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  • aliceamelia
    Wizard stars
    aliceamelia wrote a review about AmateurSeite (2 likes)

    22 August 2015 - 2:40
  • Shemaledream
    Professional stars
    Shemaledream wrote a review about AmateurSeite (2 likes)

    so i contacted Amateurseite - an austrian project - for some month ago - i begging, Rene, the guy i got contacted for verification ,
    that i do want send at this site, but without this contract, of nearly 30 sites, that i have to print, sign and send to him.
    With this contract i was not happy in several points.
    On the other hand, i never needed to sign a contract like this.
    So after begging and negative reply to my ask to send without this contract, i give up to send on this site.
    So my review is without any stars i can made, so the disciplines for the stars i can vote, cause i got no experience in that.
    For me it was the end of the show in the verification process and with this very "unhappy" contract, amateurseite expected to sign.

    Sorry, when i must think this, but for me is the kind of contract,
    the key, to explain, why only 1 or 2 girls of the well-known camgirls in germany sending on amateurseite - normally, a well-known site has 10-20 well-known girls on it, cause the girls send on all important sites the same time - so this site have not this effect, so it could be, that the girls avoid this site for some reasons.

    I got no prejudices for amateurseite, but for my decision was only the point the important one, this kind of contract.

    10 December 2014 - 12:53