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Time and time again, cam models make the same mistakes. Then they're constantly asking 'Why is my traffic not tipping? Why don't have I have viewers? Should I be doing a show for are the freeloaders?' and on and on the question list goes.

Let's get straight to it. If you find yourself questioning your cam shows, then read below for some insightful tips on how to fix your mistakes.

#1 You're NOT being a good host

Obviously, viewers come to camsites chat and watch you. Depending on the cam site you are on, you could be a 'Newbie' for 10 hours or on 'page 5' somewhere swimming among many other cam models. If you're a new cam model on Stripchat, you're in top row placement for a couple weeks, so traffic will be checking out your room. No matter what cam site you're on, viewers are not tipping as quick as you'd like and YOU GET FRUSTRATED. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us.

Has anyone just handed you free cash on the street? Probably not. The same applies in your room. It's NOT about giving all your goodies away to all non-tippers, BUT you need to entice them. Models, use your charm, sass, talkativeness, etc. to attract them.

Here's a small yet overlooked trick: Acknowledge arriving viewers by saying 'Hey John45xxx, thanks for dropping in!' Cam models that actually TALK make an average of $500 in a couple hours - it's insane! By talking to your viewers, you're paying attention and it shows you care about your traffic. See? You didn't have to perform anything besides a greeting!

IMPORTANT: If you're split camming, STILL TALK to ALL your users. So, if you're broadcasting on Chaturbate and Stripchat at the same time, say the user's name - no one will get offended. It'll work in your favor as you giving everyone attention.

#2 You forget the MOST important info

Where's your tip menu? Your bio? Your show hours? Your likes or dislikes? Your room rules? If you don't have these in your About You section, you're making a huge mistake.

By including all the important content, you'll save yourself the time of sounding like a broken record for answering 'How much bby? Show tits,' and so forth. When users know when you'll be online, they find you reliable. You're their virtual girlfriend and their outlet for leaving all their troubles behind. Viewers obviously know that they have to pay up at some point!

It's your finesse and charisma that'll them to do it. BIG TIP HERE: If a viewer tips you tokens for the first time, he's going to end up your die-hard follower and big tipper as long as you keep your game up.

If a freeloader continues to be harassing or rude, just ban him! No point in getting upset or angry. Pretty simple and sweet. You're the boss models, be your money-making experience.

#3 You're being naive - Stop doing SH*T Wrong

This is by far one of the BIGGEST mistakes in cam modelling. Let's break it down. You're underpricing ALL your shows and you're giving away too much free stuff. (There's one other huge mishap, but we'll get to that shortly)

It's a good thing to study other models and to check out their tip menus. You'll see a trend in tip pricing, which is a good indicator that users are tipping for those kinds of acts. Another hack is to see how many followers or favorites they got too. So a good tip menu with high followers, means that model is banking some good bucks with those prices (users are willing to pay).

Don't sell yourself short. You're just as good as the next girl. So, don't do a Private, Cam, or Peep show for the default price on a cam site. You can make $4.5 every minute in a Private or Cam show, if you want.

Also, make sure to watch other models on that cam site you just joined. Dedicate a couple hours to understand what other top earning models are doing. These models make more than $5K a week and only broadcast a few hours a week. It's about being smart, not about working yourself to death.

Now the big mishap: If you want to really explode your followings, INCLUDE your social media accounts. For instance, Stripchat's social media team works hand-in-hand with models to boost their accounts. As you broadcast, viewers want to connect with you! Keep your model accounts on social media similar or the same as your model usernames. So if you're a 'MissJParker' on Stripchat, be @MissJParker on your other social accounts too. Make it easy for your fans to find and follow you around - even when you're not broadcasting.

Surely, there are more mistakes out there that webcam models make, but these were just the top three important ones that strike a chord. If you have more to add, comment below and help models avoid falling in the pitfalls of common (and sometimes unknown) mistakes.




Krystal69 Amateur
August 22, 2017 - 18:00

Thanks so much! really helpful Smiley :)

TinaD Professional
August 22, 2017 - 18:17

Glad you found it helpful babe! :-) Rock on!

TerraStorm Novice
August 22, 2017 - 22:25

Bleh...Need to get to that 5k a week mark lol.... Need more tips!!!!

