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Join the fastest growing live cam site on the web. Keep up to 60% and enjoy weekly payouts. Plus, over $15K+ in hourly and monthly contests.
Payment Methods • Bank wire transfer
• Paxum
• Bitcoin
• Ethereum
• Epayservice
• Cosmopayment
• Directa24
Payout Percentages 50% to 60%
Payment Minimum - Bitsafe, and Cosmo Payment the minimum is $50 - Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) the minimum is $50 - Bitcoin Ethereum (ETH) and USD Coin (USDC) it's $100 - Local Wires/Directa24 the minimum is $50 - Paxum, ACH/Direct Payments and EUR Wire Transfer (SEPA) the minimum is $100 - International Wire Transfer the minimum is $500 - Visa/Mastercard, the minimum is $100
Payment Frequency Payments are generated weekly, except Wire Transfer payments which are issued every second week (as long as you have reached your minimum payment amount). Payments are calculated on Sunday midnight (UTC timezone which includes earnings from the week before (Monday morning 00:01 until Sunday night 23:59). Payout Day = Tuesday - Paxum (delivered instantly) - Cosmo Payment (delivered instantly) - Bitsafe (delivered instantly) - Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Tether) (delivered within a few hours) - EUR Wire Transfer (SEPA) (delivered within 2-10 business days) - ACH/Direct Payments (delivered within 2-10 business days) - Local Wires/Directa24 (delivered within 2-10 business days) - Visa/Mastercard (delivered within 1-5 business days) Tuesday and they are paying for all the previous time until and including Sunday.
Concept Freemium
Geoblocking Yes: You are able to block your account/profile from being viewed or searched by users from any country or specific states/regions. Blocking your account from being seen in specific countries
Female Models
Male Models
TS Models
Couple Models
Number of Camgirls At any given time, there is an average of 4000 - 6000 models online every hour.
Languages Stripchat can be translated into 19 different languages
Allowed to work on other sites
Chargebacks In the case of chargebacks, you are 100% protected!
Official Reps Charlie_SC, MidarStripchat, xChloe, ElleStripchat, Sid_CM, AndraKiru, Tommy_Neal
WeCamgirls Members 399
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Stripchat Earnings

  • On StripChat, models can make about 60% Revenue Share. New models that sign up get 2 weeks BOOSTED site placement.
  • Stripchat gives away more than $15K cash prizes in hourly and monthly contests. Monthly - 1st Place $2000, 2nd Place $1000, 3rd Place $500, 4th Place and on $50 Hourly - 1st Place $20, 2nd Place $10, 3rd Place $5, 4th and 5th Place $5
  • New models are approved in 24 hours and can immediately start earning tokens ($0.05 = 1 token)
  • You can set your own rates for Private Shows and Cam2Cam (up to 150 Tokens per minute).
  • Peeping or Spy Shows are also another great way to earn more tips.
  • During your open shows, users can also tip you.
  • Paxum, payments are delivered immediately, Wire transfers are usually received within 2-10 business days, and for Checks, it can take around 1 month, mostly depending on the postal services in your country.
  • Payout day: Tuesday and they are paying for all the previous time until and including Sunday.

About Stripchat

StripChat is one of the most popular and successful recent international cam sites. The site (with the same parent company as xHamster) was launched in 2016 and has since then quickly become a very well known cam site. 

Stripchat works with a freemium concept and there are over 2500 models online at the same time on a regular day. With 60 million visits per month the site has grown rapidly and it is not surprising that Stripchat has won multiple awards, like Cam site of the year and Cam company of the year.

Stripchat features

Becoming a Stripchat model or member is quick and easy. As a member you have several options available. First, since the main concept of Stripchat is freemium, you have the Public Chat. Here models can receive tips from members. As a model you can set goals or an Epic goal. The last one is a goal that is also available when you are offline.

Besides the public chat there is also a variety of more private sessions. You have for example the Private show. This is a private session between the model and the member. The models can set their own price per minut. A member starts a private show with the model, by pressing the "Start private" button. Other members might be able to spy, but they will not be able to communicate directly with the model. The show can be stopped by the user or the model at any time and will stop automatically when the user runs out of tokens.

