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  • eljabut
    eljabut wrote a review about Liveyaz (1 likes)

    This site totally dead

    30 March 2018 - 1:28
  • eljabut
    eljabut wrote a review about Camdolls

    I was work on this site a long time ago when they had an hourly payment. Now this is platform

    30 March 2018 - 1:23
  • Xandra
    Xandra wrote a review about Twero

    minimum for payout is not 150, i had there 6 euro and I got my money

    28 March 2018 - 0:13
    • TweroSupport

      Thanks Xandra. please send us a message and we will help you to increase your earnings with us!

      4 April 2018 - 16:53
    • Angela88

      on the end of the month they pay everything what you earned, but in periode from 1-10 and 11-20 if you dont have a 150 min they will not pay you out

      11 May 2018 - 3:38
  • LoveAnnie
    LoveAnnie wrote a review about BongaCams

    I have been on this for a bit and what I can say is that my feelings are mixed. A lot of demanding men who wants everything for free, rarely anyone wants to do private.. If you like to do naked stuff in front of the cam for free this site if for you. The traffic changes time to time.

    27 March 2018 - 12:47
  • MiaMia
    MiaMia wrote a review about Streamate (3 likes)

    I am cam model on multiple cam sites including Streamate for over 6 years. I never had problems with Streamate and I like the site.

    Over month ago I discovered that two of my cam shows that I did on Streamate where recorded and uploaded on many websites. I never gave consent for recording or distribution of videos of my cam shows. I always opted out from any direct or affiliate promotion program and used geographic restrictions.

    As soon as I found about videos I filled out removal requests pursuant DMCA using “report” option below videos. Also, I sent same removal request on emails provided on the websites under contacts/support tab and to domain registrants and hosting providers for these websites. I also sent personal message to uploader of videos with request to remove videos immediately. No one ever replied.

    Immediately after, I contacted Support at Streamate and Liz from Streamate and asked them for help to take videos down. Support replied that they forwarded message to competent department and that they will let me know when they know more information. Liz replied that requests to remove have been sent. Weeks after nothing changed and videos were still there. I contacted StreamateModels support on Twitter to ask for help to solve issue but it was without any result too.

    Finally, I contacted law firm and per their advice I hired IT expert to find out the origin of videos. It turned out that videos were uploaded to by uploader “cam4free01” ( )and that other sites are just mirroring it. It is possible that uploader also created some of these mirroring sites. So far, same uploader “cam4free01” uploaded recorded shows of 162 cam models from Streamate (list of models provided below and will be updated daily as it grows). Uploaded videos have water stamp “” and also these videos have link toward same site in description, usually “See more at”. Obviously, only goal of uploader and only purpose of videos was to send traffic to I sent email to and asked for my videos to be taken down, they did not bothered even to respond.

    Further investigation showed that domain was registered by ICF Technology, the same company that own Streamate. I contacted Liz from Streamate, told her about it and asked her to confirm is indeed registered by ICF Technology or someone is just abusing their name. She replied that is their white label affiliate and that they would not be interested in suing them. So obviously ICF/Streamate is taking side of its affiliate that brings traffic by intentionally violating rights of cam models and members and by illegal activities. They are uploading videos to sites like hosted by bulletproof providers such as Novogora LTD (former Quasi Networks LTD and Ecatel LTD) also linked to sites hosting child pornography, spam, or from where DDoS traffic and other illegal and criminal activities originated.

    So here is the schema, Streamate is playing all innocent, sending removal requests to and similar sites knowing that they will not comply and videos will not be removed and telling to models that they did all they could. On the other side their affiliate is doing dirty job for them by uploading these videos on mentioned sites so again Streamate looks all innocent. Streamate only care about traffic, that is why they refused to provide info about their affiliate without court order, so instead of taking care about cam models and protecting them and their rights and privacy, they are taking side of affiliate even they are fully aware that affiliate is gaining traffic by illegal activities and by violating models’ rights and privacy. Law firm informed me that many rights of models and members, as well as laws, are violated, most importantly privacy rights. I want to emphasize that not only the rights of cam models are violated but also of members who were taking paid shows. Members’ right of secrecy of correspondence is violated because while abuser was recording cam shows other members that might join the show too and use Cam 2 Cam option to talk with cam model will have their voice and conversation with cam model recorded on video and spread all over the internet.

