My. Club is a platform where creators and their fans meet. Fans can join clubs they like to get instant access to exclusive content from creators that inspire them. Creators can start their own club and make it a one-stop destination to monetize their exclusive content and get paid to chat with their fans. 

My.Club welcomes creators of ALL GENDERS

Payment Methods • Bank wire transfer
• Direct ACH deposit
• Cosmopayment
• Cryptocurencys
• Directa24
Payout Percentages 80%
Payment Minimum $50
Payment Frequency Weekly
Female Models
Male Models
TG Models
Couple Models
Languages English
Allowed to work on other sites
Official Reps Vera_Myclub, Nikki_MyClub, JaneMyClub
WeCamgirls Members 5
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My.Club Earnings

The main sources of income for creators on My.Club are:

  • Subscriptions
  • Request menu
  • Selling content via Mass Messages
  • Pay-to-unlock content (PPV)
  • Text / Messaging packages
  • Tips
  • Referral program
  • Goal on your profile

Creators keep 80% of all earnings. The site commission is 20%.

Bring creators to the site with your referral link and earn a 10% commission from the site's earnings of the invited creator for LIFE.

  • Paxum (delivered instantly)
  • COSMO Payment (delivered instantly)
  • ACH/Direct (delivered within 2-10 business days)
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDC) (delivered within a few hours)
  • EUR Wire Transfers (SEPA) (delivered within 2-10 business days)
  • Directa24 (delivered within 2-10 business days)
  • Yoursafe (former Bitsafe) (delivered instantly)
  • International Wire Transfers (delivered within 2-10 business days)

Payouts are made automatically on Fridays. Only International Wire Transfers are made every other Friday.

A payout is made only once you reach a minimum amount specific to your payout method:

  • Paxum, COSMOpayment, cryptocurrency, Directa24, Yoursafe — minimum amount is $50
  • ACH/Direct, checks, EUR Wire Transfers — minimum amount is $100
  • International Wire Transfers — minimum amount is $500

A small fee is deducted upon every payout depending on the payout method.

My.Club Features

Simplify your experience by importing content from OnlyFans & Fansly for quick setup. Enjoy a customizable Request Menu atop your profile, ensuring fan accessibility. Your personal landing page showcases various platform links and My.Club shortcuts, complete with a customizable domain for seamless sharing.

Boost engagement with free trial links granting 7-day club access, customizable in duration and usage. No limits on charging for Pay-per-view content or fan tipping, empowering your monetization strategy.

Profit from paid messaging packages and monetize photo sharing. Plan and schedule posts using the intuitive content planner, with options for Stories, Teasers, Regular Feed, or Albums.

Enhance user interaction through story-based quick action buttons for Follow, Tip, or Subscribe actions. Store your media content for hassle-free posting and manage users through categorized User Lists.

Gauge your success via the Statistics Page, monitoring earnings, post performance, engagement, traffic sources, and more. Stay informed with Telegram & Push notifications, and ensure security with Geo-blocking.

Embrace easy club management with My.Club's amalgamation of 'Free' and 'Paid' features. Elevate your engagement and income effortlessly.


Tristan is a co-founder of this community. Interwebs nerd by day (and by night). Likes to watch sports and has gathered substantial knowledge about the webcam world, by visiting conferences and talking to (and drinking with) people from the industry.

My.Club Reviews (by members):

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Dance2 wrote a review about My.Club
I give traffic 3 stars because there are some traffic sometimes, but mosty only freeloaders i had only 1 subscriber there give me tips and chatted with me but sadly he passed away. after that it was a struggle to find other subscribers and fans that wants to pay for my content. i got only freebies there wants all for free it sucks
Maybe i will give it another try in the future im not sure
1 Like 1 Comment
Hello Dance2! I am sorry you didnt get the results you were looking for on My.Club! i would love to chat with you and give you some marketing tips that may help. DM me anytime!
NightwishNymph wrote a review about My.Club
My.Club is the 0nlyf4ns from StripChat/Xhamster.
The provide traffic and they're always doing updates. Also they have a blog.
I really like the site and for now is giving me good traffic.
You can post free and premium content, and choose between many prizes options (from $4.99/monthly).
I really recommend it.
I'll be really happy if you register with my link:
4 Likes 1 Comment
Hello NightWishNymph! That is so so wonderful to hear! Added you as a friend and let me know if I can ever assist you with My.Club!

My.Club Reviews (by non-members):

DW wrote a review about My.Club
March 20, 2023 - 4:04
Average is a total scam. They refuse to refund money for any reason including the "club" one subscribes too being deactivated. When reported the generic response is "we do not refund purchased memberships" and when pressed about clubs that do not update or cancel the more direct response is "Please note that it is only user's responsibility to check what he is paying for." In other words if you do not know the membership will be cancelled before you become a member of that "club" tough poopie.

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