During a private show there is also the option to use the cam2cam option. Members can turn on their camera and microphone. To start a Cam2Cam show, simply press the "Start Cam2Cam" button. No one can spy during this show. It can be stopped at any time by the user or the model, and it will stop automatically when the user runs out of tokens.

On StripChat you also have the option to attend or set up a special show with a group of others. The model announces her group show in advance, users have the option to reserve a spot, or otherwise join once the show has already started. The show can be viewed by an unlimited number of users; spies are not allowed. You also pay the fixed price per minute, but it is cheaper than having a private session with a model.

The model can also organize a ticket show. This is a regular group show where instead of a per-minute rate, users pay a fixed price upfront with their tip in the public chat room. The model announces her ticket show five minutes before the start, and users who want to secure their spot by paying the price with their tips. Conversely, if the show has already started, they can still pay and join right away.

An exclusive feature of this site is the VR show. Models that have the right equipment can stream in 4K full VR. Their shows can be recognized by the VR icon on their thumbnail or under the category “VR Cams.

There is also the option to set up a Fan club. This is a paid subscription service where members can support their favorite model. Perks a member gets are for example, able to spy on a show, a special badge, exclusive photos and videos etc.

Stripchat Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Stripchat? Why be a cam model?

    Stripchat is an adult entertainment website featuring live, professional and amateur adult entertainers.
    It is a token based freemium site (free and premium) which allows users/fans to exchange tokens in order to interact (publicly and privately) with models/performers.

    Camming on Stripchat means you’re your own boss, therefore, you can schedule your hours as you wish and decide when, where and how to work. In other words, you’re self-employed, self-managed and self-motivated. Camming enables you to design the life of your dreams. It gives you the freedom to create as many opportunities as you want for yourself, whether it's for extra income, if you're a stay-at-home mom, or traveling the world while working.
  • 2. How do I open a Stripchat model account ?

    As long as you are 18 years or older, you can become a Stripchat model, regardless of whether you identify as female, male, a couple, or transgender. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our community.

    All you need to commence is internet and one of the following: computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone

    Click on the following link:
    Select: Become a Model and follow the steps.
  • 3. What documents do I need to open a model account?

    We accept Passports, IDs, Driver's Licenses which are used for verification and are kept secure and completely confidential.

    Stripchat Official FAQ page for more information:
  • 4. What are Stripchat tokens? How much money can I earn?

    Stripchat Tokens are our online currency and how fans/users tip models.
    Each token is worth $0.05 USD.

    Stripchat Official FAQ page for more information:

    Like any business owner, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You’ve probably heard of models having a six-figure monthly income - yes, they do exist and live among us. However, making it to that milestone is not an overnight success story so before you become a superstar, you have to learn to play the game and put in the hard work.

    On Stripchat, you have multiple sources of income; live cam shows (public and private) are the obvious, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Stripchat offers also provide features such as content sales, offline tips and offline private show requests, thus, you have the opportunity to be making money 24/7.
  • 5. What options do I have about how I get paid?

    Stripchat has numerous payment options for models to receive their earnings.

    - Paxum (delivered instantly)
    - Cosmo Payment (delivered instantly)
    - Bitsafe (delivered instantly)
    - Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Tether) (delivered within a few hours)
    - EUR Wire Transfer (SEPA) (delivered within 2-10 business days)
    - ACH/Direct Payments (delivered within 2-10 business days)
    - Local Wires/Directa24 (delivered within 2-10 business days)
    - Visa/Mastercard (delivered within 1-5 business days)
  • 6. When do I get paid / How often do I get paid?

    Most payouts are made weekly (except Wire Transfer payments which are issued every second week) as long as you have reached your minimum payment amount.

    Minimum amounts
    Your payout is scheduled once you have reached the minimum amount set by each provider:

    - For Bitsafe, and Cosmo Payment the minimum is $50
    - For Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) the minimum is $50
    - For Bitcoin Ethereum (ETH) and USD Coin (USDC) it's $100
    - For Local Wires/Directa24 the minimum is $50
    - For Paxum, ACH/Direct Payments and EUR Wire Transfer (SEPA) the minimum is $100
    - For International Wire Transfer the minimum is $500
    - For Visa/Mastercard, the minimum is $100

    NOTE about crypto:
    Payouts in ETH, USDC, and USDT may be executed via smart contracts. Before you choose ETH, USDC, or USDT for payouts, make sure your crypto wallet accepts incoming transfers from smart contracts. If it doesn't, your payouts may get lost and never reach you.

