Welcome to our professional forum! Here's a quick summary of the latest discussion that's creating a buzz:

  • Boleynmodels, a known entity in our community, has announced its comeback with significant updates and improvements.
  • The platform has successfully onboarded "adult friendly" banks and a direct payment system, aiming to alleviate previous payment and banking challenges.
  • While initially considering a narrowed focus on Streamate, Boleynmodels faces ongoing discussions due to accounting issues. However, collaborations with other sites have been positively reinstated.
  • Members are seeking clarification on whether specific partner sites, such as yoursafe and cosmo, are included in the renewed setup.
  • There's a general intrigue about the feasibility of using traditional banking services within the adult industry, sparking discussions on financial practices and partnerships.

This thread is a valuable resource for keeping up with industry updates, understanding financial arrangements, and discussing the future direction of partnerships. Join the conversation to share your insights and experiences.

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