From model to secret girlfriend: privacy app – your business leveraging tool

Imagine a world where people openly viewed your content: Checking their phone in bed first thing in the morning; next to their girlfriend/wife; on their commute to work; during a boring meeting; or as their kids are on the playground swing.

If consuming your content was a thing people did out in the open, imagine the hours of traffic you would get, and the endless hours and opportunities for cultivating a personal relationship with your followers and leveraging your income: around the clock, anywhere, anytime.

This, unfortunately, is far from the reality in which you operate as a model. In today’s reality, your content is consumed by your followers in complete discreteness. Your followers’ privacy is the most important thing for them. Only when they’re sure they can consume their model’s content without being seen, getting caught, or risking their intimate relationship, professional identity and prestige, they will log in and enjoy their favourite content and model.

Working in this reality significantly cuts back on your potential air-time for each of your followers, as well as your potential opportunity to develop more personal relationships with your followers, making them your loyal followers. privacy app is changing all that, providing a non-existing Phantom-like mobile app allowing you to communicate with your followers around the clock, anywhere, anytime - with zero fear on their side of being seen or getting caught. app is the first true mobile privacy app, delivering an app that can be used without an icon, cannot be hacked, keeping zero knowledge on the identity of its users and what they do, and allowing to chat, capture, store, browse - without anyone ever knowing.

Using app allows you to leverage your income like never before, by:

1 Providing your followers a bullet-proof platform where they can consume your contents anywhere anytime without any fear of ever getting caught
2 Providing you a platform where you can promote new videos and live streaming via push notifications directly to your followers phone, without any fear or concern, thus boosting your traffic
3 Providing you a secure chat where you can personally communicate with followers of your choosing under complete privacy of all parties
4 Protecting your content safety - using the app chat, you can send files (pics, videos, and files) to followers. They cannot forward the files sent, share, download, or print screen them, meaning - only the person you send a file to can view it.
5 Protecting your safety - using the app chat you can identify yourself using a nickname of your choosing. The app allows no web scraping or other methods of collecting personal data on you.
6 Nickname based chat allows followers to chat under full anonymity.
7 Web apps inside the app provide followers easy access to their CamGirls (and other similar websites) account, and enjoy all the contents - anytime anywhere - carefree of getting caught. privacy app is a match made in heaven solution to models and followers:
Open channel & communication under bullet-proof privacy


Please contact Ronen: [email protected] or send a PM for more information


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Comments (6)


    Sounds great!

    My questions are..

    Is or isn't there a pay out?
    If so, what is it?
    How do we know this isn't spyware?
    How can this be used for our cam sessions?
    How do we know you will not be listening in on our personal calls?
    Are you affiliated with any cam sites? IF so which ones?

    Thank you.

    3 September 2018 - 21:44
  • PhantomPhan

    Hi Topmodel18,

    Nice to e meet.

    please find my comments below:
    1. We do not take any commission from you the model
    2. Please refer to our website or Google page product description. In order to be the best global Privacy solution and keep being such, we keep "Zero Knowledge" privacy policy about users. We save no data
    3. can be used for Private chats with your most loyal users.
    A. You can send them private encrypted messages
    B. You can send them dedicated encrypted Photos and Videos
    C. You can stay in touch with your followers 24/7, knowing that keep your followers safe and your chat with them completely hidden
    C. You can hidden your messages and session invitations to your users via They can use Phantom browser or web apps to view your session in one of the cam sites
    4. Privacy is the core value proposition of and what we believe at. We didn't work so hard to create such product in order to violate our customers privacy
    5. We are not. They can all be accessed via our encrypted browser or web apps feature

    Feel free to ask any further question and mail me direct: [email protected]


    4 September 2018 - 8:54
  • Sophia2017

    Hello, not for IOS i guess? Thanks.

    4 September 2018 - 11:04
  • PhantomPhan

    Hi Sophia,

    Nice to e meet.
    For now the app is available on Android version only. We do have future plans to develop an iOS version tough


    4 September 2018 - 11:12
  • FawnaFuller

    how is this different than

    14 September 2018 - 12:42
  • PhantomPhan

    Hi Fauna Fuller,

    Thanks for reaching out!
    Once trying to find a get a 404 Not Found result. Can you share this product link with me?


    15 September 2018 - 9:39

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