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LOLA is an adult website that earn you cash chatting with strangers. It's discreet and completely anonymous!

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  • LilyCherry
    Novice stars
    LilyCherry wrote a review about LolaNextdoor (1 Likes)

    Now this site is called LuckyCrush. I like the site and the idea, as a payed Chatroulette.
    It's only allowed for woman for the moment.

    Minimum payment is $50 and you can request it whenever you want.
    Traffic is good, but you have to keep in mind that this is not a room, it's a random 1-1 video call/ chatroulette.

    You can get your money by SEPA wire transfer, a lot of e-wallet options (Paxum, epayservices etc...) and Bitcoin.

    How much money can we make?
    100 points = $0.1

    300 points/min spent with a free user (They are automatically "blocked" after 1 min of free trial).

    350 points/min spent with a premium user (1 min).

    400 points/min spent with a premium user (>1 min).

    The longer you retain a user, the more money you earn.

    You can start half nude (topless), but never full naked. It's allowed to not show your face.

    It's a funny option if you want to have an anonymous profile.
    I really like the site, I don't waste time looking for increase my traffic, because the site provides me and there's not camscore or whatever than can make you lose traffic. Just the same opportunity to every online girl.

    The sites provides a personal support assistance by email and Telegram, and a Telegram channel and Telegram team group.

    The only think maybe I don't like is that they have no an affiliate program, but anyways.

    I recommend it.

    November 13, 2020 - 17:30
  • EvaHeaven
    Overlord stars
    EvaHeaven wrote a review about LolaNextdoor (3 Likes)

    The site might be good but they don't send the payments. I work there since January and I received nothing . The Support is not answering to my messages. I don't recommend it

    March 28, 2019 - 9:10
    • Paisleyluves

      That's very unfortunate and disheartening.

      April 1, 2019 - 18:28
    • EvaHeaven

      The site will be closed soon. I received a payment and a answer

      April 2, 2019 - 13:45
  • bunny1847
    Anonymous wrote a review about LolaNextdoor

    February 12, 2019 - 14:20