EmelieSky published: Why you should NOT use Paypal.
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To warn our members and other cammodels about the potential problems of using Paypal EmelieSky decided to write an article about it. She also gives you good alternatives what you could use instead of Paypal...

Paypal has a zero tolerance towards adult content. If they find out that you use an account for that, you will lose both the account and the money on it. If you have a personal account too, it's possible that you will also lose that one. You can even be black listed and not be able to open up a new account in the future. Many customers know this. They can insist on paying you through Paypal, get their skypeshow (for example) and then contact Paypal and say something about their account been hacked or used by a friend. They can't say that THEY paid for adult material through the service, because then they will lose their account too. They just have to give PP a hint about what's going on. PP is like a blood hound on sniffing out accounts used for this. It's not a question about IF they find out; it's a question about WHEN they find out. Someone WILL eventually "sell you out" to them. 

Other options

Another thing is that your personal information can become visible, often quite easily. Since Paypal is a good service to use online, it's not worth the risk of losing accounts and become black listed. Even if you transfer all the money directly after seeing them on the account, it's not worth the risk. There are other options out there.

  • [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/Dwolla/]Dwolla[/url] (US only. They have confirmed that adult content is okay.)
  • [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/entropay/]EntroPay[/url] (US only)
  • [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/okpay/]OKPay[/url] (Non US) - [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/Paxum/]Paxum[/url] (They have confirmed that adult content is okay.)
  • [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/cCBill/]CCBill[/url] (They have confirmed that adult content is okay.)
  • [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/Zombaio/]Zombaio[/url] (Customized for Adult entertainment industry.)
  • [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/amazon-gift-cards/]Amazon Gift Cards.[/url]
  • [url=https://www.wecamgirls.com/reviews/Bitcoin/]Bitcoins[/url]
  • CosmoPayment" href="/reviews/CosmoPayment/">CosmoPayment
  • ePayService" href="/reviews/ePayServices/">ePayService
  • Your camsite currency.

If you work on a camsite, using that currency is often the best alternative. I think every payment service is taking a small fee, and some of them don't make the payment go through directly. Make sure to read what you sign up for regarding this and how they handle your personal information.

Amazon gifts

Regarding Amazon gifts, if you accept this, the customer can cancel the purchase if it's not shipped yet. Don't see a service as paid as a gift until you have it in your hands. Remember that Amazon can reveal your personal information if the product is from a third party seller. Gift cards are a more secure way to go. Remember that even if some of the services has confirmed that they are okay with adult content, they often have a stipulation about bestiality, child pornography (which can involve pretending to be under age) and obscenity.




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I'm really grateful for this article so interesting, I can not deny that a skypeshow is tempting, but usually offer payment through paypal.
Thank you for the information in this! I knew some of this, but not all.
Thank you for sharing this information, I have paypal as an option for tributes on my own website, which I now will remove. I have though, just received my payoneer mastercard and will be using that for credit payments from my cam site. Thanks again for sharing x
Thank you for the information about BitCoins Dominoxxx. It was an interesting article you linked to.
Great article. I heard rumors about this and it definitely cleared up some questions I had.
Thanks so much for posting this, I am a new camgirl and have thought paypal much easier way to get payment w/o the website taking half,but it seems as if thats a much safer way to go.
This is a great article.Very useful. One thing I'm curious about is what will happen if your cam site finds out you are excepting alternative payments? Will they terminate your model account ? Or are some cam sites ok with this? Being an admin of a cam site myself ,I feel it is distasteful to get the sites members to pay you out side of the website.
In my opinion the models shouldn't be allowed to promote content on the site and then being payed elsewhere. I cant think of any cam site that think different. I honestly don't know exactly HOW they handle it, if they give you a warning or ban you instantly.
I try to stay away from PayPal - it's hard though - the individual agents have the discretion to close any account they want for any reason really. I was involved in an effort where they shut down a charity account buying kids Christmas presents - it wasn't until they got tons of bad press that they back peddled.
Ok so what would you recomeend if not paypal, ???
Getting payed through your current camsite is often the easiest thing, you see the transaction right away. Amazon gift cards are sent through email so they should be a good alternative to but gift cards don't pay bills.

