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  • Angela88
    Anonymous wrote a review about Camscapade

    15 August 2017 - 22:39
  • veronica007
    Wizard stars
    veronica007 wrote a review about Camscapade (2 likes)

    Traffic here was terrible. Sometimes no traffic in my room at all for over an hour, then if/when I did get traffic 99% of the time it was anonymous users who don't even chat. How can u convert them to paying members, when they sit there in silence.
    The pay structure made no sense. It's supposed to be 1 token = 0.11, but I've never been able to determine what percentage of that was mine to keep. The math was always different depending on the tokens I had. No token stats to review either - like who tipped how much, when... etc. That always had me suspicious.
    Support was okay. They did always respond to my emails. The tone of the response and how it was handled depends on what the email was about! Problems or complaints were not always handled with the friendliest tone.
    The software was not good, always lagging, sound cutting in and out, video freezing. But it was a little better using Adobe FMLE.
    I tried to give this site a chance since they're brand new. I tried for a long time, was probably way more patient than I should have been. I don't recommend this site.

    2 August 2017 - 4:45
  • LexyGold
    Queen stars
    LexyGold wrote a review about Camscapade (9 likes)

    Unfortunately i find myself in the position to delete my old review and recommendation and make a new one that is not favorable.

    As you all know i have been with Camscapade since the day of the launch and had high hopes for it. I hoped that being in direct contact with the owner will make things run smoothly and have problems resolved quicker. That was only partly true, and not when it came to big issues such as payments!

    Way before they launched we were promise payments by Paxum, Payoneer (First Choice), wire, check etc. When the date for the 1st payment came we learned that we're not gonna be paid by Paxum as promised , and me and many other models that don't live in US were forced to take payment via Western Union, and in my case walk 20 minutes and wait 4 and a half hours in line to get the money. However transfer fees were covered by Camscapade and payment was in time so i considered only a minor issue and i posted a positive review and gave them a great recommendation.

    Few days later though i was told that Paxum was not longer an option at all, the argument being that Paxum was not taking payments from US bank accounts therefore they are unable to load their account to pay us. I recently found out that to be a straight out lie! While Paxum is in fact unable to accept new Paxum accounts from US companies, Camscapade has setup their accounts for the promised methods months before this, as i have been told "they are not as dumb as to setup a payment method without testing it" and all Paxum accounts made prior to that date are able to be funded without issues. When i argued that i cannot keep working on the site if Paxum was no longer an option i was reassured i never need to worry about being paid and offered Payoneer as an alternative. Being the trusting person that i a and went ahead and changed my payment method to Payoneer and kept working.

    Last day of the pay period was great, i made a lot of money and very hyped i asked David if everything was ok and was gonna get paid next day (the 1st, as that was the date they promised to pay on). He told me no problem, and that he will "cash me out in the morning". Morning came and passed all over the globe and i didn't get as much as a reply. When the day ended i contacted him again so see what's going on and was told that weekends are not pay ok.. i have always received Payoneer payments from the other camsites over the weekend without issues but ok. Then an e-mail was sent out letting us know Payoneer was no longer an option! That made me worry a lot but not as much as him telling me i will not be paid until after the 4th of the best case. Even so, on Monday some of the models were paid and i became aware of that and demanded my payment. David claimed to be in the process of taking care of my payment so i waited a few more hours, without any other news from him. I insisted again on being let know what's going on and was briefly made aware that 50$ is not the same with over 500$ (the amount i was being owed) and that he only said he tried to pull those money together, not that he actually will. Omg at this point i am getting very mad especially after not sleeping and eating for the past 3 days. So i am hold responsible for earning more than 50$ and punished by not having MY money sent?? Really? The only other reply i got was that i should go to sleep cuz he's too busy having to hop on a plane to go save his marriage. really???? i should go to sleep when the roof over my head is in danger while you spend my money on plane tickets? fuck that!