LaceyLovex3 Rookie
August 23, 2017 - 17:35

I feel like finding the balance between being enticing and not giving away basically a free show is very difficult especially when it's slow in your room bc you want to do sexy things to get people to come in and stay, but you also want to give them something to tip for

GoddessLucy Ninja
August 24, 2017 - 20:43

Ban anyone who bothers you, not just freeloaders. I just had to tell a really significant source of my income to never talk to me again. His money was great but it doesn't mean he gets to disrespect my boundaries. I'm not worried, there will always be others.

RebelliaRose Wizard
August 24, 2017 - 23:21

@GoddessLucy Preach girl! Been there and damn it hurt my wallet like 10s of stacks, but nobody gets to pay for the privilege of disrespect. On a side note, I have one to add. If youre not in a good mood, DO NOT CAM. If youre distressed, distraught, or sad, then your viewers will know. And your show will suffer. You may think you can smile your way through it, but pay attention to other models. You can see right through the facade with them too. And lets face it. Nobody is here to pay to be our therapist or shoulder to cry on. We know why theyre here and it is not a sad occurrence Smiley ;) Other than that, keep your head up and always wear that invisible (or maybe not invisible lol) crown, because confidence is sexy. ~Rebellia Rose xoXXXox 💋❤️🌹

AlisonSparks Expert
August 25, 2017 - 0:17

I just realized that I might be selling myself short... Gotta change that asap. Thanks for great post! Smiley :)

ItalianGfnd Demigod
August 25, 2017 - 11:58

Hey thanks for the tips! however I find that the guys that do longer shows dont need any convincing...they enter your chat and take you straight into private or group. The ones that need convincing and ask a million questions in free chat are the cheap fucks. Im not saying you should ignore them but do not waste too much time giving them too much attention, If they ask you about your show then by any means answer, if they ask you questons that are irrelevant to the show, it usually tells they are timewasters. Especially if they give you lots of compliments, they probably are broke... also the ones that say "hiiiiiii" or heyyyyy, they never buy in my experience. As for sounding like a broken record i find that you cant avoid it as they ask the same questions over and over again and most guys wont bother reading your bio/room rules ( depending on site of course).

SandraSayer Rookie
August 28, 2017 - 14:15

Hi, great article. I have a few comments. Firstly, using interactive sex toys is a great way to entice viewers to interact, but keep it real - no screaming for small vibes. Once your regular fans know you're using this type of toy, they'll enjoy seeing you being genuinely pleasured. So invest in one if you've not done so already. Also, sometimes, especially when sites have technical issues, it's hard to stay smiling. I've had MORE than my fair share of #smglitch of late and that combined with low traffic, means you can't expect to generate that 5k income in a few two hour shifts, sadly. Sites change, external influences change, if you want to survive in an ever-changing world, so must you. Additionally, I agree with the notion that your mood and energy levels dictate your success, to a point. Strangely too, I've noticed that when I've been meditating or doing psychic readings, I am like ghost on cam, nobody sees me. It's something I've experienced time and time again. So if you've been altering your mind, doing yoga or such like, trying grounding yourself and igniting your sexual energies before camming, otherwise you'll just appear sleepy. Like yawning, sexual energy is contagious and your visitors will 'feel' your sensual excitement, if you are exhibiting it. Kisses, Sandra. xxx

MsSerenity Rookie
October 4, 2017 - 17:43

My user name on xxxpanded isn't the same as the name I used around the web - d'oh! why I did that I don't know...

LisaSmiles Learner
October 6, 2017 - 12:56

Great advice. Just starting out so I am experimenting with different looks and personas. Not sure if I should be a strict domme or a fluffy sex toy! Different guys want different things. I am a mature TV so strict domme is probably easier but I think in my heart I want to be a rich man's plaything. I was looking at a few free shows by girls on AW to see what they were doing and was a bit shocked when I got kicked out after about 30 seconds by one girl. But looking back she did the right thing. I must kick more people and concentrate on the potential payers. (even the nice ones can be a nuisance) And there seem to more TV's on cam this month in AdultWork so more competition. I have regular full time work and do a bit of escorting so some nights I really feel too tired to cam. It is difficult to maintain a schedule. Any advice is welcome! Lisa xx

Ivey Novice
July 12, 2018 - 15:09

very insightful extremely informative, thanks Doll!Smiley (H)

LaviniaJolie Amateur
May 3, 2020 - 3:34

Yeah this is bullshit...

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