Welcome to the discussion on the intricacies of declaring one's occupation as a self-employed webcam model in Europe. This thread offers a variety of perspectives and suggestions on how to navigate the delicate balance of being truthful without being too specific, ensuring privacy and professionalism. Here’s a summary of the advice provided by our community members:

  • Considering labeling oneself as an influencer or a model was a common suggestion, providing a broad yet professional categorization.
  • Some members proposed the title digital creator, which encompasses a wide range of online activities and content creation.
  • For those outside of Europe, using the term model was mentioned as a suitable and nonspecific option that has been beneficial in various professional and personal scenarios, including financial transactions like automobile loans.
  • A unique approach was to declare as a Livechat & phone agent, especially for those engaged in both camming and phone sex operations, blending roles into a single, less revealing title.
  • The term content creator was also highlighted as a fitting description that captures the essence of creating various types of online content without delving into specifics.
  • Lastly, for those seeking to maintain an even higher level of vagueness, “other personalized service” was recommended as an option that keeps the nature of the work ambiguous.

The thread concludes with a note of appreciation from the original poster, acknowledging the valuable insights and support from the community.

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