  • 7. What kind of shows do I have to perform?

    We give complete control to our models on how they choose to work on our site. ​
    It's up to the models on how and when they wish to perform. ​

    - public shows
    - ticket/group shows
    - private shows
    - exclusive private shows
    - only perform by accepting offline private requests via Plasma Messenger
    - you can choose to do only one of the above or a variation of all the above
    - new Flirting Mode (no nudity in public room but option to show all in private)
  • 8. What kind of features do you have?

    We have many amazing features, including:

    - Fan Club

    - Games (wheel of fortune, battleship, polls) and Bots (welcome, announcement, tip reaction)

    - Ability to Knight users

    - Ability to mute/ban users

    - Referral program

    - Tip menu

    - Stream goals
  • 9. What categories on the site do I fall into / appear in?

    Every activity or appearance detail you choose is a category, from hair color to activities you add to your menus.

    Ensure you completely fill out your profile info.
    You can access ‘My Profile’ from your accounts drop-down menu, then proceed to fill out ‘My Information’.

    Here, you can also include all the Languages you speak and your Interests - another way for your fans to link with you.
  • 10. Account Security - 2FA

    Your account security is a huge priority for us, so in order to protect it we highly recommend you enable two-factor authentication (2FA for short), which is a login process that requires two steps to verify your identity. Simple and effective.

    This is how it works: whenever Stripchat detects a suspicious login attempt, it will prompt for a 2FA code that is automatically generated by the Google Authenticator app on your device. So if someone uses your password without permission, they still won’t be able to log in without this code that only you have access to.

    For more information on how to activate this feature:

  • 11. Can I stream with my partner and/or another model (or open a group account)?

    You are more than welcome to stream with your partner, another individual model, or open a group account!

    Please note:
    You must ensure the additional people/models are verified and approved on YOUR account before you start streaming with them, even if they are already a SC model with their own approved account.

    How to add additional people to your existing model account:
  • 12. Can I use interactive toys?

    Stripchat is compatible with two brands of interactive toys:


    You are also welcome to use any kind/type of toy you want.
  • 13. What do I charge on my menus and for shows?

    Models are in complete control of their menu items and prices.

    We recommend that you select prices that you are comfortable with for performing the activities added to your tip menus. The same goes for your private show prices.

    After you have had those prices for a while, you will get a sense of whether you should adjust the prices higher or lower.

    As models become more established and more popular, it is very common for them to increase their prices over time.
  • 14. What are the rules of the site and what happens if I break them?

    Stripchat Model Rules:

    Depending on the severity of the rule that is breached, some of the actions we may take as consequences for violations are as follows:

    - Warning/s
    - Suspensions (24 hours up to 30 days)
    - Permanent Site Suspension (which means you will not be able to open new accounts on our platform)
  • 15. Are there Stripchat Rules for users?

    User Guidelines:

    11 Must Know Rules for all:

Stripchat Articles:

    Interview with Chloe from Stripchat

    Hi Chloe, thank  you for doing an interview here with us on WeCamgirls. You've been active on the site for quite some time and I'm glad you want to tell us a bit more about yourself. Let's start with some basics, where are you from, and for which site do you work? I was born and raised in Russia (I live in another country now) and have worked closely with for the past five ye [...]

    The 3 Biggest Mistakes Webcam Models Make (And How To Avoid Them)

    Time and time again, cam models make the same mistakes. Then they're constantly asking 'Why is my traffic not tipping? Why don't have I have viewers? Should I be doing a show for are the freeloaders?' and on and on the question list goes.Let's get straight to it. If you find yourself questioning your cam shows, then read below for some insightful tips on how to fix your mistakes. #1 You're NOT [...]


Tristan is a co-founder of this community. Interwebs nerd by day (and by night). Likes to watch sports and has gathered substantial knowledge about the webcam world, by visiting conferences and talking to (and drinking with) people from the industry.

Stripchat Reviews (by members):

Stripchat Reviews by customers
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LuannaRose wrote a review about Stripchat
This place has regional traffic it’s pretty difficult to make money there if you aren’t from a native English speaking country.
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Hey @LuannaRose

We have a lot of non-native-speaking successful models on our site.

