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Where to promote yourself?

If you want to be known as a webcam model you need to promote yourself. A good way to do this, is by making use of free social network sites. There are of course the general network sites like Twitter and Facebook, but there are also more adult related network sites like Xpeeps or Rudespace. I made a list of interesting sites where you can promote yourself. If you have any other websites, just let me know and I'll add them.


Yesterday I did an interview with JasmynCumms on cam. We want to make the interviews a returning topic. If other girls are interested in an interview, just sent me a PM. This was the first interview I've ever done. After I'd seen the video I realized I have to work on my skills. If anybody has any other tips or suggestions, just let me know.

Where to sell your videos?

I added some websites where you can sell your videos. You can find them here or under resources and then useful links. For most sites I also added what you can make for each video (they work with percentages though). Any other websites that are interesting to add?

Improving the user experience

The last week we've been working on the improvement of the usability of the site. We're trying to make it more user friendly and the experience more intuitive. If you think it could be better or if you have any other suggestions, please contact us.

All articles are welcome!

Have you ever written (or do you want to write) a nice article about camming, tech or some other cam related business, let us know! We'll be happy to publish it on WeCamgirls. You'll be getting all the credit of course.

Become a verified member!

This community is for camgirls only. How do you know if others are camgirls and not just guys who pretend to be? You don't, and that's why we have a verification system. It's easy and will just cost you a couple of seconds. Help us built a clean community. Get your account verified so people know that you're for real!

Welcome on

Welcome on WeCamgirls, the first community for camgirls (and camboys). I really hope you like this website. I'll do anything to adjust the site to your needs. Just let me know if something is not working right or if you have any suggestions. Or complaints Smiley :)

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