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The webcam world is unique in that it closely mirrors the trends of society and sexualizes many different otherwise overlooked areas of life for fans. Trends like gamer girls, MILFs and more have gotten a big boost from cam girls portraying those genres of erotica, but now we are seeing the open possibility to do even more than that during the global BLM movement that seems to be sweeping its own way around the globe.

In the last few months there has been a significant increase in search traffic and cam traffic associated with terms relevant to the BLM movement. Terms like Ebony Cam Girls, Black Cam Girls, Petite Interracial Cam Shows , and even Sexy Protesters have all gotten a massive amount of new interest.

Ebony Cams has been ahead of the curve when it comes to social justice and the nexus between the way adult entertainment and ethical treatment of performers should always be intertwined,” said Don Baker of “We are proud of the role we play, and of the conscious effort being made by so many ethnic performers on our sites to spread a positive, inclusive, woke message while simultaneously satisfying all the other urges expressed by our audience.”

While the media makes it sound like quite a challenge to discuss matters of equality openly in society, we cam girls are well aware that the challenge becomes much more difficult when you are also trying to keep the interaction sexy at the same time!

“Obviously we aren’t going to host town hall meetings or overtly try to convert people to a more evolved point of view, but there are many subtle things that can be done, and we are doing them,” added Baker. “Some are as simple as changing categories and tags to use more inclusive language. Other are as easy as emailing current customers to help us celebrate important events with Black History Month discounts or Martin Luther King Day celebrations online.

You’ll see plenty of our new cam girls on Ebony Cams are white, because being an ebony cam girl isn’t just about being black, it’s about sharing a common sense of social justice and a willingness to adopt the BLM ethos at a time when your pretty face can become a powerful part of an important solution for everyone seeking to live in a fair, just and free new world.



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what are the payment methods?
because being an ebony cam girl isn’t just about being black, it’s about sharing a common sense of social justice and a willingness to adopt the BLM ethos at a time when your pretty face can become a powerful part of an important solution for everyone seeking to live in a fair, just and free new world
...Smiley (yeah)Smiley (yeah)Smiley (yeah)Smiley (yeah)Smiley _O_Smiley (notme)...Pardon you??? IF being an Ebony camgirl is not about being Ebony what's it all about then? Whats the point in using the word "Ebony"? Do you know what it's like to be an Ebony camgirl? don baker Smiley (puh) to be making such ignorant statements? Were you an Ebony woman ever? Shame on you! Probably one of the most ignorant disrespectful phrases I've read relating to the BLM movement or Ebony Women on any site! I'm one of the first ebony cam hosts online to exist in history and after such an insensitive insulting statement It's easy to see why some of the big names in the Ebony adult industry ARE NOT on your site or promoting your site. Whereas other sites live up to their word to give viewers exactly what they're looking for, it's comedy your in here SHAMELESSLY promoting that you're willing to stoop so low as to operate your site by "bait & switch concepts' in desperation to make money. Smiley (yeah) So your site once known for ebony women (with little traffic & a bad interface), will now be known as a site full of deception with decepticons hired by none other than you - the master desperado of deceit. smh.. You're naive if you think this is helping the hosts you're convincing to be test dummies to this concept without considering the scrutiny they'll endure at a time like this. Or the Scrutiny from viewers & hosts that you wont have to deal with don! You're even more lost if you don't think most of your hosts will end up leaving your site or passing it by, now that it's the opposite concept of what they searched for or why they joined. So If its not about Ebonycams why would Ebony Women work or stay working for someone who would switch up on them, when they can work for stable websites that will continue to consistently respect their category/niche/ethnicity? Smiley :| but of course you won't worry about the after effects of your silly scheme as long as you get your cut isn't it don Smiley :P right Smiley ;) Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?Smiley (Y) is a white lable for Stremate lol

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