    Well after that it has been 8 days without any reply. on the 8th day i sent an e-mail to camscapade suport and in a few hours i received a reply asking for my paypal . Since i don't own a paypal account anymore the only other option offered to me was Western Union and i said ok, but please make sure to convert the dollars to my local currency because here they are not able to find US dollar payments in the system, i need to tell them the amount in my local currency. After a few more long hours and another email from me..what do you think happened? they have sent me the payment details, in US dollars, and the transfer fee was held!!! So even if last pay period i was promised to never be charged for transfers because it's their fault they were unable to pay by the fee less options they have promised at the beginning, now i did not receive the full amount of money i worked for!! This is not all. As i they are unable to find $ i had to go to 3 different banks until i found one where the manager was nice and stepped in to help me get my money, but..what do you know, i lost another 60$ in conversion fees. all in all i lost over 120$ of my hard earned money because of a site that promised to always have the models' best interest at heart and always make it's models happy. Now don't get me wrong, David has sent us lots of bonuses and tips over the course of this month so i should not be complaining, but when you expect to receive XYZ$ and you receive XYZ - 120$ ,12 days late, you can't be happy. If they had taken care of setting up their accounts (Paxum and Payoneer)prior to launching as any responsible camsite does, none of this would have happened.

    What i have been through with this site is awful, and somehow i am still being accused of having something personal against them. Trust me, i am happy i was finally paid and i just wanna forget all this ever happened, but i have to think of other models that still work there or others that consider joining, i want them to be fully aware of what they are getting themselves into. It's my duty as a camgirls of over 6 years to let others know what's really going on. Maybe some of you are not able to splitcam and wanna make Camscapade your home site. Maybe some of you are very new and have no idea what's normal and what's not. I just think everyone deserves to know the truth!

    Software gets 2* because there's some very big issues with it. your topic and goal will reset everytime you need to refresh , and it really sucks if you have a goal going because you lose all the progress. Users are not sorted by tokens in the room and you're only able to see 5-6 in the list as a time, so if a user with tokens join he will be lost in the crown and you might miss him. Happened to me. You do not get an earnings counter which sucks if you wanna keep track of what you earned that day. On the website, they count every single anon and the time he spends in your room so the actual earnings are lost , you need to look for them in 100 pages of entries. There's no way to check the earnings for a certain day either.

    Traffic only gets 1* because there isn't actually only get some anons if any... once in a blue moon a user with tokens will show up...but not necessarily spend. You can't make a living on the site!

    I think it's pretty clear why my rating for payment and support is only 1 star.

    This is my honest review and my personal opinion. I really hope they get their shit together and no other model has to go through this! Good luck all!

    P.S. for any and all of you that think to contest my review, i assure you i have evidence for everything i said , and even though my intention is not to bring any harm to this camsite's reputation, the things i can further post are able to do that to an extent nobody wants to find out.

    13 July 2017 - 22:10
    • Xandra

      Ive never had plan join this camsite but its terryfying what I read Smiley :O

      14 July 2017 - 0:44
    • Yukka

      The bait hides the hook... Thanks, Lexy! You really saved some of us from making a mistake.

      14 July 2017 - 12:00
    • deleted

      im so happy i didnt got online on it . It sounded weard from the first time ... Im sorry for ur bad experience . Wish you a lovely day !

      18 July 2017 - 11:17
    • TOPMODEL18


      19 July 2017 - 1:51
    • HotAn

      Thanks for your review Lexy. Btw, your english is spectacular!

      29 July 2017 - 16:08
    • LexyGold

      thank you HotAn!

      30 July 2017 - 1:58
  • nickynewport
    Hero stars
    nickynewport wrote a review about Camscapade (1 likes)

    so i just tried the camscapade site out and it snot the worst thing ever! the gui is a little wonky and there were only 3 other people broadcasting but i managed to pay for lunch and smokes without anyone asking me to fist my ass. 2 thumbs up!

    5 June 2017 - 22:31