In this discussion, members share their experiences and tips on managing menstruation while continuing their webcam work. The conversation highlights various strategies used to not let their period impact their income, including:

  • Communicating openly with clients about limitations during menstruation.
  • Using menstrual discs, sponges, or tampons as alternatives to traditional methods for more comfort and less visibility.
  • Alternatives like menstrual cups and specific brands recommended for their reliability and comfort.
  • Adapting show content to non-penetrative acts or focusing on other types of performances.
  • Personal preferences for managing menstruation, including not discussing it with clients or adjusting work schedules.

Members also emphasize the importance of hygiene and safety when using alternative menstrual products and share personal preferences based on their body's comfort and the demands of their work. The discussion is a supportive space for sharing advice on navigating the challenges of working as a webcam model while menstruating.

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