Members have been sharing their experiences with the Lush toy and its functionality issues, particularly in relation to its use on Chaturbate. Highlights include:

  • Problems with the Lush's antenna losing signal strength, requiring close proximity to the controlling phone.
  • Difficulties with Lovense's customer service and the potential need for credit card disputes for refunds.
  • Concerns about privacy and data collection due to the necessity of running browser add-ons in developer mode.
  • Experiences of the Lush surviving a trip through the washing machine, showcasing its unexpected durability.
  • Discussion on warranty claims and the frustration of dealing with customer service across different time zones.
  • Comparison of alternative interactive toys, with mentions of Kiiroo, OhMiBod, and the Domi by Lovense as potential options.
  • Techniques and suggestions for dealing with connectivity issues, including the use of a dongle and app settings adjustments.
  • Insights into the strategy of 'faking' the toy's reactions to maintain performance quality and viewer engagement.

Overall, the conversation revolves around seeking reliable alternatives to the Lush, managing technical and customer service issues, and sharing tips for optimal use and viewer interaction strategies.

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