If that's not an option you have to check out some of the payment methods posted in the article and decide witch one suits you best. I only have experience with payoneer and they are not the best alternative for payment of content because of delay and fees.

Most of the payment alternative have fees for various things.
Thank you for the article, I have mentioned paypal because of some sites requiring it i didn't think nothing of it. I have made all my customers pay me only through MFC. I had did call the customer service since i have a business account( i make certain crafts and candies from home), they said if its specified as a gift transaction only there would be no issues ( so if someone turned someone in and you stick to it being a gift transaction the other party would be held accountable for recanting after it being said it was a gift transaction.) But she also said they maybe updating their policies in the future about the "adult" services, so ill keep watch to see if and when that will change, but for now ill keep it as is any services paid through MFC, and if i decide to do Skype they will have to pay through MFC also, Thanks again for this info i love my Paypal account and really don't wanna loose itSmiley :)
for payoneer, do you sign up with stage name or real name? If real name, is there a way to be sure no one will see it?
I got scammed through Paypal my first week camming. I didn't know it was against Paypal's terms of service to do strip tease/dance nude. My fault for not doing the research! A man sent me a fake payment confirmation. It looked real, but wasn't. The email and formatting looked identical to a real confirmation, but the sender was the "client', instead of Paypal.

So beware of clients who want to use Paypal as well! I hope this helps
Thanks for this article. I was just about to set one up whewSmiley :)so glad I saw this in time.
i recommend not using payoneer, there are soo many fees with taking out money and using your card...a ten dollar gas fee turns into 20... I Suggest you get a prepaid card and have them wire the money into the account you get with it! As soon as the money is in your account you can then do your show or your videos that you send out
thank you for the article..nobody tells you everything, you just have to learn it on your own..and believe me..im still learning!! and i have been camming since last October..so thank you very much for taking time for us Smiley (Y)
Wow! I'm a new cam girl and the majority of people want to Skype with me and use PayPal as payment. I started my account but something kept nagging at me not to put my bank info... I guess this is why! Lol. Thank you so much for the info!
I'm new here but im glad that i'm reading this article no paypall for me any more thank you for it.
definitely an honest and well written article emeliesky. thank u I feel and always have felt the exact same way about the whole paypal idea and on my free cams plus many more it is absolutely prohibited to to skype shows and accept money thru another source even tho girls do it ALL the time...I wouldn't risk it. support ur site its your business u r helping right... PCE
thank you very much for posting.Smiley (Y)
Thank you - I'm grateful that Imlive have Payonner as the way my cash is handled. And this article will be very helpful in the future. Thanks again roo x
Thank u for posting this!!
Thanks for the information! I have about two years ago had a paypal account, which I canceled because I did not have good experiences with them.Smiley :@
Thanks for the information! I have about two years ago had a paypal account, which I canceled because I did not have good experiences with them.
Has anyone used itokens as a form of payment for shows? They seem a lot like Bitcoins but for MFC? I wish GiftRocket cards could be purchased with PayPal.
Has anyone used itokens as a form of payment for shows? They seem a lot like Bitcoins but for MFC? I wish GiftRocket cards could be purchased with PayPal.
EmelieSky & SeeMee, I totally agree that if you are working for a camsite, taking customers off the site for payment purposes is a rat thing to do and by no means would I - however - some of us also do indy shows and work hard to promote ourselves (without the help of a camsite), in which case I think this topic is very pertinent. We have to provide our customers a way to pay us. Paypal should not be a consideration -so what other ways are there?
I'm Canadian and the options are more scarce than someone that's living in the USA. At one point I had considered Bitcoin but the more I read about the 'underground web' and the red flags it raised, the less I wanted that burden.
Sorry I wrote a book. For me anyhow, this is an important topic.
I thought I could use chip in and that goes through paypal. NOT! Paypal caught it and froze everything. Thank god they didn't do a chargeback but it could still happen. It's still frozen. They said 180 days.
I'm wondering which ones would be free for customers to deposit and is an automatic load. I use payoneer and it works pretty well but can take days. If a customer is wanting to pay for a Skype show for that moment they don't want to wait for it to load. Then again we don't want charge backs either.

