Tristan published: The Power of Visa and Mastercard: How Payment Companies Impact the Adult Industry
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Visa and Mastercard, two of the biggest payment companies in the world, have a strong influence on different parts of the economy. One industry where they have a big say is ours; the adult industry. Through their control of payment processing, Visa and Mastercard have set rules and standards that affect how businesses in our industry operate. This article explores how these financial companies shape the adult industry and the consequences of their policies.

Dominance in Payment Processing

Visa and Mastercard have a very strong position in the global payment processing market. Many businesses rely on their services in various industries. However, the adult industry, with its unique challenges and perceived risks, depends heavily on these major providers. As a result, businesses in the adult industry have to follow the rules and regulations set by Visa and Mastercard if they want to offer widely accepted payment options.

Impact of Policies

The policies and regulations put in place by Visa and Mastercard have a significant impact on the adult industry. Although they are not official regulators, these financial companies act as gatekeepers and decide what activities are allowed in the industry. Their policies shape how adult businesses operate.

Content Restrictions

Visa and Mastercard often impose restrictions on specific types of content related to the adult industry. They claim these restrictions are meant to manage risks, comply with legal frameworks, and protect the reputation of financial institutions and their stakeholders. However, these content restrictions go beyond what is explicitly illegal, raising concerns about the alignment between financial institution policies and national laws.

Limited Options

One major challenge faced by the adult industry is the lack of viable alternatives to Visa and Mastercard for payment processing. While there are specialized payment processors for adult businesses, their acceptance and availability are limited. This lack of competition and choice strengthens the influence of Visa and Mastercard, forcing businesses to comply with their policies even if they restrict legal activities.

Considerations of Reputation

Visa and Mastercard, like any other financial companies, prioritize maintaining their reputation and brand image. They are influenced by societal norms, moral values, and concerns about public perception. This leads to policies that reflect the moral judgments and preferences of these financial companies, impacting the adult industry and the businesses within it.

Marginalization and Advocacy

The significant influence of Visa and Mastercard over the adult industry contributes to the marginalization of adult businesses. Financial companies should not decide what is morally acceptable, as the regulation of legal activities should be determined by national laws, not the policies of private companies. Advocacy groups and industry stakeholders are calling for a more inclusive and fair financial system that respects the rights and independence of the adult industry.


Visa and Mastercard's rules and regulations have a big impact on how adult industry businesses operate because they control payment processing. While financial companies may have valid concerns about following rules and managing risks, their control raises important questions about how private sector policies affect legal activities. The truth is that Visa and Mastercard have a lot of influence in deciding what's allowed in the adult industry. This is mainly because there aren't many other options available. For example, if they say that only the left nipple can be shown, all businesses in the industry would have to follow that rule, and content featuring the right nipple would be banned. The adult industry faces difficulties because there aren't many other choices, and the possibility of a more inclusive and supportive financial system seems far away for now.



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Great article
Exactly. Everyone fighting political correctness should try to fight credit card companies. 😊
What would be a good solution to this?
The ACLU recently filed a complaint to the FTC against MasterCard because of this. We already have so many legal hoops to jump through, and MasterCard doesn't need to play an extra part in the discrimination. I hope the FTC rules against MC and we can get some breathing room.
This is a wonderful article. I work in the scat fetish porn industry and this type of content is heavily restricted by Visa and Masterard. Due to this, many websites are forced to either disallow this content or use sketchy niche payment processors with extremely high fees.

Limiting choices for models to only sketchy sites with bad reputations is obviously how you get into situations where models are abused and stolen from like Scatshop, but can't leave because there are so few other options, which was the case in my niche for years and years.

Since Visa and Mastercard are private companies but indirectly hold so much sway over what can be bought and sold in our world, wealthy investors and lobbyist get to make decisions that they should have no power over. It has been well-documented that American Christian lobby groups who believe porn is unethical, lobby these companies to put restrictions on these things.

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