We also have a lot of great information on our FAQ pages you may find helpful so check them out.

Use the quiet days as an opportunity. All users want the models' direct attention so engage with them, win them over and increase your fanbase.

😍 Find your niche.. Put in the work.. Be persistent.. Be determined.. and Don't give up! 😍

Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly for more assistance.

We appreciate your feedback and review.
TierraDimples wrote a review about Stripchat
1 Comment
Hey @TierraDimples
Thank your review - we appreciate it all the stars! 😍

I am very interested in why our Support team did not rate as well.
Did you request assistance and they didn't help?
Were you not able to get through to them quickly?
Was it something else?

I would really like to review your interaction with this team so I can improve in any area we can. Please PM on this forum or contact me directly via email: [email protected]

Your feedback is welcomed, valued and appreciated. 😍
HaileyMadow wrote a review about Stripchat
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😍 ❤️ 😍

Hey @HaileyMadow
We appreciate your wonderful feedback!

😍 ❤️ 😍
Jessa_fox wrote a review about Stripchat
I love this site of my favorites off all time. Laid back can have some really hard-core conversations and don't get told nothing
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😍 ❤️ 😍

Hey @Jessa_fox
Thank you for your lovely feedback!

😍 ❤️ 😍
Cee4u2nv wrote a review about Stripchat
I am quite new to Stripchat, so might be able to adjust my review on a later date.
I am assuming the traffic is slow due to me camming here for only 4 months by now. It does not help that the only people that get to see I am online is people from my own country, unless people expressly search for me....
I cannot accurately review support, cause I have not needed to contact them yet.
Payment is always on time, have not had any problems thus far.
Software is good but not great, maybe still just getting use to it.
Hey @Cee4u2nv
Welcome to the team!
We appreciate your feedback Smiley :)

As a new model on our platform, I'd also like to provide you with some helpful links.

We have a lot of great information on our FAQ pages you may find useful so check them out.

You can also increase your visibility by appearing in more categories:

We also have regular competitions, which are fun and users love them, hence more opportunities to increase traffic, while also giving you a chance to win tokens; current competition price 25,000 tokens. More info in our Model News (via your Stripchart Broadcast Centre), or refer to my updates on our WeCamGrils Latest News and Updates page.

Looking forward to your Support team feedback in the future Smiley :)

How to Contact the Stripchat Support team:
- Send an email from your registered email account to: [email protected]
Angela88 wrote a review about Stripchat
Since the site change the algorithme models who are not new and not in top 100 not getting much traffics, going very slowly for me, its feels like i have shadowban, i asked support about that but they not get back to me. Payment is always on time
Hey @Angela88

We appreciate your feedback.

I also strongly confirm there is no such thing as 'shadowbanning' on our site.

Regarding changes to an algorithm ?? (I'm not sure where this information has come from). Please note, the up-and-down traffic rollercoaster is something all models experience (on all sites) from time to time. Don't let this bring you down.

Instead, use these times as opportunities to engage with all types of users - give more attention to the ​low-league users too. Your fans crave this, so focus a little more on the ones who are present, give them some extra love, win them over, and convert them into loyal fans! ❣️

What does concern me is that you have contacted our Support team, and they have not provided you with a response yet; therefore I would like to look into this.

Please PM me or email me ([email protected]) so I can investigate this further.
"Regarding changes to an algorithm" But it is the fact , every camgirl who stream regular could notice that like before was around 200 users now will be around 20, if you want more users then it must be mobile stream , or you need to be with new status or one of the top 100
AntoniaPur wrote a review about Stripchat
Please be advised Stripchat is unethically banning accounts and keeping the payment/token balance! Please do not sign up with this site, at any point in time they will block your account for fishy reasons and keep the payment.

I was with Stripchat for 4 years and never a problem, they suddenly banned my account when I as not even online stating for me accepting payments outside of SC, which was not true.

When asking for evidence they did not show any. I bombarded them with mails and only received the same feedback after a week. The german Stripchat manager was absolutely unprofessional and rude in her mails. They also kept my money. I went to see a lawyer but he stated there is not much of a chance as it is a non-EU company (I am based in Germany)

Ever since then I continue writing bad feedback on SC, hoping their image will be damaged at least a little bit. Pluse I got some of my former german friends who also cammed on SC to get off the site and move on to other platforms. So I think if SC continues doing this they will harm their reputations and lose many good models.

