Last update: February 20, 2018

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  • Melyssa
    Graduate stars
    Melyssa wrote a review about Webstream (1 likes)

    I copy my review here :

    I think webstream can really be a very good service for camgirls, it's true that before they used Paypal to pay the models and that's why it was a little "wobbly", but obviously now the methods have to change.
    My only concern with them is that the credit base for customers is much too high and customers are not on a site where they can switch from one model to another if one disappoints them or other, they do not want to pay .. I think we should really think of a much lower credit system to encourage new customers to try the services offered by the models.

    I also noticed a little bug in the account performer when we want to choose the amount of credit, he does not want to drop below 1.00, sometimes it works and sometimes not, it's very annoying because if you want to propose days of "promotions" that prevents to do it.

    Oops ! I forgot, there is no function that allows to ask for the payment card and the payment request is of an amount too high I think it's 100 £ ...

    But otherwise I really find the EXTRA MODERN design !! I love it !

    I think if Webstream was more "flexible" in terms of functionality, it could be successful with more models and therefore more customers

    February 20, 2018 - 16:49