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FawnaFuller wrote a review about VVLive (2 Likes)
August 7, 2020 - 9:39

I want them to know that it's user 56242 saying what a terrible company this is they owe me hundreds of dollars and have treated me so poorly including photoshopping my face in a profile pic to look horrible and not changing it for a month what is wrong with these people I'm just disgusted. avoid at all costs I am sorry for everyone I ever referred to this site and they're based in China so you have no recourse if they don't pay you not to mention you can't get ahold of anyone it's despicable that they're even advertising themselves on our platform

The best traffic I've ever seen I wish I wasn't pulling back as much as I am but dodgy support and payments at timesSmiley :( last month payout choice went from daily to ONCE A MONTH still waiting on all of April's money. All from fraud charges they said but punishment and penalties are nothing new sadly. Software super buggy always glitches that cost u money too really have to be proactive keeping app updated and keep ur own records which is all just too much when not even paid for a month

August 12, 2020 - 11:43

I wrote them on snapchat with my complaints about the payment sistem and I have no answer. When you are online they send spamy messages to users and I even dont know what these messages are about. I have no idea what to answer when user writes me. They should inform the models about these messages.

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