Welcome to our topic discussion on LiveJasmin. Here, members share their experiences and provide advice on using LiveJasmin alongside other streaming platforms. Below is a brief summary of the key points discussed:

  • LiveJasmin limits nudity in free shows to what is known as a "handbra," indicating more restrictive content guidelines compared to some other platforms.
  • Streaming on multiple platforms is allowed, but be aware that not being exclusive to LiveJasmin may impact your viewer traffic negatively.
  • It's emphasized that LiveJasmin is a private-based site, so engaging with viewers, mastering teasing techniques, and focusing on VIP shows are recommended strategies for success.
  • Daily posting on your stories, with a mix of free and premium content, can help increase your visibility on the site.
  • When streaming on LiveJasmin and other sites concurrently, do not mention your activity on other platforms while on LiveJasmin, as it could lead to account suspension or banning.
  • Alternatives to LiveJasmin for free public shows include platforms like Stripchat, with users noting its higher traffic and flexibility for models.

Members are encouraged to share their personal experiences and tips on navigating LiveJasmin’s rules and maximizing their success across multiple streaming platforms.

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