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“NCP is not trying to replace any method of camming or to convince anyone of doing anything. The idea is only to present a profitable alternative for those who do not fit into the traditional stereotypical cam girl’s image. There is sunlight and moonlight, we cannot compare the brightness of the two because they are completely different.”

  • Priscila Magossi

(NCP, Author/CEO)



August, 27th, 2020

Priscila Magossi is a Brazilian journalist (Mackenzie-SP), Master and Ph.D. in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP), and a scientific researcher (ABCIBER/CENCIB-SP). Magossi’s intellectual production lies in the field of Communication and extends into media theories and virtual culture, with an emphasis on the dynamics of social bonds in post-modern society. Regarding her main activities in the camming industry, Magossi is the author/CEO of the New Camming Perspective (NCP)

: (1) a formal study about camming that also looks into the porn industry, the mainstream media, and social behavior in order to draw conclusions, (2) a struggle for human rights in Adult Entertainment Industry and (3) a training program for premium models focused on “Building Connections” through the “Social Aspect of Camming” — rather than the sexual approach/free teasing.

Alex Lecomte is an adult veteran and multi-award winner. He is an International Advertising and Public Relations expert with a great passion for neuromarketing and NLP. Alex works for 7 Veils, the social media marketing agency specialized in Adult businesses.


ALEX LECOMTE - Do you feel a certain animosity against you in this industry?

 PRISCILA MAGOSSI - I do not think this hostility is personally against me, but against human rights, as a whole. The reason for that, as I see it, is the naturalization of dehumanization. In short, the fact that inhumane practices are commonplace. Unfortunately, it is perfectly acceptable in the adult industry to objectify bodies and announce others as something (boobs, legs, little pets, and so on), rather than someone who is offering a service that could be connected to nudity.

Dehumanizing means removing all the subjective aspects of a person, such as their emotions, their personality, their identity, and reducing them to their role alone, as an inanimate object. That is very usual in this business. That is why even if violent and abusive projects, such as the vibe toys or penetrating machines are never questioned; on the contrary, they are approved at prompt because the only thing that matters is the money. If people paid more attention to human rights, it would be possible to notice this kind of thing immediately.

How can any business demand that someone’s work tool is a penetrating machine, as a demand to be on the first page? This is only accepted in a world where human rights do not matter. It is completely harmful to a woman’s physical and mental health. Therefore, the aggressivity is not against me, but against any attempt of mine to make people notice this.

ALEX LECOMTE - Why do you prefer to shout out your opinions, rather than addressing the people involved directly?

PRISCILA MAGOSSI - Over the last 10 years, I have been in the Camming Industry trying different strategies and approaches to work in this market. I can assure you that whenever someone was exposed by me, there had been great effort to reach out to them before, without any success. It is not my intent to offend or to harm anybody in this Industry, neither to scare away people from out of the business, rather to prevent the practices of abuse and oppression to go on. What’s more, over this time I have complimented more than criticized, but unfortunately, negativity is easier to remember.

ALEX LECOMTE - What annoys you the most nowadays in this Industry?

PRISCILA MAGOSSI -It is hard to point out what annoys me the most when the whole capitalist society was built upon exploitation ― in a certain way ― consented by the working class. Capital is anything that can be commercially used to make more value. Money is the universal equivalent of value. This can include anything: power, knowledge, culture, especially the body itself. It is not an isolated problem of this industry, but it is easier to notice here because:

  • The surplus value, the share of money taken by the owner of the means of production ― cam site ― which is above what should be considered fair; it is explicit, they are not even trying to hide it.
  • Women in the Adult Entertainment Industry are much more vulnerable. They live double lives, work undressed, using fake names. All of this makes it easier for them to be abused.
  • No one quotes anyone in the camming business, which means that plagiarism is openly consented.
  • Few companies are in control of everything and the decisions are concentrated in a handful of people. It is quite difficult to react.

If people do not get the credit for what they have done and if it is allowed to copy anything from anyone, how can people grow in their careers? Now, I ask you: how can we drink champagne in a jacuzzi when we are aware of all of this?

ALEX LECOMTE -These improvements which you stand for, do you think they suit the business, a business strategy, or do you think that businesses just want to profit and will not stop at ethical concerns?

