Welcome to our professional forum for webcam models. This thread is dedicated to discussions about Streamate, a popular platform in the webcam industry. Below is a summary of the conversation highlights:

  • Many models are experiencing significantly low traffic and earnings on Streamate, with some reporting days of making little to no income despite being online for hours.
  • There is a general sentiment that the platform is not as lucrative as it used to be, with comparisons made to other sites where models feel they can earn more for their time.
  • Concerns are raised about the platform's high commission rate and the impact of constant contests pushing regular models into the background.
  • Some models have decided to stop using Streamate altogether, opting instead for platforms like Stripchat and SoSpoilt, citing better traffic and earnings.
  • A response from a Streamate representative suggests models try adjusting their schedules and improving their show's quality to compete better. However, this advice has been met with frustration, as many feel the issues with the platform extend beyond individual model performance.
  • Discussion also touches on the challenges of working on token sites, the influx of new models affecting visibility and earnings, and the importance of not relying solely on one platform for income.

This thread serves as a space for sharing experiences, offering advice, and discussing alternatives to Streamate. Whether you're new to the platform or a seasoned model, your insights and contributions are valuable to the community.

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