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  • DonaDiabla
    Crown Prince stars
    DonaDiabla wrote a review about TouchMeTeaseMe (2 likes)

    Here is my review:

    This studio is still around trying to lure girls and guys who never cam before. Back in 2012, they offer me a manager position because they use to have a physical studio in Atlanta.They hired me because of my adult industry experience and foreign language skills. Anyways, I felt after three months because they wanted to recruit people from certain areas and locked into bad contracts. Plus, I had helped this Korean cam model get set up and felt that she should charge 7.99 per min. But the owner refused to that amount. Plus, I felt that he was undercharging for certain racial and ethnic groups as well. For example, all of the light-skinned Asian and black models had to charge 1.75 per min. But darker toned Latinas and Polynesians had to charge 1.50 per min. Eastern Europeans had to charge 2.50 per min but received 10 percent of all of their checks?

    Here are the problems:

    1. They set all models between 1.50 to 2.50 dollars per min.
    2. They get foreign models who do not speak English and google translate their contract. Particularly girls and guys from Korea, Japan, and South America. Nobody could understand them unless you spoke Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.
    3. You must pay them 29 dollars upfront or give them 39 dollars as processing fee.
    4. They would also target people in the lower-income areas and promise them they could 2000 per week.
    5. Eastern European girls have the hardest time getting out their contracts and must pay them 1500 Euro each month to get out off it.
    6. Abusive guys that could never be blocked.
    7. Managers telling you what type of sex toys and names that you should have.
    8. Managers telling Alternative girls to color their and cover up tattoos.

    March 31, 2016 - 19:29