    I informed Liz about nick name of member who recorded my shows (contact me if you want to know his nick), and gave her nick names of 162 cam models whose cam shows were recorded and uploaded. I kindly asked her to do their own investigation about this member and to inform these models about videos and ability to join my law suit if videos were recorded and distributed without their consent. I also asked her will Streamate join separate law suit against member who recorded videos. She not replied on any of these. No one of cam models contacted me regarding joint law suit which means that Streamate did not informed them and that they do not care at all about their privacy and their rights. I doubt that they will inform them as they are obviously on the side of abuser and possibly they created whole scheme by themselves. My trust in Streamate is lower hour by hour. If you are cam model whose cam show is recorded and distributed by abuser (#metoo) contact me regarding joint law suit, it is free for you as I will take care of all legal costs. For other cam models please stay alerted as it can happens to you as well (despite geographical restriction you have on Streamate these videos are available literary everywhere and in your neighborhood) and please share this so models whose cam shows are abused can find about it and as well as members whose voice is recorded during these cam shows. Law firm will give their best to obtain court order to inform all these cam models whose shows are recorded and uploaded and all members who were joining cam shows that were recorded, as well as to get info who is behind affiliate and behind member’s nick that recorded shows. However that is procedure that can take time so please share this so models are altered as soon as possible or please contact me if you have any info about abusers, that could speed up and make entire process easier. Thank you!

    1 star for software because geographic restrictions does now work on some white label sites that are rebroadcasting Streamate.

    P.S. Case reported to FBI and Seattle Police Department.

    For further follow up and screenshots of tweets of Cam4freecom's admin Ken where he admits that he is the one uploading illegally recorded videos check

    Here is the list of cam models whose videos were recorded and uploaded on
    _loversX 2 videos
    _YourExxtasy_ 2 videos
    AlanaLabella 3 videos
    AmberAndPatrick 2 videos
    Angel_Ranya 6 videos
    Another_Sweet_Couple 2 videos
    Beauty_Anne 2 videos
    Bella_Zigyx 5 videos
    Britneyathome 4 videos
    Callmebadgirl 2 videos
    CandyCouplex88 2 videos
    Capri_Kartel 2 videos
    CassidyNicole 3 videos
    CrystalNJulian 4 videos
    cumcocktail 2 videos
    DearlynHot 2 videos
    DenLina 2 videos
    DominikaNMycki 2 videos
    EmilyGrray 2 videos
    FetishCoupleBDSM 2 videos
    franandDasy 2 videos
    HEMERAnCUPIDON 3 videos
    ImaniANSean 2 videos
    itina_beauty 2 videos
    JackAndJenna 3 videos
    JenniferLil 2 videos
    JessyxJack 2 videos
    JoshAndAlexis 5 videos
    Just4PleasureXXX 6 videos
    LikaAndHerman 2 videos
    LinaAndChad 2 videos
    MadysonMinxxx 2 videos
    Mara_Jade 2
    MasterOfFacial 4 videos
    MAYA_AND_DIEGO 5 videos
    MikeandSofiHot 2 videos
    MileyAndBrad 4 videos
    MoanBaby 2 videos
    NoelleBarbie 2 videos
    PizzaLovers 2 videos
    RedjinaAndRoss 2 videos
    Rose_and_Nick 2 videos
    SarraFoxx 2 videos
    sexy_couple_candy18 3 videos
    SierraLuv 2 videos
    SubmissiveLexi 3 videos
    SweetSexCpl4U 2 videos
    TraceyAndFloyd 4 videos
    UrHotCouple 3 videos
    WildHornySexxx 2 videos
    xxTheBestLoversxx 4 videos
    xxxcouple 7 videos
    YoungWildHot 2 videos

    24 March 2018 - 17:17
    • branigade

      not to mention LiveJasmin

      24 March 2018 - 1:23
    • MiaMia

      LiveJasmin is not doing this, I am on LJ from 2011 and never had my cam show from LJ uploaded online. Also when you are uploading promotional video on LJ you have option to select do you want it to appear on LJ only or on other websites too.

      27 March 2018 - 3:55
    • jezabella69x

      Thank You MaiMai for all your hard work. To take the time to inform everyone and to do all that you are doing is so honorable. (it brings tears to my eyes). I am not a part of this for I have just started, but i do worry about my privacy. Thank You again you Rock!!

      4 April 2018 - 3:43
    • MiaMia

      You welcome! :*

      4 April 2018 - 6:52
    • junonatasha


      4 April 2018 - 15:49
    • SofiaDel

      I am on LiveJasmin since 2013 and my private shows started to appear on many porn sites lately.(since October last year, more precisely) It is not the site doing it, nor affiliate sites. There are recordings of my private chat that are shared. This is happening mainly because sneak peak is not payed anymore. The site is only saying.... we are sorry for your experience, please provide us with the relevant links. I sent tens of links. Not even one video taken down by them. I like LiveJasmin from many points of view but let's be honest. In case you disagree having your profile shared on affiliate sites, you practically cancel the promotion they make for you. So you should get less traffic. But these are not profile shares. They are PRIVATE CHAT shares. Guess what! Not shared by the paying member. Privacy protection from the site: zero!

