This discussion explores various options for a comfortable Lovense toy suitable for a submissive male to wear discreetly, particularly in scenarios requiring long-distance control. Members share insights and personal experiences with different models, focusing on comfort and safety for extended wear, including at work.

  • Initial inquiry about finding a Lovense toy that can be comfortably worn by a submissive male during everyday activities, with a preference for remote control capabilities.
  • Discussion on the suitability of the Lush for anal use, highlighting concerns about its design and the potential risks without a proper stopping mechanism.
  • Recommendations include the Hush and the Edge, both specifically designed for anal play and remote control, offering a safer and more comfortable option.
  • Advice on selecting the right size for beginners to ensure comfort and safety during use.
  • Consensus against using the Lush anally due to its design not being intended for such use, despite anecdotal evidence of its application by some.

Members are encouraged to consider safety, comfort, and the specific design of toys when making recommendations or sharing experiences.

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