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Welcome to our exclusive forum for webcam models! Here's a quick summary of the discussions about Entice Live:

  • Entice Live partners exclusively with ImLive, offering daily pay direct deposit for earnings over $25 USD to models in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. They support female and trans models.
  • Models appreciate the full commission earnings, no fees, and the additional support provided by Entice Live in terms of traffic and assistance with customer service issues.
  • There's a discussion on the perception of Entice Live as a studio and its implications. While some see it as a negative, others appreciate the benefits such as daily payments, and the personal representative support for dealing with platform-specific issues.
  • Concerns were raised regarding the legitimacy of Entice Live, especially with their base being in Las Vegas. However, many models have shared positive experiences, highlighting prompt payments and effective support.
  • Some models faced issues with application rejections or delayed payments, but these seem to be isolated incidents. There's advice on contacting Entice Live directly for resolution.
  • There's a mention of Entice Live not working with certain payment methods like Payoneer and a warning from one user claiming Entice Live to be a scam, advising models to work directly through ImLive instead.

Remember, experiences can vary greatly, and it's important to conduct your own research and reach out directly to Entice Live for any specific concerns or questions.

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