TSDianaH published: 9 things I learned in my first year as a sex worker
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[i]Note: Because DailyDot owns the copyright of this article TSDianaH wrote, we can't publish all of it. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting piece and we wanted to share it with you guys. She shared this excerpt with us and at the bottom you will find a link to the whole article.[/i] Identifying the moment that I first became a sex worker is sort of like pinpointing the anniversary of a casual relationship that later became serious. Do I count the first time I opened up my apartment to sex work? Or the first time I actually took a fee and saw a client? If we go from that last starting point, I began my career as a sex worker a little more than 13 months ago. Here�s what I�ve learned in my first year on the job�and what you can learn from my mistakes. [b]1) Sex work means different things to different people. [/b] Sex work is a variety of different business lines within an industry. It�s not necessarily just prostitution, and it�s not necessarily illegal. I consider in-person sex work to include services like exotic dancing, erotic massage, escorting, brothel work, fetish companionship, and outdoor prostitution. These differ from other forms of sex work, where the consumer does not meet the provider in person. Porn, exotic and erotic photography, phone sex, and live-sex webcams are a few examples of non-IRL sex work. It�s a mistake to consider all sex work to be the same, or to take one person�s perspective of sex work as authoritative. Follow link for the rest of the article: [url]http://www.dailydot.com/lifestyle/my-year-in-sex-work/[/url]



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Wow! Great article.
Very relevant.
Thanks so much for sharing the snippet and the link to the full article.
Please keep posting your 'finds' =)
Thanks JoyKitten!
Great article
Really great article....being a cam model as well as doing some porn gigs, I hav played games with myself regarding being a sex worker.....which of course I am, even though part time! Smiley :O
Very nice read! Thank you!
Interesting read. I could identify with a few points. Lately I've been surprised how I attached value my 'inventory' as it has worth to clients and real quantity limits. :-P
Great read and find thanks!
This is great. I love reading useful advice from other trans women.
Awesome Great Article
Thank you TSDianaH for this article ! Smiley (K)Smiley (K)Smiley (K)
This article makes some good points, but I found the parts about experiencing male privilege to be disturbing to say the least. If that's how you feel, fine, whatever. But this ideology is something a lot of feminists use to completely invalidate trans women, and put us in huge danger, making us susceptible to violence. Again, I understand that's just your personal experience, but think twice about the harm you're doing before spreading ideologies that directly harm trans women. I don't really have the wherewithal to explain this properly but if you are cis and reading this article, please do not think for a second that trans women experience male privilege. Just because one of us bought into the radical feminist trash that a lot of cis women love to spew doesn't mean all of us have.

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