Hardware reviews, part 1: HP Webcam HD 3110

Good webcams are important for a good show. The question is which one to use? What are the pros and cons of different cams and how about the price? Every week well review a new webcam from e.a. Logitech, Microsoft and HP. All cams are in HD of course. The biggest name in the webcam branch is Logitech. They produce great cams and a lot of girls still use the Pro 9000 (which has undeniably been [...]

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We are two enthusiastic webmasters from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) who combined their strengths to build a community network for cammodels (although our name might imply otherwise, camgirls as well as camboys are also welcome). The idea started in 2011. One day a friend of ours, who is a former webcamgirl, talked about her online experiences. When we asked her what she thought of as the most inco [...]

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