New achievements!

We've added two more achievements. You get the "Butterfly" achievement if you work on three or more sites. The other one has to do with the amount of people visiting your profile. (100 page views and you get "Outgoing", 500 page views and you get "Exhibitionist" )

Who works where?

Want to know which camsites members of WeCamgirls work for, but you don't want to visit all the profiles? It's now possible. Just go to the camsite section in the menu and pick a camsite. You'll see we've added "WeCamgirls Members:" followed by a number. Click this number and find out which models are working there Smiley :)

(it's also possible to sort the camsites by the number of WeCamgirls members that work there)

Cool items to win!

We're happy to announce that MyAdulttoystore, a great store with lots of toys, lingerie, cool goodies and much, much more, is willing to sponsor WeCamgirls with some awesome items to give away! This week we have a little lottery and the winner gets this Q set from the Sensual Leather Collection (Sexy, exciting and alive. One size fits most.).

What if you don't win? Not to worry, all WeCamgirls members get a 10% discount on MyAdulttoystore when they purchase an item. (just use the code: WeCamgirls at the checkout)

What do you have to do to win? Not much. It will be a lottery (next Saturday) and you only have to be a verified member. The winner will be contacted and than they can claim their prize at MyAdulttoystore.

Just a little fun fact...

Once every few weeks or so I check the statistics for the chat and you guys make good use of it! The last two days 2000 messages were send using the personal chat and 1000 messages using the general chat Smiley (Y)

Looking for new articles.

Do you have an interesting story you've written down, great advice or an epic camrelated tale? Please contact us, we're always looking for new articles. Maybe there's already an author within you, or maybe you simply haven't tried yet! This is your opportunity to shine and share here on What do you get? Eternal fame, lots of pride and a cool new badge Smiley :)

(or you could also simply leave a suggestion over here.)

New achievements!

We've added some new achievements. You can earn them for sending private messages (PM), articles and if you use the "my earnings" tool Smiley (yeah) (hooray).

Did you already write an article, send some PMs or used the "my earnings" tool? No problem, you still get the badges for everything you did in the past Smiley :)

Links on CamgirlCollective

We've fixed some bugs with the links on CamgirlCollective. If you add a link you have to use http:// otherwise it won't work. We also checked if all the camsite links were working and we fixed the ones that weren't.

When you create a profile be sure to check if the links are working and check the username you fill in. A lot of links only work if there's a _ between your first and last name (but this depends on the camsite).

If you still find things that somehow don't work, let us know! was at Webmaster Access in Amsterdam

Last weekend the annual convention for adult webmasters took place in Amsterdam: Webmaster Access 2012! was there and did a lot of networking with some of the big camsites. Everybody loved the idea of a community that's only for webcam models! They were also impressed by the number of camgirls that's active on our site.

Right now we're working on some great deals to get some extra promotion for WeCamgirls going on. We're always looking for extra members!

Minor changes on Camgirl Collective

As requested, we've added some extra cupsizes and you will get email notifications when somebody sends you a PM. We also made a few changes with the age categories. We compared some other sites and Grannies are now from 55 and up. Teens are still from 18 till 22. Although this is technically not correct, people who look for teens, are basically looking for younger women.

Better notifications

We did a bit of work on the notifications. Replies on posts will show up on your to do list and in the notification screen at the bottom. It's also possible to view the last 25 notifications in the notification screen by clicking the magnifier symbol.

Private Messaging with fans on CamgirlCollective

You can now receive private messages from your fans on CamgirlCollective Smiley (Y)

You can also reply to those messages so you can have complete conversations.

We're working on the option to send bulk messages to all your fans at once.

We're also working on notifications by e-mail when you've received a new private message. Since both systems are on different websites it's a bit more complicated.

In your settings tab on your profile page you can uncheck the option to receive messages from fans, if you don't want to bothered by them Smiley :)

Member system on CamgirlCollective

The commercial profile you can create on CamgirlCollective, now has a member system!

Customers can sign up and keep track of their favorite camgirls.

We're working on functions like private messaging, wall posts and pictures only viewable by fans. Camgirls should be able to send bulk messages to their fans and stuff like that.

Camgirls can opt-out for private messages and wall posts in case you don't want those.

Commercial profile launch!

All verified members can now create a commercial profile page! It will be a great opportunity to show customers where you work, when you're online and you can also use it to start off as an independent cammodel Smiley (Y). There is also quite a bit of customization. You can choose a template, the font for the titles and the font for the content of the profile.

There is still some work to do (and all suggestions are welcome) but we were eager to launch and to learn what you all think of it.

Check it out and create your profile!

(the back-end system of the commercial profile is handled from within WeCamgirls, and because we don't want any customers here, the customers go to to see it)

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