PRISCILA MAGOSSI - In order to develop the NCP, I took different roles in the market, and worried about understanding the modus operandi as a whole to build a business strategy that could be ethical and, at the same time, viable for companies.

  1. Quality of Life & Loyalty: One of the main ideas is that a person’s productivity is connected to their quality of life. And that, quality of life makes employees and customers more loyal. This loyalty, in turn, leads to more money for everyone. It is impossible to think about loyalty in the long run without the quality of life.
  1. Partnerships & Mutual Values: Another important aspect for NCP is the partnership based on common beliefs. It is not possible to know what side a person is on just because of a sponsorship deal. Common values help to deal with critical moments because the base is solid. On the other hand, empty partnerships can fail at the smallest challenge because the union could only happen because of the sponsorship deal and in a crisis this is the first expense to be cut down with no warning. Thus, it is common to see companies disappearing from the market even after a huge investment to join it.

ALEX LECOMTE - How do you feel when people question your academic background?

PRISCILA MAGOSSI - Some cultural issues could be behind this matter and social science can help us understand automatic social behaviors:

  1. First of all, I am judged because of my gender. It is highly unlikely that a man would be asked for any evidence of his academic degree certificate.
  2. Secondly, they doubt my academic degree because of my work in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Sexism is like that.  People expect women to show off their body and not to study.
  3. In third place, common sense has it that those who have ideas do not act on the world. A couple of years ago, I heard from a man in this business that I “had nothing, but many ideas”. He said that as if thinking were a bad thing. For these folks, academics are on one side, and business people are on the other. The interesting part of it is that he said I had nothing, but nothing is what he has today. What I have today because of my ideas is my own business.
  4. Lastly, some people only believe in hard sciences and not in social sciences. I have also heard so many times that all I had was my “opinion” and not real science.

ALEX LECOMTE -Do you think these tensions might end or do you think it is unlikely to see a better and easier future?

PRISCILA MAGOSSI - I think that people get shocked because of my radical speech because all of this is very new to them. As I pointed out earlier, it is normal to naturalize dehumanization in this Industry. How many times I heard, “but these women do that because they want to be humiliated”, “it is their choice to be seen as a pet, not as a human being”. I am the stranger here.

In chronological terms, this is quite a young business, only going back 20 years. NCP is the first social movement described and led by someone from inside the business that wants to talk about this. I can understand the surprise, no one has done this.

Meanwhile, let’s point out that this step had to come from someone who knows how deals work here, but, at the same time, who is independent financially and has nothing to lose or to hide. Obviously, all the others cannot take up this role even when they agree with what I say because of the fear of losing their traffic and their jobs, their nominations for the award shows, and everybody has to make a living somehow. I have considerable privilege of being able to speak and express how I feel and be who I am. That is something to be thankful for.

As time goes by, I believe that things can get better, for sure. During this year of 2020, I have concentrated all my effort in the Brazilian market ― considering the pandemic that doesn’t allow anyone to travel around the world ― and NCP has developed a lot. In only a few months focused here local sites have stopped carrying out some of the oppressive traditional practices, such as marathons that models had to be online for 72 hours without any break allowed.

ALEX LECOMTE - Do you have any message for your haters?

PRISCILA MAGOSSI - I believe everything is more complex than meets the eyes, even when we are talking about haters. In my specific situation, I think I have 2 different kinds of “haters” and the message is different for each of them.

  1. The “haters” of the NCP Training Program: The first, is the group of people who do not agree with the training program structure, which separates camming from porn, in their practices and methods.

In our program, we define porn as instant sexual action, and camming as building connections between people. Women who are okay with instant sexual action have ― in general ― a very different psychological profile from those who do not feel comfortable doing it. These women are able to handle porn traffic well. Besides, they don’t get offended with traditional ads in the media that consider them sex workers, ready to do anything, at any moment. Nothing wrong with this but the NCP is not being developed to reach this audience.

However, it is meant for the very specific models who didn’t have any place under the spotlight, despite making a lot of money in the business “Building Connections” with their regular member base. That’s what we have called in our program the “Social Aspect of Camming” business strategy. For them, a different kind of publicity is needed since they are more low profile and not interested in being seen as “sex workers”, considering their main work tools is not only the body, but other traits, such as verbal skills, empathy, culture, and intelligence. What’s more, the source of their traffic can not be the same, as these women are sensitive, and they do feel harmed when a man comes to their room saying “do this, do that”. For this type of model, their work is more productive when they are dealing with lonely people who are looking for some companionship. So, the “Social Traffic and/or the “Dating Traffic” are the more adequate customer base for them.

