ShanaStorm published: My challenges and successes as a cam model
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I am now 31 yrs old, I started reviewing sex toys about eight years ago, enabled me to amass an awesome collection and much pleasure. One of the girls mentioned that she is a cam model....we talked, she suggested that I could cam with a mask, perhaps wigs or just not show my face. I really couldn't see how this would help me, so I checked some sites, signed up with one, that is "off shore" and I soon found my ID was compromised. Not good, so much trouble that I didn't need! Anyway, I spent some time....really too much, checking the sites and trying to figure out how I could do it! Eventually it came down to money as I so wanted breast implants but the cost was between $6,000 and $12,000, money that wasn't possible from my day job. So....I again took the plunge into camming, v. carefully and deliberately. I signed up with Naked and eventually SM. Still looking into CB as well. I was fortunate that my income was not entirely from camming so after the first few gigs, I developed an "I don�t give a fuck attitude" and don't take any shit! Yes, at the beginning I was tricked into doing free shows by not understanding the system but no more.....I give nothing away for free! At the beginning I did somewhat expose my B cup boobs but that soon stopped. At the same time, I was always interested in doing porn, so I figured that if I could get a few porn shoots I could make my boob goal faster as I was only camming two to three hours a night. I soon realized the porn world is so initial shoot was a rip off in that I had to actually "trick" the producer to pay me. Eventually I found a great agent in LA and he got me about 10 days of work on two different trips. Yes, I made some money, enjoyed LA both times. I stayed with a porn talent in LA who introduced me to her surgeon who did her boobs and I went back for mine on the 2nd trip. I am now a D cup, which I totally enhancement is also great for cam or porn gigs. Shooting porn is really hard work! Always changing positions, the guys are enormous, always ready using Viagra, Cialis or they inject their penis (ouch) with a med that keeps them up, like forever! My vag is somewhat shallow so some of these guys push my limits. Most of the guys are in awesome shape, I so enjoy the eye candy! So do I still cam? Yes, 'cuz I am addicted. I enjoy the hustle, the power I have over the customers that they are not aware of and the satisfaction, I get, from being responsible for "buckets" of cum, lol! I still do get so much sexual satisfaction from camming. But I still have to work under the radar, unfortunately camming is not a resume enhancer, as yet. Now I try to do mostly Skype....prearranged and prepaid, with no refunds for "no shows" obviously less work but more money for me The time sponges here is emailing, arranging and sorting out the guys who think I am for free and think I should be grateful to them for having them wank off on cam; really? I also luv to fight; I did kickboxing, boxing and now MMA. I enjoy them all, also have a black belt in Martial Arts! Camming has alleviated some of my excess sexual energy but more important, I now know my body so much better and I�m more of an adventurous sexual partner. Unfortunately, I have to geo block a large area to protect myself. I am so envious of girls that don't have to do this but everything is a tradeoff, I guess. I have different names both on Naked and SM. Also has to be, as the sites are trying like hell to prevent us from steering guys to our Skype shows which cuts them out. In conclusion, I so wish WCG was available when I started.....I would have avoided so many stupid and costly mistakes.



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Was a great article to read, always interesting to hear someone else's take on the wonderful world of Cam Modeling! Thanks for sharing this, it put a smile on my face this morning.
Thanks so much for sharing! I love hearing about yout insight about parts of the adult world I don't have experience with. Wishing you lots of success!
Great article, so interesting to know more about your experience. I also want to get my tits done, nice to see a success story like yours.
Thanks, guys for reading and commenting. So many times, in this biz, we can feel all alone.Smiley (flower)
Great article. I love reading about how women got into this business and how porn isn't what they thought it would be. Thanks for sharing your stories. Smiley :)

Raven Skye
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Great article!
Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy reading others experiences in the industry. Sending $$$ vibes your way. Smiley :D
It's definitely not an easy place to be in, and I am also very thankful you posted this amazing article. Everyone makes mistakes and you've come so far from them it doesn't even matter now! Smiley (H)
Shana, can't thank you enough for sharing this. You said specifically, that you enjoy the control, the hustle - that really resonates with Me. This is a volatile industry, with few guarantees...I love challenging Myself, and yes, there are failures...but when I damn!
thanks for sharing.. always nice to hear peoples testimonies Smiley (flower)
Thanks for share. I really enjoyed reading it.
Interesting article. thx Smiley (flower)
You're awesome Shana! Cheers to the addiction, I love it too! heh.
YES! Thank you! I am also 31, and love kickboxing, boxing, and MMA! & this, "I enjoy the hustle, the power I have over the customers that they are not aware of and the satisfaction, I get, from being responsible for "buckets" of cum, lol! I still do get so much sexual satisfaction from camming." could've come straight from me. I am new to camming (just started this week) and I am already finding some of these challenges and successes. Thanks for this! Smiley (H)Smiley (flower)Smiley (H)

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