King
November 24, 2021 - 11:42

"No aging out,you just move into a different niche " I met a few cam girls who was worried about getting old and no income There is hope,I want to cam even at +60 if I live that long lol

queenofberlin Wizard
November 26, 2021 - 16:09

Shana, you are the perfect leader for Whores Party. Lets get into politics. All men will vote for us, that means 50%. Add to that trannies, gays,etc. You cannot lose. Angry housewives won't matter for the first time. The vote is secred and our mission sacred: liberation! Shana, you have got my tool to save the world democratically.. take it! I vote for you! You;ve got balls and tallent! Smiley :D

ShanaStorm Jedi
November 26, 2021 - 18:06

Ah ur just too much! 😊 Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I just keep trying. I'm still trying to liberate myself.......not easy. The adult biz can be kinda tough, and unforgiving but I keep moving.......🤞

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