Therefore, in short, NCP is not trying to replace any method of camming or to convince anyone of doing anything, the idea is only to present a profitable alternative for those who do not fit into the stereotypical cam girl’s image. So, my reply to this group of “haters” could be something like: there is sunlight and moonlight, we cannot compare the brightness of the two because they are completely different.

  1. The “Oppressors”: Now, there is another group of haters:

(1) those who naturalize the objectification and the dehumanization of the others either because they are making profit over them, and/or

(2) because they are afraid of their oppressors, and/or

(3) yet because they refuse to spend any time reflecting about the world that surrounds them, preferring to follow the flow because it is much easier. 

So, to these people, who like to:

(1) abuse others,

(2) sip on champagne while the models beg for the monster vibe to make a living on cam sites,

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Thanks so much for publishing it, Tristan!

I always problems 'understanding' what the message really is. Lines like "naturalize the objectification and the dehumanization" is just a nice set of words, but I really do not see what this applies to. Reading a lot of words that point a finger to our surfers, like you are angry or something. Or "Stay away because one of the main roles of the NCP is to expose abusive practices of this market segment." so... these articles (previous ones too) are geared towards who exactly? "However, it is essential to point out that every time we remain silent about injustices, we not only stimulate them to go on but also to get worse" what does this mean? I really have a problem understanding this all "the source of their traffic can not be the same, as these women are sensitive, and they do feel harmed when a man comes to their room saying “do this, do that” so.... what do you base this on? I have tried to read this, but obviously I am on that same level of 'anger' that you are to really see the point in this article. Again, ehhh no idea what you are trying to tell me here.

"Sell awards at abusive sponsorship prices, pretending that they were the result of votes" You, and I, we know each other, from previous award shows, you were there! So, how come do I see statements like this when you are part of those shows. I have spoken to you a few times in person, the YNOT awards were one of them, and now I see you make a statement like this? I am seriously trying to find out what is the reason for these articles?

The “Oppressors”: Now, there is another group of haters: (skipping to point 4) (4) do not remove content when requested Are you saying that DMCA is not a thing? Do you think Sandboxing a stealing website is just a fairy tale? Do you actually believe that there are oppressors like me and other webmasters who are blackmailing models in return to remove content? 90% of the content is WORTH JACKSHIT unless you are Paris Hilton! I have no idea what you base this claims on, but in "reality' this holds no ground, maybe in your world, things go totally different and we can play the 'victim' aka 'oppressors' game cause that is in line with your way of thinking, but in my world, this holds no ground and what you say is considered FAKE NEWS. I could go on for a few hours, but I am sure I am not the audience you want to reach with your .... articles....

I am not trying to tell (especifically) you anything, because I don't even know who you are. You yourself identify as someone who is described in the oppressor category, so you did get the gist: the refusal to conciliate with those who agree with such practices. Just stay away, no one asked you to be a good guy. The NCP acknowledges that there are businesses that are socially responsible in the sector, just as there are respectful professionals, whose service we hold in high esteem and these, of course we value a lot. I will take this opportunity to mention some of them (in alphabetic order): 7veils, Angels Studios, BanksieTV, CamContacts, CamModelsProtection, DivaTraffic, Models’ Guide, Shoot-X, WeCamgirls. On the other hand, we have never mentioned the companies you cite in your reply with any criticism. Should you have any problems with them, we recommend that you address them yourself, and do not involve the NCP in your pet peeves. In case you missed this class in high-school or did not have the opportunity to study about it. To "objectify" someone means to reduce this person to their body parts, as if they were only an object. To “dehumanize" others refers to annihilating their subjectivity (their power of choice) and desire to speak. Such practices can be observed in the economical sphere when a person is only a number or an asset to make more money and these women are under the condition that to earn some money they have to deal with a member who will not even say “hello”.

It is this kind of recognition that we — socially and ethically responsible people — work for:

That was really a windy answer, avoiding my questions. Maybe read a little better before you point fingers Smiley :) Have a nice day Miss PHD Smiley :)

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