I wrote bad reviews on SC in all forums please keep infroming german cammodels about their bad and unethic practises....
4 Likes 2 Comments
Hey AntoniaPur

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had a positive experience on our site.

I have personally investigated your case and can confirm that your suspension was warranted as you have breached a very serious rule: Accepting/Negotiating payments outside our platform.

We do not suspend models lightly and only do so once we undertake a thorough investigation and have evidence at hand.

Please also note, our rules also state that if your account is suspended for violations, any funds on the account will remain locked, and payment will not be generated - this is clear and transparent information which we provide in our guidelines.

Unfortunately, I cannot assist further in this case as this violation results in permanent suspension from our site, but I do wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
You should at least bring the necessary proves for it
Rubypheonix wrote a review about Stripchat
Support is 3 stars because there customer service will take to get back to you on top of using there affiliate program (strip cash) they refuse to give you a step by step
1 Comment
Hey @Rubypheonix
Thank you kindly for your review.

I'm struggling to understand your comment regarding Support/Stripcash, but I would like to assist you further.

Please send me a PM or reach out to me directly via email for some clarification, and I would be more than happy to help with your concerns. Email: [email protected]
goddesskaterina wrote a review about Stripchat
I like Stripchat so much, even if I'm not stripping lol. It's a great site with a nice layout, I've been working there since it's launched on and off, both in girl and Domme category. At first, being a Domme there didn't work really well for me, and I went back as a girl but then eventually I came back as a Domme again because I didn't like to be told what to do by the customers so I gave it another shot to being myself there and I don't regret it. I don't earn a lot and I have a hard time to make my users pay or at least to use my tip menu, but I like the site as much as I like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams and I like them so much. The support is very responsive and quick, the payment is always sent on time but the users quality is pretty poor in general. They all seem selfish. Even if they have a big token number in their balance they are not willing to pay a dime and they keep adding me to friends or PM me those who are VIP members without paying for that (because I don't PM for free), anyways, I still manage to earn something and I'm very happy with it. What I don't like is that they have a Stripscore. At first, when they launched, this thing didn't exist but maybe they took example from mfc with the camscore and now the visibility of your chatroom depends on how much you earn which is something I really hate there and on mfc as well. I will never understand the concept: how can you earn something when you have no visibility because you can't earn lol. However, their Stripscore doesn't really go low as fast as on mfc. It takes more to downgrade on Stripchat so this is better. Another thing I don't like is the country tag or the visibility and discoverability based on the country you're from, I don't understand why our public should be those from our country. Anyways, it can be fixed by hidding it in the settings both the tag and the discoverability + even country ban but there is not so much traffic left after that. Anyways, all in one I like Stripchat but of course, I'd love to have more paying traffic and more generous users.
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Hey @goddesskaterina

Thank you for all your feedback.

I love that you eventually went back to your Domme niche and were determined to make it work - it's all about perseverance! 😍

This is a very good point to make in this industry. Copying what other models do just because you think this will work for you is not the way to go. It's about finding something that YOU are passionate and good at and working with that.

I hope other models who are starting off take on your guidance here as I believe it's fantastic advice! 😍

We also appreciate your feedback regarding our Support team being very responsive and quick.

Regarding Payments, as you mentioned, paying our models on time each week is a priority for us and something we focus on with consistency.

Again, we appreciate your honesty and valuable feedback.. thank you. 😍
do u show face on there?
Hey @unachica22

On Stripchat, models have the option to use a face mask or choose to hide their face.. But if at any point the Moderation team contacts the model and requests a "manual face verification", the model must comply immediately in order to prove identity and/or pass our random security checks.

Note: we do not require models to complete the verification process during the public stream - this is done discreetly.
Starvega1313 wrote a review about Stripchat
I loved Stripchat. I had awesome traffic an was making good money. Until one night I got on an my account had been banned. They said I was accepting payments from an outside source. Which I never did. I literally cried. I asked for proof they wouldn't give it to me. Kept my last check from me. I worked hard on there. I never accepted any payments besides theirs. I consistently told them about a girl who was stalking an harassing me an they did nothing to help me. I feel like this girl is the one who got my account banned by fraud. This girl has stolen my identity was getting me fired from jobs I never worked at. She had gotten accounts on Streamate and another website by using my identity an got me banned on there when I had never worked for them! I want my account back. I never did anything wrong an they wrongfully banned me. My heart broke I was going places with this account!!
Hey @Starvega1313

Please email me from your registered email account as I would like to review your case and investigate further.

