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  • KMH
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    KMH wrote a review about Club Daily Pay (3 likes)

    I've been with CDP since early 2018.
    At first, I was questioning why they were listed under 'Webcam Services' on WCG and emailed CDP for more information, where I found out that they are in fact a virtual studio, technically speaking, but serve as a payment processor.
    In their own words: "Our accounts are studio accounts, we just dont treat them as one."

    "You still own your profile. This means you cant withdraw your own earnings, but we do not own your profile, content, username or tell you how or how often to work.
    No contracts, no nonsense. If you want to leave we release you (as soon as the money we paid you in advance has been withdrawn).
    The only exception is Streamate, they dont allow account transfers, so the account would have to be closed. This means in order to join or to leave our streamate group a new account is necessary."

    Happy enough with this explanation, I joined them under Streamate and Chaturbate and haven't wanted to leave since.

    + Payment
    You can choose to receive your payment daily or weekly simply by contacting them. I have a Swedish bank and any money I've made before midnight arrives in the afternoon later that day. Highly consistent payment schedules. Really happy with this! The fees are also some of the lowest I've seen in a studio/third party at just 6% of your income.

    + Support
    Big shoutout to Jillian for always responding to my emails so quickly!
    CPD upholds a very friendly standard, and even took the time to once send me some personalised suggestions that I took to heart and it ended up boosting my income by an average of $10-$20 per hour.
    What helps my income ultimately helps them, too, though they never pushed their advice or told me that it has to be a certain way for me to continue being with them. I'm incredibly grateful for all their help.

    + Social media shoutouts
    CDP's twitter retweets and gives shoutouts to its members, taking advantage of hashtags like #milfmonday and #tittytuesday to highlight those members. They also post important site news and updates, mainly about Adultwork (the site they started on). Overall, I feel they care. They do their social media right by being personable as opposed to giving off the feeling that a bot is running the account. A small detail to the review, but I like it, so it's going in here.

    ..well, nobody's perfect, but CDP might as well be.

    In the entire year I've been with them, I believe there's only been about maybe 5ish times the payment didn't come the expected day, but a quick email exchange confirms the problem and I'd be told that the payment has been sent right after our conversation. A day late barely a handful of times a year isn't really an issue for me.

    This is my first ever studio, and I strongly feel it's going to be my last, too, as I don't see myself leaving any time soon. Looking for a daily pay alternative to camsites' own payment processors to hold my personal info + accounts was a scary thought, but I'm so glad I took the plunge.

    If you're longing to get your income on the daily but aren't sure where to start looking, I'd strongly recommend Club Daily Pay.

    February 13, 2019 - 14:04