Roolons custom porn, challenges and adult kickstarter

Looks like adult business is into a new loop. This time it comes to virtual reality and custom porn. Both of those are fully supported by new market player - On you can sell your virtual reality or regular videos by your own set prices. You can keep 90% of the revenue available to cash out. But besides that there are also the Challenges. With the Challenge, a user publis [...]

DivaTraffic is making traffic easy for models

DivaTraffic is launching a brand new service for models and studios to get more people directly into their cam rooms with the click of a button. Buying traffic can be a complicated process for models and studios, and is most often done by professional media buyers or Cam platforms. Now DivaTraffic simplifies the procedure by providing tools that are very easy to use, and that empower models to ta [...]

Market your website from the beginning

Excellent marketing is key for any website to gain success. When your website promotion is being entirely discarded, it will not attract any visitors whatsoever, and without any visitors your website loses any sense of purpose. Site promotion has to be dealt with in an appropriate way in order to be able to successfully monetize it. This kind of promotion means that you need to maintain a regular [...]

Interview: Mia from JuanBustos

We've met Mia during the WMA in Amsterdam. She works in the business in Columbia for a company called JuanBustos. The Latin American cam industry is growing very fast and most of you might not know, but there are over 40,000 cammodels in Columbia alone. Some even speculate that it will be the new Camcapital of the world. Who are you and for which company do you work for? I am business Develo [...]

How To Maximize Your Twitter Experience

1. Create Your Twitter Name to Match The Persona You Want to Project: Try and use a name that is relevant to your niche. Even if you've already built a following on a name that is a bit off topic all is not lost. You can add a second name to accommodate your profile. Example: Twitter Name @AlwaysReadySuzy can appear as Camgirl Boobs @AlwaysReadySuzy It can be changed at anytime. 2. Learn Th [...]

In the Spotlight with DylanAces

In the Spotlight is a returning topic on WeCamgirls. Today's guest is DylanAces. Thank you for your time and enjoy the read How old are you and where are you from? I'm 45 years old and I live in San Antonio, Texas. Just moved here from Dallas 1 year ago. Do you find your age to be a positive or negative aspect when it comes to being a cam model? I started cam modeling at 42 and thought [...]

Domming for Dummies

Since I got on cam, lots of slaves and male subs came into my chatroom. Usually, I identify as a submissive on the kinky spectrum, but I decided to give it a try! What started with asking my own Dominant about what to say, got more and more natural after a while. It can still make me giggle, but I like it! Because I found Domming a little awkward at first, I'll be sharing my tips and tricks in [...]

Interview: Anthony from LALExpo

LALExpo is the largest Adult Business Event in Latin America. From the 10th till the 13th of July the 3th edtion of will take place in Cartagena Columbia. This interview is with Anthony, the organizer of this show. Don't forget to check out the website Hi Anthony, how old are you and where are you from? I'm 29 years, i was born in New York, but after a few years, my father wanted to return [...]

Interview: Alexandra AW Summit and AW Awards

From the 7th until the 9th of June this year, the third edition of the AW Summit will be held in Mamaia Romania. It is one of the largest live cam industry events for networking, seminars, great parties and of course the AW Award show on the 8th. This is an interview with one of the organizers and PR rep Alexandra. Hi Alexandra, how old are you and where are you from? I am 27 and I live in [...]

Independent Camgirl’s Guide

Rachel has been in the business for quite some time and she wrote a very interesting and useful guide about being a camgirl outside the major sites. It's called Independent Camgirl's Guide. It's a good read, it's realistic and it offers great information for starters as well as the pro's. It's available for purchase at Amazon: --- Being an indie camgirl fo [...]

Vote for WeCamgirls and win a Lovense sextoy

WeCamgirls has been nominated for the second time in a row for the LiveCamAwards as Best Live Cam Community. This year we want to win this award so please vote for us! As a bonus for voting you can win a super nice Nora interactive sextoy by Lovense and we have two of these awesome toys to giveaway! How can you win one of these toys? Go to the voting page for the LiveCamAwards and register or l [...]

You could be arrested. Do you know what to do?

It's not very common. But it does happen. Occasionally camgirls are arrested and charged with lewdness or obscenity. But isn't what we do legal? Well one thing to keep in mind is that you can be arrested even if you are not guilty. The government has to prove you are guilty to convict you. But that doesn't mean they cannot cause trouble in your life short of proving you committed a crime. F [...]