I had a gift only chip in on my MFC profile not too long ago. Which is connected to paypal. It was to help raise money for my new house. It was reported and frozen for 180 days. They have the option to charge back and extra. Eep! Don't use it.
Thought I should add a note to that. Keep in mind that I use payoneer for gifts, as well as amazon, and subscribers to all of my services and merchandise. So it goes beyond private shows. Like I would for a website. (just haven't figured that one out yet) I still promote tokens only when I'm on cam and on that site.
interesting.. they also take money to cut checks.. understandable.. but still annoying.. lolSmiley :P
Great Article - esp. knowing that you can be banned for life from PP and thier diligence in finding people who work around thier rules. I really like the Amazon gift card idea ... all they need is your email - and I get a lot of stuff off of there, so it would never go to waste.

SeeMe: Read the Terms of Use or your Agreement with the cam site. I am sure non of them allow your to promote cam sales off site, that would be entirely unethical anyway IMO - some may allow you to garner transactions off site for goods/services you can not sell on their site. And there are those that do not allow you to have any sort of personal interaction off site (at least you can not give the client another means of contacting you - either via twitter, email - anything) of course, that doesn't stop anyone from doing a Google search for you (which points to the important of keeping the same stage name across platforms). Once you know the terms of use for the site you are working on then you can make an informed decision from there.
Thank you for this! I've always known not to use PayPal, but I stick to sites with built-in payment processors since I have no idea what to do on my own. I'm also Canadian, which is an extra challenge.

Keep in mind that gift cards can be sold for cash, too, so they can pay bills, although possibly at a bit of a loss.
Wow, thanks for the article, I knew bits about this but not all that you said Smiley :) Awesome advice though
Thanks for sharing this !!!
Great Article! I agree. I used chipin which is connected to paypal and thank goodness 1 sub cleared all of my chip ins. What I didn't realize was since it connects to paypal all my real information was released including my home address. Now he was in the UK so it's not like he's going to pick up and be sitting outside my home. Still I was freaking out and so glad no one else chipped in. I did start getting some gifts by mail thoughSmiley :) hehe

Other than that I would never use chip in or paypal again.

I actually prefer giftrocket. All they need is your email and that's it. They pay and you select the method of how you want to receive your funds be it cash in check form, paypal deposit , DD or an actual gift card. This was an epic find! Glad a fellow camgirl brought it upSmiley :)
Thanks for writing...I will stop using paypal from this day forth.
i use paypal to receive payment from cam sites, but how can someone pay for shows with paxum if he doesn't have a paxum acc?
every1 has paypal, but only a few ppl have paxum..
sorry i wanted to say i use paxum to receive payments from cam sites, idk why i wrote paypal.
Payoneer is good but you cant take payments over and over direct to your account from individuals. They will block you. You need to occasionally 'load' your account from a verified Payoneer 'partner' or source that you have verified on your account.
I am also Canadian and I’m in the process of signing up for sky private to do Skype shows I also work on Streamate and have an ( albeit pathetic) many vids account (I’ve only sold one video I don’t know what I’m doing -should a left that one for a bit I guess but my guy really wanted to make porn with me lol) anyways, before I’ve even verified on sky private I’ve got guys contacting me on Skype to do a show with me and it occurred to me that I just need to find a way for them to pay me and I can cut out the middleman - so one guy he asked if I Use cash app ; I know that’s just in the states - I googled what is a Canadian equivalent to cash app and I got Square for taking credit cards and Skrill for having a prepaid and accepting international money transfers. I Don’t know if either of these companies are adult industry friendly and I haven’t read about either of them yet but I’m hopeful does anyone know anything about these and whether or not we can use them for Skype shows from America to Canada

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