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Only 19 days left to get the extra referral bonus!

The 10 USD promotion for referrals will change back to 5 USD on the 1st of April, so hurry and grab those extra few bucks! ( All referrals that are verified before the first of April, will be worth 10 USD. All the referrals who are verified after the 1st of April will be worth 5 USD again. You can request a payout when you have 10 verified referrals.)

The European Summit: Barcelona

Last weekend Rutger and I went to the European Summit, the B2B conference for the online entertainment industries in Barcelona (well technically is was in Sitges a small coast town near Barcelona) to see if we could find some new sponsors, attend seminars and to do some networking. The hotel where the conference was held had already been fully booked, so we stayed at the hotel next door. When we arrived on Friday afternoon it was raining. Coast towns like this are not nice in the rain and since it is not the busy season yet the whole town just sends out a sad vibe. We were in time to attend the 'meet and mingle' though, so when we got our goody bag (filled with mostly useless stuff) it was time to meet people and talk about WeCamgirls. The meet and mingle was followed by a sponsored 'happy hour' (and there were lots of those during the weekend) and after that, we decided it was time to eat. We met up with two people from Glispa who knew Rutger from other conferences and we wanted to check out some restaurants. Being from the Netherlands where everybody eats at 18:00 we were quite hungry, although it was already 19:30 no restaurants were open yet. After a long stroll we ended up in a tapas bar, where they had excellent food. The Spaniards who were enjoying their food and drinks where looking at us in a weird way (and with a bit of disbelieve I think) at the amount we ordered because they go there to eat just a few of them before they go out to dinner. For us it was our dinner. After the tapas we went to the first party that was sponsored by Reporo (which included an open bar). Drinking and networking isn't the best way to do deals, but it was a lot of fun.
After a decent breakfast on Saturday it looked totally different outside. The sea was a bit calmer and a little bit of sunshine did wonders. We started out with the speed networking event. Most of the attendees were mobile payment providers and no use to us, but talking to 19 people in just one hour was an interesting experience. We also attended a seminar about white labels (always interesting) and Rutger did a SEO clinic (about Search Engine Optimization) while I was meeting with people from Pussycash (ImLive) and FriendFinder Network ( In the meantime we also had to eat. For lunch they had a buffet with excellent burgers and sandwiches (All sponsored of course. The energy drinks where even relabeled by 'juicy adds', because they sponsored them). After a day of a lot of talking it turned 17:00 and that's when the happy hours start again (till 21:00 if I remember correctly). An open diner started at 21:30 but that was a bit too late for us. We went to the tapas bar at 19:30 where we stuffed ourselves again with all kinds of ingenious creations. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to do a bit of work (answering mails and so on) and to relax a bit. The party we wanted to attend started at 23:30 so we had a few hours to kill.
This party was at the Sweet Pacha. It turned out to be a really nice club and it is part of the famous Pacha franchise (they told me that it was the original one, from where it all started) but it wasn't very cheap. At the door we got tickets to only get two drinks, but it was a great night though! Nice music, a great atmosphere and the people we had been talking to that day of course. When we got to our hotel it was quite late. Luckily for us we could have breakfast till 11:00. The last day went by quickly as well. After breakfast we packed our bags and went to the conference hotel. We met up with AWE (LiveJasmin), Campoint (Visit-X), Cam-content (Live-Strip) and a few other interesting businesses. We also met up with an interesting adult store, so there might be new lotteries soon Smiley :). They were also handing out new goody bags. This one contained a sponsored penis pump (always nice when you have only hand luggage and they want to see what's in your bag) At 17:00 we decided that it was enough and we shared a cab with a fellow dutchie back to the airport. It had been a great experience. It was interesting and I hope we have some new contacts to work with. We came up with a couple of new ideas (that have to be fine-tuned though), but it was exhausting as hell!

Looking for Beta testers mobile site

Next month its WeCamgirls one-year anniversary and to celebrate this we've put a lot of work in creating a nice and clean mobile website so you can keep in contact with all your model friends wherever and whenever you are. Your suggestions have been vital for the growth of this site and we value your input. That's why we need some Beta testers for the mobile site. Do you have a smartphone and are you interested in testing the latest version? Apply to be a Beta tester and contact Rutger so you can tell us what you think, what we could improve or what we should change.

Rates on CamgirlCollective

When you have added rates to your profile, you and your customers can now see what your rates per minute are by hovering over the rates table. Customers can now browse all the models based on their rates.

Being featured on the homepage of CamgirlCollective

We've made a few changes on the CamgirlCollective homepage by adding a new Featured Camgirls block. Do you want to be featured too? It's easy. On your camgirlcollective profile there's a new link "Vote for ...". Just ask your customers to click this link and the top five models with the most votes are automatically featured. Every week the votes will be reset, so everyone has a chance to be featured!

Anyone up for some link trades?

Trading links is a great and cheap way to please Google. If you have your own website or blog, please let us know so we can trade some Smiley :) When you put a link of WeCamgirls on your website, we'll add you to our list of useful links.

Adjustments regarding reviews

We made some adjustments regarding how reviews are shown. Since it is a very interesting part of the site, we gave it it's own menu button. It's now easier to view the reviews of the different sections (camsites, payment providers, studios and content selling sites) and to see how many reviews there are about that site.

This was the last lottery...

I'm sorry to say that MyAdulttoystore has stopped sponsoring us. We want to thank them for all the cool stuff they made available to us. If somebody knows another shop that might be interested, please let us know.

This weeks item to win

MyAdulttoystore, a great store with lots of toys, lingerie, cool goodies and much, much more, is willing to sponsor WeCamgirls with some awesome items to give away! This week we have another lottery and the winner gets the WET LOOK HALTER AND CROTCHLESS PANTY. What if you don't win? Not to worry, all WeCamgirls members get a 10% discount on MyAdulttoystore when they purchase an item. (just use the code: WeCamgirls at the checkout) What do you have to do to win? Not much. It will be a lottery (next Thursday) and you only have to be a verified member. The winner will be contacted and than they can claim their prize at MyAdulttoystore.

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