      21 April 2018 - 23:32
  • branigade
    branigade wrote a review about Liveyaz

    24 March 2018 - 1:26
  • SofiaDel
    SofiaDel wrote a review about LiveJasmin (3 likes)

    Jasmin, my love... or what it used to be! I work here (still) for 5 years now, first year from a studio, independent after. The last 2 years i felt things are becoming unpredictable.
    Traffic: lots of free chat members that never but NEVER said a word or came private. Still... they are always in my room, for my whole schedule, waiting for the amazing opportunity the site gave them: free sneak peaks. I feel the paying member portfolio for independent models is getting more and more difficult to build, even if you spend generous time online. This is due to the fact that Romanian studios that have humongous amounts of models, need to promote them. Therefore, the site makes deals of keeping these models on front pages. Working in a studio, i got the chance to feel that. The front pages are just a few so... independent models, no matter how good they are or what technology they use(i have high tech working tools and a professionally built profile with various pictures and plenty of artistic videos), will try to make themselves seen in the bulk. Even if the support tells you that in order to succeed you have to complete your profile here and there, stay online and tease to attract members, the awards usually go to studio models with very poor profiles that are declared to earn 15K/day and in free they just plant themselves like furniture.
    I strongly believe that independent models should have their own category. There are lots of members that appreciate that.
    Private chat recording: unfortunately, the free sneak peak and the impossibility of blocking them allowed hackers to record whole days of activity, including the moments of Member Chat when you get dressed and maybe blow your nose... All of it, uploaded on sites that don't respond to DMCA rules®ulations. Jasmin seems to be hands tied, and despite of all the requests i made to intervene in the story, no result.
    Support: this is a luck matter. Sometimes you find very receptive people, able and willing to help. Other times, they have no idea what they talk about and give copy/paste politically correct answers like robots.
    The interface is nice and friendly. I love it!
    The model's wall is not easily visible and it is not interactive.
    Paying is always on time and i trust them dearly.
    1. i want to build myself a studio and i don't feel i could help my girls in this crowd Jasmin became. What would be a good site to begin with?
    2. As an experienced independent model, i am still looking for a site that can value quality to replace Jasmin

    22 March 2018 - 22:26
    • branigade

      I didn't review LJ because I cannot give 0 stars. even 1 is too much

      24 March 2018 - 1:24
    • SofiaDel

      Why? What was your experience?

      21 April 2018 - 23:33
    • BabeAlice

      So you think working on Lj as a independent models is not really working?? I just ask because i want to start working on LJ.

      25 April 2018 - 15:34
    • AnastasiaNob

      I myself have been on Live Jasmin after getting my account set up with Daily Pay Services for Daily Payments-When I 1st got on LJ Dec 2017 when my account was freshly new I made around $39 and that was split camming and was only on for 3 hours testing it out. I think I set my rate at the time to $3.49 a min...I was never able to go back on there b/c never had time while my other 2 sites I have been working on to bring me at a much higher ranking on the pages ask for you to stream in there HD Broadcasters for better placement . I got back on there Mid March after over a 3 month hiatus and now my placement is shot (hence none of my nude and non nude profile pics are approved b/c they are not professionally done and I do not ave a professional video to upload so I was probably on the back pages possibly when I 1st started on there anyway. This time around March 2018 and I got on and worked for at least 4-5 hours I managed to make money here and there to finally get my payout and made around $109 with Dec 2017 income added. However, I have noticed now that traffic is not the same when my account was new in Dec and I raised my rate 50 cents higher to 3.99 a minute which matches my other 2 cam sites I work on and now customers complain I am too high and I have noticed it's like pulling teeth on there to even get private shows like my other 2 cam sites I work on. I probably need to find a way to try to work on this site at least 10-15 hrs a week instead of every now and then and find what the best times my time (USA EST) to log in to find paying traffic. I managed this past Sunday to make $10.91 working 4-5 hrs on there. Also I stopped getting on when I went back to LJ in March b/c Support refuses to approve my video quality saying I need to get a better cam (have Logitech C615 &want to get the Logitech C920 but I do not have any money right now to upgrade. Support also will not approve my video quality b/c I am not rich and do not have the fancy cam model bed and the fancy cam model 2 nightstands and fancy lamps like the studio models all have! So they deduct my earnings -5% which is 25% commission when I get shows from the free chat room. Also, Live Jasmin likes to steal ur money by docking you $5 and even $10 at a time for leaving your room for a brief second to run to the bathroom...They took $15-$20 from me in March earnings which pissed me off so I am scared to go work on there like I should. Rule to abpid by if you want to keep all of ur earnings is to log completely out of the broadcaster for Live Jasmin if you have to get up and be away from ur cam even if it's just for 1 minute b/c they will dock you and the penalties will add up!!!

