TxT Send Connect With Fans and Earn Money

TxT Send is a messaging app for both aspiring and established cam models. This app is designed to increase interactions and provide a way to connect with your fans and earn money.

If you wish to extend your online availability through your Smartphone, TxT Send is the right place to do so. We support TXT, Voice and Video calling. Our system is 100% secure and offers complete anonymous contact with your members.
You don’t have time to go online and broadcast live?

No problem at all. Go shop for shoes and take your fans with you, take snapshots, keep them interested in what you are doing. Exchange your experiences and become more involved with your fans... Being successful on TxT Send does not mean that you have to do cam shows all day long. It’s all about being available for your fans even if you are not broadcasting live.

Maybe you are a bit bored while getting your nails done; use our app and you can get in touch with your fans without even turning on the cam. Simply use your phone wherever you are and let them know you are in for some small talk! It is all about keeping them engaged and earn some money.

We give you the freedom to earn money worldwide, from every location possible, as long you have a phone and internet connection.

How it works:

Step 1: Model advertises her page by posting TXT Send page link in her social media account.
Step 2: Customer visits the page and clicks "TXT Me" button to send a text message to the model.
Step 3: Customer selects a text message package & enters credit card details to be able to send a text message to model.
Step 4: Model replies to the message using our safe and secure app, and begins a personal conversation with the customer without sending any private information.
Step 5: Model then receives a safe and secure message from the client with the TXT Send app. Your personal info/phone is never given to the client.
Step 6: Model replies to the message and begins their personal conversation with the customer through texting

Want to get started with TXT Send? And become one of our Models / Studios and/or Co Brand partners, go to our website and fill out the contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope to see you soon at TXTSend.com.


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