Email: [email protected]
Many fake people come to my broadcasting they are blackmailing every model asking for payment and i deny so they blackmailing and create fake screenshot and complaining in my model account and stripchat team suspended every model accounts because of the fake reason please stripchat team help us they are fake people complaining on model account it's a biggest scam they asking money and blackmailing us and please stop this type blocking scams mails and this type fake people don't want new model work with stripchat please stop answering this type fake mails otherwise your platform go down and help every model they are innocent but stripchat suspend every model without any right reason stop this don't answer this type fake mails ...Account mine all documents my but account suspended reason unregistered model broadcasting please stripchat team help us and ur support team asking screenshots proof but here are so many fake people how can I take many screenshots please help us
Hey @aman

Please note, when we receive reports, we do not take them as 'facts' but conduct our own research and investigation into the allegations.

We have a fantastic team who audit accounts and thoroughly check documents to ensure all the models broadcasting on our site are registered and approved.

If you have reached out to Support for assistance and they are requesting further documents from you, it is to verify the models on the account so they can assist you. Please continue communicating with the relevant team and provide them with the requested information to complete your verification.
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Stripchat Reviews (by non-members):

Laken shoemate wrote a review about Stripchat
September 17, 2023 - 3:40

I loved strip chat it was my first time ever camping before. I had a friend who had been camming for 7 years talk me into it. She set up the account for me an set me lose. I knew nothing.. I wasn't making much because I didn't know what to do. I started researching the Web and how to be a good model and I took the advice on the Web and man I really started making pretty decent money on there. I couldn't hardly wait to get on everyday, every night, whenever I wanted to.. one night I got on for a bit an then got off quickly then got back on later and my account was banned. I didn't really know why I was banned. When I contacted support they said I was asking clients to send me money thru cash app. I do not have cash app. So why would I ask customers to send me money on cash app? And I thought.... they did keep my money an wouldn't show proof. I was so devastated I didn't know what to do. I was really depressed and contacted support again but still they wanted nothing to do with me. But during this time the girl who signed me up we had gotten into a major argument and she was coming on my shows and saying awful things to me. I even contacted support about it but literally I couldn't give them a name because she would just get a new account in two seconds cause I would block her every day .. she also stole my identity got me banned on steam mate I had never worked for them they actually forgave me.. she got me fired from Lyft. I never worked for them. She was picking people up in my city for rides that KNEW ME!! I JUST HAVE MY suspicion that she was on my account and is actually the one that was trying to get MY followers to send money to her. Please let me have my account back. Please investigate this to the fullest. I also had filed something with all three credit bureaus for my identity being stolen and I even put her name down as the person who did it. If you could take the time to look into this I would be forever grateful.

Thank you so much

Cam Veteran wrote a review about Stripchat
March 11, 2023 - 7:41

This site used to be good in the beginning…Now they ban models for petty reasons…Like telling a rude begging member to leave. Yes for that I was banned. I still don‘t understand.
But when someone makes 5 (!!!!) different accounts to harass me he gets no punishment. Greedy bastards.
If you are a model with a high cam score you can get away with scams.
But be a model with a low camscore…receive bans left and right…its literally their fetish to bully models and make them mentally unstable. This site has gone completely downhill.
How is this allowed?
I advise everyone to NOT support this site in any ways!!
Chaturbate, Streamate, Camsode and Cam4 are better alternatives.

Jack R. Chandler wrote a review about Stripchat
January 2, 2023 - 6:38

Stripchat allows the model to scam and decieve at will. Any reports or attempts to alert Stripchat, even about serious subjects such as human trafficking or underage models go unanswered. It matters not if it is accompanied by documentation or not. They seem to be enablers.

Sallyann wrote a review about Stripchat
December 7, 2022 - 0:59

new model a 7 day ban for "rude behavior" prior warning...No evidence provided of said behavior, unbelievably harsh and unfair.
dealing with demands from freeloaders and unsoliciated advice for 2 hours on the site. making next to no money...and they suspend the model????