In the Spotlight with Szandora666

In the Spotlight is a returning topic on WeCamgirls. Today's guest is Szandora666. Thank you for your time and enjoy the read How old are you and where are you from? i am 43, gunna be 44 in just a few days. im a cali girl Is webcam modelling your day job? yes and no.. im nocturnal, i hate mornings and take half the day to wake up, so, it's my "night job" How did you come in contact with [...]

Interview: Alex Gheorghe AW Summit and AW Awards

From the 9th until the 11th of June Alex Gheorghe will be organizing the AW Summit in Mamaia Romania. During the summit the AW Awards Gala will be held on the 10th of June. Hi Alex, how old are you and where are you from? I 'm from Romania and 15 years ago I was just 20 years old, still young. How did you come in contact with the cam business? As everyone else , by accident . It's not s [...]

Interview: Beatrice from Camplace

1) Who are you and for which company do you work? My name is Beatrice Kadar and I work for as Partnership Manager. :) 2) How did you get into the adult industry? How long have you been a part of the industry? I accidentally entered the adult industry, actually. :) I was pretty bored with my previous job and I heard about this industry from a friend. He was pretty drunk at th [...]

Jerk off Instruction & the art of Engagement

It was only when I took a good look at the pattern of my camshows over weeks, months, and now years, that I realized just how fetish based most of them are! When I first started out as a camgirl I thought it would be all nude stripping, dancing, dirty talk, with maybe a little foot fetish thrown in for good measure. I know I've spoken about this elsewhere, but it honestly amazes and delights me ev [...]

9 things I learned in my first year as a sex worker

Note: Because DailyDot owns the copyright of this article TSDianaH wrote, we can't publish all of it. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting piece and we wanted to share it with you guys. She shared this excerpt with us and at the bottom you will find a link to the whole article. Identifying the moment that I first became a sex worker is sort of like pinpointing the anniversary of a casual rela [...]

How to Make a Dry Erase Board on the Cheap!

Don't want to pay those outrageous prices for a beautiful whiteboard of your own? Popular webcam games utilize a dry erase board... keeping your customers entertained, while you watch your tips roll in! Besides, this giant 4′ x 8′ board would be a great interchangeable backdrop for any camgirl. Instead of spending $300 for a giant whiteboard or messing with inconsistent paint, here's [...]

Interview: Chloe from ImLive

1) Who are you and for which company do you work? My name is Chloe and I am the Host Representative on 2) How did you get into the adult industry? How long have you been a part of the industry? I first started in the adult industry in 2009 as a customer service representative. I have always enjoyed helping and meeting people from all different areas of the world an [...]

Interview: Alexandra Georgia LiveCamAwards 2015

Alexandra Georgia aka One Great Diva has been in the cam business for eight years and this year she will be organizing a new major event, LiveCamAwards. The first Live Cam Awards show 2015 will be held in March next year in Sitges (Barcelona). Models, camsites, webmasters, studios, affiliates or other live cam related business will be awarded and in this interview we will learn a bit more about he [...]

Interview: Shirley from Chaturbate

1) Who are you and for which company do you work? I'm Shirley from 2) How did you get into the adult industry? How long have you been a part of the industry? I responded to an ad to sell XXX content to adult websites. I applied and got hired. From there I met a website owner who had a network of celebrity based websites similar to MrSkin. They needed someone who had intere [...]

Interview: Robin from Xmodels

1) Who are you and for which company do you work? My name is Robin and I am working for Xmodels as a Studio & Model Manager & Social Media Manager. 2) How did you get into the adult industry? How long have you been a part of the industry? I got in the adult industry by mistake even though I liked to play around as a webmaster before this happened. I never actually thought I would join a c [...]

Bitcoin for cam models

(this article is written by someone from "Bitcoin is money with wings". That is a quote that best defines bitcoin and has been used when trying to explain what bitcoin is, but for the webcamming industry, bitcoin can be better defined as the "token system of the internet". Most webcamming platforms offer the ability to convert dollars into the site's tokens. These tokens are us [...]

Be whatever you chose to be

It is said that Attitude is everything and it is the absolute truth when talking about being a successful Cam Model. It has taken me about two and a half years as a cam model to realize just how important it is, and how to go about preparing myself mentally before I turn on my cam for the day. This mindset applies whether you are an indy model or one who works for a site. In the past I woul [...]

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