Forum members have shared their experiences and suggestions on acquiring Lovense products in Serbia, given the challenges with shipping restrictions. Here's a summary of the recommended avenues:

  • has been mentioned as a viable platform to purchase Lovense products, with members successfully ordering from the Lovense store there.
  • Directly contacting Lovense’s customer support could provide updated information on authorized retailers or potential solutions for purchasing their products in Serbia.
  • Exploring local adult shops or online marketplaces with international sellers might unveil alternative options for obtaining Lovense toys.
  • Investigating package forwarding services is suggested as a method to circumvent shipping limitations to Serbia.
  • A specific product link to the Lovense Lush 3 Stimulation Vibrator was shared, potentially offering a direct purchasing option for Serbian members.
  • Private messages among members may contain personalized advice or specific retailer information not publicly shared.

Members are encouraged to keep in touch with Lovense and retailers for any updates regarding the availability of products in Serbia and to share any new findings with the forum.

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