      26 April 2018 - 1:03
    • AnastasiaNob

      I also have noticed a lot of freeloaders in free chat will demand you to stand up, show tits, show ass and as soon as I tell them no nudity in free chat they leave and if I tell them show ass is a $5 or so tip etc they bolt as well. I Also have came across a few customers on LJ in free chat that will want to talk to you for hours in free chat which will make you take away from attention in ur other rooms if you are split camming and also those customers will never pay for a private show or tip you anything and had one of those customers this past Sunday ask me for skype which I denied I have and told him all shows have to be done on the site. I am still trying to figure out this site and how to fit it in with the other sites I work on. i am not ruling it out completely only b/c I feel possibly if I eventually can work on this site regularly and put in the hours I could make more and sometimes dedicating all my time and energy streaming in HD Broadcaster for Streamate (am now on page 2 finally in rankings) with Streamate I never make anything occasionally when I go on and spend hours on SM I could make $20 - yesterday on SM I managed 5 hrs in HD broadcaster and made $29. I am hoping to make Live Jasmin a #2 site in place of Streamate & bump Streamate #3 but have noticed the paying traffic has lowered a lot since Dec 2017 on LJ (Which across the board for me all the sites I am on have had same issue in regards to the traffic.)

      26 April 2018 - 1:24
    • AnastasiaNob

      Also there are customers on there that will frequent your free chat with a screen name of Live Jasmin Admin with a [certain#] and they will repeat over and over you have a Premium VIP Member requesting for a VIP show will you accept? Then they will say it's a skype show but you will be paid thru Live Jasmin! These are trolls on Live Jasmin that are fake customers trying to get you to give them free skype shows. I talked to online support about this and copied and pasted them the conversation and Support told me those were not the real Live Jasmin Admin and when they come into your rooms you will be able to tell the difference with there log in and that Live Jasmin will never ask you to go off the site to do a show for a member which I already knew that is why I reported that customer but LJ has not banned the member b/c every so often when I am on the site I get the same crap from the same fake admin so I tell them he is a fraud and I have already contacted support about him then he immediately leaves until the next time. So annoying!

      26 April 2018 - 1:43
    • AnjaMorganX

      LJ indeed brought a lot of "cheap" traffic, but they also managed to drive away many good paying members by always promoting the same "stereotyped" studio girls...
      Most of my good members told me that they come far less on Jasmin because it became boring to see always the same girl doing the same things...
      Things are still very good for me on Jasmin thanks to my regular, but I realkly hope that they will change their strategy, because at this rythm there will be no paying members left to watch the models of 2-3 studios!
      If anyone from Jasmin reads this, I would love to be able to discuss this during Bucharest Summit! (but please, no politically correct answer like "we do not make any difference between independent models and studio models" or " we promote a glamour image (vip shows and scheduled shows....)"

      14 May 2018 - 6:55
    • brittanyboo

      if you want earn more if u put 1.99 rate it is like magic alot privates, but it is so frustrating for me if i put more thian 2.99 and more , i 10 hours only 1-2 in privates, so much time waste for free.

      9 June 2018 - 1:26
    • brittanyboo

      when i started on livejasmin i even not had a webcam, so try work longer.

      9 June 2018 - 1:29
  • ellekittenxo
    ellekittenxo wrote a review about Stripchat

    Despite a ‘boosted’ rank, I only had one premium in my room. The rest were all freeloaders. On other token sites, I was able to meet goals as a new girl pretty fast. But this site was completely dead for me. I can’t recommend it, though they have a very kind support team.

    22 March 2018 - 8:29
  • DonaDiabla
    DonaDiabla wrote a review about Dicking-around

    Out of business

    21 March 2018 - 12:14
  • JuneRobbins
    JuneRobbins wrote a review about Chaturbate (1 likes)

    Chaturbate is definitely my main house now ! Lots of traffic and men tips very easily. If you're a beginner and you don't know what to do on cam, you have a lots of bots for help (playing roll the dice, tips goal...). Options are very cool (like mute the greys or showing my tips menu) and customers are very polite and respectful.
    You can be soft or even non-nude on the free chat and do pvt at your price or you can block pvt and do the show on the free chat, you can earn a lot in both case.
    Payment is twice a month but you can ask in advance with fees.
    The support is very helpful and fast.
    At firt the broadcast screen seems complicated but you can learn very quickly about all the options. And you can have a moderator (and this option is soooo cool). Any customers who wants to help you can be you moderator and they are very helpful. You can do your show, they'll be here to remind customers to tips, they can kick customers who bother you too.
    I really like this website !

    19 March 2018 - 18:26
    • cb_cntrygrl

      I have been on this site for 5 years I I as a BBW thought I'd just go on for the 'fun of it'.... but this is a great site for all types of people. Men, Women, Couples, Big, small,'s amazing. And their support staff is super awesome. I agree I love the MOD option, though I am picky about who I pick

      29 March 2018 - 20:51
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