Members over models who are trying to make the money is stripchats business model I guess!
grossly unfair!

deleting account off there!

BOOBYQUEEN wrote a review about Stripchat
October 9, 2022 - 14:15

Been on stripchat for a week now.. and it is dead quiet! What am I doing wrong?/

BellaMann wrote a review about Stripchat
October 4, 2022 - 17:11

Hello stripchat I am having an account , I wasn’t aware I can only have one account on stripchat. I create my second one yesterday. Why because when I started my first one didn’t get enough viewers cause of bad conditions where I am from . I have 27 Dollar in my account. The first one . I love to transfer the money to another account . My new account . I wanted to tip from my model account to my other model account . It give no option . I love ❤️ if I can get assisted transfering it . I know the minimum I can withdraw is $50 . Can you still send it . So I can close down the account

Nola wrote a review about Stripchat
August 10, 2022 - 1:32

You have to get nake and masturbate and pray for tips. I consistently streamed a month at 40 hours per week on 4 different accounts, at different times of the year (summer winter fall and spring), and I made approximately $100. A lot of talking but no tippers. Not to mention the abusive trolls who continiously create fake accounts to harass you all day. The freeloaders are very comfortable demanding for free and theres nothing you can do about it. The site is bad for my mental health and not worth $100 over a 4 week span.

MissFitFukar wrote a review about Stripchat
August 5, 2022 - 19:17

Had been with Stripchat for a few years. I have seen it's decline before my eyes. Was great in the beginning. Not anymore. I worked a "real" full-time job as a fitness instructor, was a wife and mother to 3 young was only able to cam on weekends/holidays and the odd weekday where I could fit it in. All was good...I was in control and in charge. Stripchat has made some great technological improvements over the years.....what company hasn't to be honest. One of their most recent improvements was implementing and enforcing "Stripchat points" for complete profiles....I mean completely complete profiles. Implementing and enforcing Stripchat points for coming online daily....and I mean daily. Implementing and enforcing Stripchat points for making money every half an hour and I mean every half an hour ...everyday. If you are not able to do will fall in the ranks the bottom...aka lost in a sea of MILFS in my case! Traffic has equally gotten terrible since they were hacked this past November. I liked to maintain my anonymity by not posting too much on my profile page ....everything you post to your page is aggregated in someway either by bots or StripChat themselves to share your content to 3rd party sites unbeknownst to you. Even if you agree and check the box ...yes share my content...Stripchat never tells you where it goes. I would challenge anyone to ask where your content specifically goes. Goodluck. Additionally...don't ban too many people...this will also affect your page metrics and visitor numbers. Moreover....if you request too many takedowns (which they offer for free like they are helping you or something) has been mentioned to me....this will also affect your page in terms of traffic. Argo....Stripchat is never helping you. So shut online all the time....give them your soul and make money constantly if you ever wish to be seen...let alone heard. Plus don't get me started with the advent of the fuck machine on Stripchat! Competition is fierce ---so be prepared to "bring it" every fu@#$% way.

Mimi wrote a review about Stripchat
June 1, 2022 - 1:25

I registered a month ago. First two weeks I made $ 125 because site promoting for free for the first two weeks. After that, I made $ 35 in two weeks, which is devastating. I hid the flag, but I saw that there were other girls who also hid it and they receive much tokens. Some get 50e tips and Im there 3 hours per day and nothing. I have Lovense, I tease them, I strip naked, I play but they are not worth anything, of course I am also dressed in underwear. I don't have a lot of pictures, but I think it affects me so much. The site is pretty well arranged. I have been waiting for an answer to the e-mail for about 7 day. I like the site but there are just few people who tipp. I expected that i will earn at least 500 dollars per month but i dissapointed.

Angeldanh wrote a review about Stripchat
February 14, 2022 - 9:09

i cant received my payment in 3 week. iam model. it make me so stress, pls support me

bestrong wrote a review about Stripchat
January 11, 2022 - 12:27
Average a stripchat user.according to comments about support,i agree too.i dont know why but they ignore users and dont answer emails or answer so late ( after 1 to 3 weeks! ).
this site is good,user friendly,... but support is disaster!
i sent many even reply emails for support but still did not get answer from support.

i want to say their support if u want users benefit u,so u need to answer them quickly.

