streamateHi Catalina, thank you for doing an interview with us here on WeCamgirls. We see eachother often during the shows and conferences. Great that you want to share a bit more about yourself! Let’s start with some basics. Where are you from and for which cam site do you work?

I am from Bucharest, Romania but I was born in a small city near the Black Sea. The cam company I work for is Streamate.

How would you explain Streamate to those who don't know?

Besides the fact that Streamate is the largest adult live cam company in the world?! 😊

Streamate is like a big family. We develop a much closer relationship with our partners and communicate daily. We have a representative in each market who is familiar with the local culture and language, which makes it easier to understand the needs of our models. 

How did you get into the adult industry? / How long have you been a part of the industry?

I have been part of this industry for 13 years. Between 2009-2014 I had an amazing journey and experience as a webcam model, going from a beginner and climbing the top ladder. From 2015 till present, I have been working for Streamate and this gave me great opportunities to continue to learn and develop further. 

How would you describe yourself, and what is your area of expertise?

Well, let’s see - I am outgoing and extroverted as a person. I like to be surrounded by people and create connections. I am very invested and ambitious and when I set a goal, I always like to work towards reaching it.

Since I have experience both as a model and working behind the screen for a cam site, I believe my area of expertise is about strengthening the relationship between the company and the existing and new models.

What is your ultimate goal for the company? What about for the cam industry in general?

I lead Streamate's team in Bucharest, working primarily with the company's new and existing European model and studio partners. My contribution is properly sharing with the team the knowledge I have acquired as a model and helping them achieve their goals in the local markets. The goal is to continue to optimize our ways to help and support our partners and anyone who wants to work with Streamate.
Streamate works best based on strong relations and we love creating that with our partners. 

What can we expect from your company in the near future? Are you going to introduce new features?

I can’t speak much about the new projects we’re having, but I can confirm that yes, we’re working on something big. 😊

One of my most exciting endeavors is reaching every corner of Europe and helping anyone who wants to be a model on a platform like Streamate achieve this goal. I must add that we sometimes get applications from "exotic" places like Iceland or Sweden and getting to know those people’s needs is a real challenge!

What are the best and worst things about working for a company that is involved in the cam industry?

As an individual, I still find this industry fascinating, even after being part of it for 13 years now. Every day is like no other!

I do not regard this business any different than I would regard for example companies like Microsoft. This is a large business with great talent that provides great opportunities to develop and learn plenty of new things.

What is your off-the-job life like? And do you tell everybody that you work in this industry?

In my time off, I like to read books, do some amateur level painting, I listen to podcasts about personal development, and I like to learn other languages, such as Spanish and French.
In terms of if I tell everybody that I work in this industry, yes and no. I don’t necessarily go out and start telling random people what I do, but the closest people to me all know what I am doing.

What is your view on the future of camming?

I don't foresee any specific changes, but I think that, in general, being a model is becoming a more serious profession due to changing regulations and the public’s perception. And I am very proud that Streamate, both as a platform and as an organization, is by far at the forefront in providing a safe and professional environment for models.

Do you have a funny story or experience to share and maybe some tips for new cammodels?

Oh there are plenty of funny stories from the time I was a cam model, but one interesting experience I can share is that once I had in my private show a very famous actor. He most probably was not aware his webcam was turned on, but I got a good glimpse of his face. When I started to call him by his name, he got scared and stopped the private. 

Generally speaking, every day at the office is fun. Sometimes when we have new people in training, we prank them while they do tests on the website. We pretend we are real customers and ask them kinky stuff. 

I have plenty of tips in my mind, but I will try to stick to a few important ones. 

  • Be consistent 
  • Love and embrace what you’re doing – the more passion you have for the job, the more successful you’ll get
  • Continue to explore and learn new things every day. Having a broad knowledge about what customers are looking for these days is important.
  • Adapt to the newest technology and make sure you have very good streaming

Where can we read more about you or get in contact with you?

I am usually present at some of the European industry events. Otherwise, I can be reached at any time at [email protected]




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