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FansRevenue is the #1 influencer marketing platform for adult content creators! Match with top cam brands on our app and make money with your fans! 

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About FansRevenue

FansRevenue is an influencer marketing platform that helps models like you to partner with top cam brands and promote them on social media to their fanbase. With FansRevenue, models like Sania Mallory and Jade Lavoie were able to get an extra 6-figure income just from promoting brands on their socials.

FansRevenue creates opportunities for you to make passive income outside of modeling, making sure that the brands you promote match your lifestyle and your fanbase. 

FansRevenue is a web app available on mobile or desktop, and it’s free to sign up. It allows you to choose the brands you want to promote, track your performance, share adult content on your socials via a bio page tool, and see how much you are making from your promo links.

FansRevenue’s Affiliate Programs

You can browse through affiliate programs on the app from the Brands page. You’ll find offers in industries like

  • live cam

  • dating

  • sex toys

  • health 

  • CBD

  • fashion.

FansRevenue also has its own free link-in-bio tool that you can use to post explicit content or links safely on social media. You set up your bio page from the app in minutes and link it to all your social media pages and external sites. You can also use your bio page to post something on more than one platform at the same time.

Getting Paid with FansRevenue

You have to have reached the minimum payout amount of $100 USD for your payment to be deposited.

The amount of money you make is always shown in USD on the app, but you can get paid in your own currency via ePayServices or Paxum.

There are two payment periods per month:

  • The 1st one starts on the 1st of the month and ends on the 15th.

  • The 2nd one starts on the 16th and ends on the last day of the month. 

FansRevenue uses a net-30 basis to pay its creators, meaning you get paid exactly 30 days after the end of a pay period.

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Dysfuncti0nal wrote a review about FansRevenue
I was unable to save my profile page. I saved it after setting up the links, copied the link to the profile and then tried opening it in another tab. There was an error so I refreshed the original page and it reset to default. There's not even enough affiliate brand options. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not a big creator or if this is the extent for everyone? The fact that there's only 2 payment options and the payout fees are $2-$5 seem kind of weird to me. No where on the website told me whether I had to get approved by brands first to set up my profile or anything. I only got shown affiliate brand offers from a select few cam sites, and mostly male oriented items, so this tells me it's not fully queer and women inclusive.

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