Tristan published: In the Spotlight with MsLadyMonroe
[i]In the Spotlight will be a new returning topic on WeCamgirls. Today's guest is [url=]MsLadyMonroe[/url]. Thank you for your time and enjoy the read![/i] [img][/img] [b]How old are you and where are you from?[/b] I am 20 years old, and I am from Southern California - Los Angeles area. [b]Is webcam modelling your day job?[/b] Webcam modeling is currently my day job. I was an exotic dancer for a year while in cosmetology school before I became a webcam model. [b]How did you come in contact with the cambusiness?[/b] The strip club I worked at while at school had a webcam studio behind it, the girl who is the manager and now co-owner of the studio, Anita Blue, used to dance at the club and she recruited me. I still dance at the club here and there but I now mostly webcam. [b]How would you describe yourself as a camgirl?[/b] I would describe myself as flirty and fun, girl next door, and very sensual. I really like to be someone's "virtual girlfriend". [b]Where can we see you and how long have you been working there?[/b] I started on [url=]KinkLive[/url] in Nov of 2013. I just started working on [url=]Streamate[/url] as of March 2014. I've tried a couple of other sites but kink and [url=]Streamate[/url] prove to be the most useful to me right now. [b]Have you also been working on different sites?[/b] I've tried [url=][/url] and [url=]LiveJasmin[/url]. Both were a little confusing and hard to figure out so I didn't care for them. I am also starting to do Skype shows. [b]Do you also have a personal website?[/b] I don't have a personal website, I am thinking about setting up my own in the near future. [b]Do you have a special room prepared in your house for your shows?[/b] Like I said before, I webcam from a webcam studio that does room rentals (they let us webcam from any site, including skype). I did post an ad on the forum for it if anyone in my area is interested. Everyone there is like my family, I love them. Eventually one day I would like to have a room set up for webcamming, but I currently live with my parents - so that's not possible right now lol. [b]How was your first modelling experience?[/b] My first webcam experience was actually pretty easy for me. I've done some porn in the past (taking a break right now) so I already had some experience in the adult industry. I would say that webcam is literally a cross between exotic dancing and pornography. I've learned a lot from both industries and apply it to my webcam job, and its worked wonders. [b]What�s the most appealing thing about your job?[/b] The flexible hours are great. The ability to make someone's day better(my clients) is a really good feeling. Its a huge confidence booster. Also the webcam studio I work at, everyone there is literally like my family. The owners Dave and Anita are really really good people - which is hard to find with studios. And all the girls that work there are so sweet. I see these people everyday, and because every one is so nice and drama free, it makes my job that much more enjoyable. [b]What do you like least about your job?[/b] I don't like that it can be very unpredictable. Like in a strip club, it can be a hit or miss with how busy it will be. Some days are really good, and I make a lot of money. But then there are days where I don't make shit, and that can put a damper on my mood. But I just keep my head up and try to push through. I remind myself that I do this so I don't have to sit at a damn cubicle for 8 hours a day or stock shelves for $8 an hour(California min wage) which to me is hella boring. Id rather have this fun job where I can make a lot of money and set my own hours, than work for someone else and make next to nothing. [b]Do you have a funny story or experience to share?[/b] Hmm well working at my cam studio is always a comedy show! Every single person I work with has their own quirks and such so there's always funny shit going on. As far as webcamming goes I do have one funny story. Me and my girlfriend Kiki Starr who I webcam with (whose also been my best friend since middle school) were doing a GG show on KinkLive one night, and we were in a Play Session(kind of like Streamate's Gold Shows) where a customer had her handcuff me behind my back (I was naked), rub me down with coconut oil, and stuck an apple in my mouth like I was dinner for a luau. Then she had to "rub me down" to "prepare me to be cooked" and tickle me, and I scream loud when I get tickled. Meanwhile, Anita's friends The Chorizo Brothers were doing their radio show in the living room that they do every week at the studio, and everyone stopped what they were doing to see what was going on in our cam room. During that entire part of the session we probably had like 10 people standing outside our door taking videos with their cell phones. It was the most hilarious night ever. I still have one of the videos up on my Instagram, and I still crack up every time I watch it. [b]What are your plans for the future besides cammodelling?[/b] Well my webcam manager Anita Blue, whose also been a porn star for 10 years with well over a 1000 films under her belt, shes in the process of starting up her own empire called "Pervia". Its going to consist of a porn production company, two webcam sites: and camsofpervia. As well as all kinds of other goodies shes coming up with and Im gonna be on her team to help her with all of that. Im really looking forward to being a part of something with her since shes become one of my best friends. The construction page for is already up if you all wanna check it out. Its going to be a great empire to be a part of. [b]Any tips for new camgirls?[/b] My tips for new cam girls would have to be to only do this if you absolutely enjoy it. Be smart about it, don't spend all the money you make, put some of it into savings or investments - something I'm trying to work on. And also try to make something of yourself in the industry - create a persona and empire for yourself. Make it so you can make money for the long run in this. And my most important tip would be to not let a boyfriend or significant other stop you from doing something you love! If webcamming is something you love, and they say they love you - they should be ok with you doing it! Never let anyone hold you back from being you and being successful. If you're around people who try to hold you back - get them out of your life. They're no good for you. The good people for you are ones who try to build you up! Miss Anita Blue herself can speak from experience on this one!



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One of the best interviews that i have read!!!
I will have to agree with you ^ pandora! I really liked this one.

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