Superman wrote a review about Stripchat
September 11, 2021 - 15:08

model are do abuse rude behaviour and do angry with user and in a Last do fight with user just like sonniagold then after when we do complaint about rude abuse behaviour about model they are cannot take action about there model , in a last one more time stripchat agent take action in you without any reason wtf

Sexiibabii69 wrote a review about Stripchat
August 19, 2021 - 16:35

All in all I have always loved this site, however, I do feel we should have the option to ban a member permanently no matter what status they are!! If I'm doing a show, and I have had issues with certain members that I have banned already, but 30 is up and now I'm worried about them coming into my room again or even coming in as invisible so I don't know if they are there or who the he'll it even is!!!! That really bothers me. There is a member by the name of Oldwildcherrypicker that ALWAYS comes in my room as invisible, like every single time I go online. He constantly bosses other members around and is telling people what to do or not to do. That's cool buddy if u want to nicely ask other members to tip me, but don't be rude to my viewers and talk shit to them for not tipping when you have NEVER TIPPED me not even once!! I have had multiple complaints about him and have even been told by other members ( yes, more than one, not sure how they even know and not sure if I want to know, OK, lol) that he fucking records models doing their cam shows and sells them!!! How in the hell?!?!?!? Wtf???!!! I'm sorry but how is it OK for someone to record me, without my permission, uninvited and unwelcome, but yet invisible and unknown because they know I don't want them there and now that they are not banned anymore won't say anything while they are in my room now because they know I'll ban them again if they do talk in the group chat!!! This is so by far frustrating. I have expressed my concerns with the site. I love this site and honestly, other than not having much traffic lately in my room, this is my only complaint!! Not being able to permanently ban a fucking jerkoff from watching me and me feeling completely uncomfortable because everything I see invisible users in my room I can't imagine anyone else but the ones that I DO NOT WANT, being the invisible users that are in my room...PLEASE FIX THIS OPTION. I could put on way better shows and make us way more money if I felt comfortable enough to let loose and not worry about people that I don't want watching me being in my room!!

A H wrote a review about Stripchat
August 17, 2021 - 23:48

I've been on StripChat / Xhamsterlive since 2013, when I joined Xhamster as a member, and I think all of us can agree on the major improvements since the initial launch of Stripchat and the affiliate launch with Xhamsterlive. Like many of us who have been on the platforms for so many years, we gain a personal friendship with the models. We become friends and not just customers. The social stigma behind the cam sites is obviously amplified by personal vendettas against certain people in society. Of course the models are there to work and have fun, but they definitely enjoy having people support them and making friends. One thing I respectfully appreciate above the entertainment side of Stripchat/Xhamsterlive : **SAFETY of both members AND models is highly advocated.**

The Support Team is also there to provide assistance when it's needed. I have never had any issues with getting help. Whether it was a system error, a failed token purchase, or financial issue. I've been through it all over the years, believe me... and the support team and Administrators have been nothing but accommodating and helpful. (Shout-out to Bibi, Hector, Niko, Max and AlexK)

The social atmosphere has improved as well. The majority of members with higher leagues are respectful and maintain the room integrity whenever possible. Also assisting new users and the models as well. A few of us spoke recently how we came to watch cams, and ended up becoming friends with others.

Looking forward to being apart of what the future has in store for the platforms. This review was long overdue and I'm happy to finally add my opinion.


Don wrote a review about Stripchat
July 23, 2021 - 11:16

How do you lose 138 tokens in three minutes...and now on the 8 token site the won't do anything without up selling you...I'm feeling ripped off

Doug Plachte wrote a review about Stripchat
July 22, 2021 - 19:35

I love Stripchat, it gives me lots of options to showcase myself and my talents, starting with my profile page and all the way thru to their generous payout. I recommend Stripchat to anyone looking to succeed and better their situation. I've been a Stripchat performer for over 6 years,

Aditi wrote a review about Stripchat
July 2, 2021 - 1:00

I was working with stripchat as a model. But suddenly they suspended my account steal all my tokens. I’m trying to contact them from long time but they’re not replying even in email or support not. Stripchat needs to improve their customer support team.

Minnie_Mask wrote a review about Stripchat
May 2, 2021 - 13:39

i work with stripchat since 4 months
all is ok

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