Welcome to our workshop, "Living In An Unstable World," designed for individuals navigating the complexities of these challenging times, especially focusing on the current situation in Ukraine and Russia. This session aims to provide a supportive community for those feeling a myriad of emotions, from hopelessness to confusion, and seeks to offer a sense of connection and grounding through healing exercises. Here's what you need to know:

  • Date and Time: Thursday, March 3rd, 11am EST/6pm GMT+2 (Ukraine)/7pm GMT +3 (Moscow)
  • Focus: Creating connections and performing healing exercises to find grounding in these turbulent times.
  • How to Join: Sign-up details are provided in the original post.

Community reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with expressions of support, appreciation, and eagerness to participate. This workshop promises to be a meaningful opportunity for personal growth and solidarity among those affected by the current global instability. We encourage all interested members to sign up and join the conversation.

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